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For his part, Hess — one of the leaders of the anti-circumcision movement and president of the Male Genital Mutilation Bill — told the San Francisco Chronicle that he and the people pushing the bill “we’re not trying to be anti-Semitic. We’re trying to be pro-human rights.”

just for  lols, this isn’t umm my crusade or anything..but apparently it’s important to some, and yeah I know about the whole grody rabbi ritual thing- that is totally creepy.

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Well I heard mister Young sing about her
Well, I heard ole Neil put her down
Well, I hope Neil Young will remember
A Southern man don’t need him around anyhow

                                                                                  Sweet Home Alabama, Lynyrd Skynyrd

Alabama vaulted past Arizona on Thursday with what is being called the most restrictive law in the nation against illegal immigration, requiring schools to find out if students are in the country lawfully and making it a crime to knowingly give an illegal immigrant a ride.….also allows police to arrest anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant if the person is stopped for some other reason. In addition, it requires all businesses to check the legal status of workers using a federal system called E-Verify.

Among other things, the law makes it a crime for landlords to knowingly rent to an illegal immigrant. Another provision makes it a crime to transport a known illegal. Read more:

Color me impressed.I want  to be happy for you, all my overall-wearing  300 thread-count friends , but I know what it might mean for California, which is oh goody, more for us so they can beat us up and stab us at ball games ( Bryan Stow, Tim Griffith)..and basically continue to break us. You heard about the fire department in Alameda that lets people drown, right?  Well, now the prison system is full- gee how the heck did that happen? I bet it has something to do with the flood of illegals and their criminal, gang bullshit and generations of it. No wonder I heard the other night the gun store can’t keep ammo in stock- but sincerely- good for you, Alabama, for not taking it lying down and ‘squealing like a pig’, so to speak- you know, like we do out here, land o fruits and nuts and wussies.

I know, I know- Southern people are polite , not full of blackshirted hate like us- oh wait,I forgot- yeah, some of ya’ll are!  If I only had a Dunhill to celebrate with.  Sigh.

There still is the weirdness that you should have to come up with any new law to just follow the one that is already there, right? Or am I wrong? But if this is  the way it has to happen, someone has to be hardcore and do something and I hope for your sake it sticks. When the lawsuits start, FIGHT THEM, damn it. Don’t let these groups intimidate you- if you don’t do anything it will be like out here,  the second census data counts enough 18 year olds, will sell your state out too.

(title of post refers to a 1987  low budget flick ‘Surf Nazis Must Die’)

“Does that not remind you of anything? A political dictatorship, for example?” asks Buéno, going on to compare the Smurfs’ world to a totalitarian utopia reminiscent of Stalinist communism (Papa wears a red outfit and resembles Stalin, while Brainy is similar to Trotsky) and nazism (the character of the Smurfs’ enemy Gargamel is an antisemitic caricature of a Jew, he proposes). A story about the Black Smurfs, meanwhile, in which the Smurfs are bitten by a fly which turns their skin black and renders them unable to speak, has colonial overtones.

 Your tax dollars at work in California! No free speech, Mein Bureaucratic  Fuhrers!   We need another law, we need court, we need more lawsuits!

Even if you’re not a Nazi, but your name is Norse and you made The Gesture in Question in reaction to someone being the usual ‘your time is up, get off the podium!’ stuff and not even as a political statement, and you are championing the right to speak of someone with the last name of Zeman-and you did it with your left arm- doesn’t matter- no matter how lame, it’s so not cool that  the guy has to be arrested and this whole BS should go to the supreme court ?

They couldn’t have just ignored it, the one guy had to act like an officious little tattle-tale and make a huge deal of it. I wonder how much this crap is going to cost Santa Cruz. I kinda have to take the homeless hippie’s side on this one. 

I wonder, would it have gone this far if the guy had simply flipped him off? These are the dudes running things, acting worse than girls. Is this what men do instead of crying, calling girlfriends or writing in journals? They flex their teeny bureaucratic muscle. Where’s my black bandanna to cover my face and go out and burn stuff? Oh wait, I forgot, I’m a fascist- according to my Hate Mail, I’m supposed to like these douchebags, right?

Please step away from the microphone. Ma’am please step away from the microphone.  Said in that blah cop monotone.  You know how this crap goes. They push, making it a big deal for her not to finish her deal on wasting money rousting sleeping homeless, so she escalates and starts mewling away ‘why can’t, I don’t see why…waaa’ – soon all hippie hell breaks loose. “uhhh derr out of orderrr , let the record show that Mr. Norse made a Nazi salute and should be removed.. arghhh against the dignity of (something) …should be removed….” Oy the trauma, let’s take a recess. Then there’s what looks to be a real cop shows up, all gung ho to arrest this homeless hippie Santa. This happened in 2002 but the furor still rages on :

Robert Norse :I’ve offered to settle a costly lawsuit. I’ll drop my financial demands for tens of thousands of dollars in the “two-second mock-Nazi lawsuit” if the city of Santa Cruz will stop wasting money on ticketing homeless people for sleeping where they must at night. But Mayor Ryan Coonerty and his Council say no.

In the last year the city spent more money on police, hosts and private “security.” For what? To bust the poor for sitting on a public bench for more than an hour? For smoking a cigarette outside the library after it’s closed? For holding up an “End the Sleeping Ban” sign at City Hall at 10:30 at night? Cops spent public money to take all these “crimes” to court last year…..

Let’s end such costly stupidities as last year’s seven-day infraction trial for singing homeless songs near Mayor Coonerty’s Bookshop Santa Cruz, the week-long misdemeanor Peace Camp 5 trial for sleeping, and the city attorney’s personal appearance to convict Wes Modes of walking in a New Year’s eve parade.

SANTA CRUZ – In an effort to give government leaders greater authority to control public meetings, the city of Santa Cruz has urged the U.S. Supreme Court to hear an appeal of a free speech case brought by a persistent City Council critic who was arrested after making a Nazi salute and refusing to leave….

Lawyers for the city argue in a petition filed with the nation’s highest court this week that officials nationwide need better guidance on limitations for maintaining order during public proceedings. The city notes that courts do not tolerate “hate gestures” similar to the one made by Robert Norse – who claims his ejection from a March 2002 council meeting violated the First Amendment – and therefore cities shouldn’t have to, either.

Norse, 63, a resident of Santa Cruz and Felton, said the appeal, formally called a petition for a writ of certiorari, demonstrates city leaders are “thin-skinned and thick-walleted.” He said, “They want the power to intimidate critics that are clearly not being disruptive.”

Eddie Morra has the world by the balls, or at least he feels like it, save for those troubling side effects of NZT.  Having been treated to a depressing lunch by a condescendingly kind ex, and recognized wandering through the streets by his ex-brother-in-law living his unfocused, unmotivated, drug and alcohol addled life out of a fleabag in NY, he feels like there is nowhere to go but up. Then he discovers NZT ,which seems like almost a kind of meth* for rich people- and  he is suddenly endowed with what looks to be almost magical mental powers, he learns to speak any language, gets any chick, kicks anyone’s ass, out-thinks any situation, makes tons of money and does so in an aging-ex-druggie-loser-turned Equllibrium/Matrix-pretty-boy-Matthew McConaughey/Gavin Newsom hybrid with super-blue contact lenses  kinda way-even getting the better of De Niro. There’s a few plot flaws that are glaring enough for most to say ‘how could he have not thought of that?’ but those may have been intentional- which poses a challenge to the movie’s title, if it is indeed limitless after all-because magic pill or not, you are still you- even when you think you have overthought it all.

Ok, that said…  NZT seems to also create a Hollywood version of what is now called bi-polar disorder, previously called manic-depression. This film is disturbing – but not surprising-the striving  to make desirable ‘enhanced’ qualities one gets from drugs- and a state that  mimics what people feel like who have manic-depression, not super-ability- I prefer this to the ‘bi-polar’  as it seems more descriptive- as most of us go through highs and lows but we have some ability to regulate ourselves either by various means, external or internal- friends, sports,hobbies, volunteering, creative outlets…but the M/D people don’t seem to have that resource though they go to great lengths to hide it- when they can. 

Here the idea is reinforced that we need to be falsely ‘improved’ and that improvement is magical, pharmaceutical and extreme- real life is sucky, shyttty and generally demoralizing and humiliating  as well as the portrayal of yet another white male- gaining self-acceptance, success, attention while on said pharmaceutical/magic powers crap behaving as if he is manic much of the time yet perceiving that as having control and feeling great-it is to testosterone appeal what I suppose those ‘are you sad?’ zoloft-type ads are for women,where one minute you are in bed practically comatose and crying, or staring past your kids at some geraniums that are wilting before your eyes- the next you are dining on some tropical beach with a freakin’ silver fox. Right.

There is also a very sneaky meta-message…that a lot of guys are Eddie Morra before, and you , the viewer- are probably one of them. It is not the message of Bond or what I call action-d*ck -a/d films, where the viewer is in on the fun. It is meant for the viewer to identify with pre-NZT Eddie, the Eddie who has been twice-dumped, can’t work or pay his rent, and when the shit wears off, always has effed up hair and is somehow way less pretty than the ‘after’ Eddie. Thus it can’t be lumped in with white guy feel-good a/d films or even Mad Men-ish middle-agey, old-timey feel-good stuff.

Nope, none of those guys in those type shows started off as a loser than I remember. None of those guys got anything because of dope- Rx or otherwise. None of those guys had to morph into anything magically to be, do or get anything. Point being, the new Eddie- however pretty- is not really even cyborgishly hawt even fake improved-because At The End of The Day, Eddie is no more than a commercial for white guy bad self-esteem, and probably for that very reason, left me only wanting to sniff the scent of new car leather more than Ed’s nifty NZT sweat..Eddie, you are not The One.


Addendum to the anon email> Yes, I have posted in the wee hours prob from too much coffee intake, but no, I don’t have m/d- my blood pressure is low, my heart rate is low. I don’t like planes or roller coasters, most of the time logy and calm to a fault, don’t think I could even fake manic.

 No, I am not making fun of the people that have ‘it’, meaning they don’t have terrific control of regulating their mental state and all the various minutiae of brain parts that usually do a lot of this on their own. Yes, I have made fun of the excessive use of  definitions in the DSM as they do seem overly applied to white people especially ( and especially those with generous insurance) and if you have a DSM you know how much is continally added to it and how much seems ridiculous – and yes I think people are over-diagnosed and Rx’d- but- if people really need it  I’m not against it at all and they should make whatever informed choice is best for them and not feel any kind of shame that would stop them from getting help or cause them to try to self-medicate , or  seek help for the self-medicating and not the real problem.


*No, I don’t do or am on any drug(s), Rx or otherwise aside from the occasional ibuprofen, caffeine and nicotine and any cinnamon hot candies- and never tried meth, you can pee test me any time. If you have come this far I have a surprise in your cracker-jack box from stuff  I have been reading that is oh yeah so chock  full o’ corn-syrup-fueled hatery goodness (and scary pictures)…brought to you once more by Dino’s Deli, home of the Darth Evader 5 ft sub- come to the dark side, we have baklava!


Powerpoint format$FILE/Hofstede%20and%20Trompenaars%20compared.ppt

Have been reading the research of  Fons Trompenaars, Edward T. Hall, Geert Hofstede. I find it interesting as it is not based on the ‘shhh, it isn’t nice to notice differences’ model , which makes the assumption that any noticing of differences is bad and mean, meaning denial of reality. Now some of this kind of research is naturally going to be co-opted and spun by the reality-hater/deniers  into the tiresome and lame promoters of pretend sameness, but the original studies don’t do that. 

In this type of research, no one is getting up and cheering for either side- they are just noting that even within a larger group that one identifies as, there are ethno-cultural differences, and this is an important thing- even if one looks at the power points and PDFs and says , ‘eh, I already knew all this’- it is interesting to see it all documented, ranked and scored. You might want to see how your country of origin stacks up against the US, and see whether you think you have or have not been influenced much by what is called the ‘American culture’ as compared to your ancestors, how you were raised, where you came from , or even compare various groups to one another. This isn’t about repeating  and explaining all the stuff I read, years ago I looked at the quantserve stats and demographics , I know youze guyz read. Even Sylvester the cartoon cat* reads.. I think. (input various groups, get comparisons)

It’s a thing that even within the larger group of one’s general identification can get one misunderstood, offended, frustrated, confused or even angry. They may not get what you say, or take it the wrong way. They may not get the joke. They may not appreciate or even vaguely understand what you are trying to say unless you are super direct with them. On the other hand, sometimes being super direct can have the same unpleasant effects. This research is geared towards business dealings, but it can and does carry over to much of life.

In nationalism, we are so used to being polarized towards the outgroups that we have often neglected our own differences within, which are most certainly there. I noticed the polarization factor with men and women years ago, but have also seen it creep into our own larger group ina destructive way – but it doesn’t have to be that way- and no one is saying anyone in our collective larger group has to change, that anyone is wrong, that one group is better because one group is  better at this or that. The better or worse at this or that is a good thing- that’s where we get into true diversity- that isn’t based on forced seminars and annoying cartoons for little kids.

These are things that are real and we can accept and use them in a complementary way. Of course there are exceptions, but we’re not talking about the exceptions.  The more I read of this kind of research, the more I know that the things I suspected all along were true, that it wasn’t just what I thought, or observation/speculation about this group or that- and it affects how we communicate, how we function, how we interact with others, how we understand or misunderstand each other.

I can tell you a little story about this concept of high-context cultures vs low-context ones. A while back I was walking amid the cliffs and dunes at the beach missing the yellowy, warm kind of sun and making an effort at pain management from a bike accident last year and exercising, lest people start sporting bumper-stickers that now read ‘Free Moo-Mia (as opposed to Mumia, for the un-Berkeleytized n shyt)’ – when I spotted someone I knew from some 20-odd years ago that I had a non-dramatic falling out with. Or rather,she spotted me.
They were in a group of three, a group of one woman and two men, one of the men looked like the son of the first. She stopped and asked if  I was me.  I remembered her name but couldn’t quite remember how I knew her at first,  either school or some job I had back then. She had moved away, and was visiting. She had adopted the style of someone not remotely from here: streaked and flat-ironed layered cut, overly plucked brows and what was mall-trendy clothing out here like five years ago or more, a blingy purse, shiny trinkets, cutsey keychains. I could mentally picture her on social media sites in party pictures.  The younger of the two men, who turned out was the son of the other man, had one of those awful Ed Hardy shirts said something like ‘love kills’ and had  a skull and barbed wire on it.
It seemed like everything was going ok, but unfortunately, the  greetings  rapidly devolved into a horrific white version of what I have heard was something called  the ‘Oprah and Iyanla meltdown’ , and more because of upbringing than socio-economics – they had to have had more money than us growing up- I was forced into the part of Oprah**, feeling like I should comfort and forgive -for what I don’t even know-out of sheer uncomfortableness, though  it was all very weird and though I felt bad for this person, man did I want out of there.
 She was standing wth one arm akimbo, missing all my high-context culture cues:  looking down, looking away, fiddling with whatever crap I had with me, repeating stuff like “it’s fine, it’s fine” and did they want to get coffee? Since when did people hash anything out on the beach with someone they hadn’t seen in twenty years? With anyone? Weren’t scenes like this confined to couples, children and the dying? Whether or not I thought it was ok, she was doing it. I looked around, homeless guy in dunes, passed out, random dog-walkers, a dude on the trail on a segway.
    But…even though I felt like I was being quite Oprah-ish , I discovered lamely I had it wrong, she was the one who was angry, not that she thought I was angry at her. She wasn’t having any high-context niceties, she was wanting to resolve this (this what?) now and was going into  a chronology and details.  I kept waiting for the bigger point she was leading up to, but there seemed not to be one.  I didn’t even consider it a true falling out, as no one had been betrayed or injured in any way-but she went on and on, kind of interrogating me about things I had only the haziest recollection of and entire crevasses of non-memory.
As I listened, I thought this did not seem timeline worthy. I heard about perceived slights-slights that never resulted in anything, slights that I was unaware I had committed. I started to realize anything I said or did seemed prissy and/or dismissive, which may have even been true. What did she want from me? Perceived slights that in retrospect had to do with this high/low context cultures thing.
  I remembered being in a much worse situation almost as long ago as when I knew her, and what I had to do to get out of it not being the advice that was commonly given. Just like that situation, I realized that she wanted a particular thing-she didn’t want a concept , an explanation, some discursive rant or even espresso. She didn’t even want me to try and make her feel better.
Somehow, either because of the cold, or the fact I couldn’t bear another minute -I managed to do a quick calculation of at least three different possibilities of what she was after, then decided toplow through them systematically, down the path of each, u-turning if I should reach a cul de sac.  I now knew what I had
‘done wrong’ in dealing with this- I had overthought the situationand had to go back to the ‘particular and specific’ hypothesis rather than the general- I had apparently effed up with her several times with the high/low thing, and was starting to do it again when I realized, without knowing the name for what it was at the time- that I was doing it again, but this time I was learning what to do.
*Syl, whom I have mentioned before- being someone in the Church of the You’re All Going To Dino’s Deli When You Die You Swarthy Meds ,  is part of the  and Ubiquitous Larger and ironically-named..Spaghetti Monster.  Syl, whether it is me (meds) or anyone else that is your target-you have made me laugh till it actually doesn’t hurt and I appreciate it- Dino’s welcomes you, should you inadvertently prove swarthier than preciously thought, demonic cat and all.
  Professor Marvel :Better get under cover, Sylvester. There’s a storm blowin’ up – a whopper, to speak in the vernacular of the peasantry.   (Wizard of Oz)
** Oprah thing- I know, I know but it seemed like the safe thing to do,usually playing mama always works whether it is nice mama or nasty mama-Oprah is such an amalgamation of things it seems one can’t go wrong when approached by angry and maybe not-so-bright lemmings. I recall reading once that being able to play a part like this doesn’t necasarily make one a bad nationalist, though I am paraphrasing and can’t remember whom to attribute said quote. I  think it had something to do with being able to sit down and have dinner….oh hell, it’s gone..

This happened in Alameda county (bay area). Suicidal white guy in his 50’s is out there, the water is shallow, the elderly mother calls for help, all the ‘first responder’ people show up, but like the guy said in the second video, they couldn’t save him because they didn’t have certification for land/water rescue or some BS. So, they watched the guy (Raymond Zack) for about an hour until the cold water got him and he probably passed out and drowned. I guess even after that they wouldn’t even get him, because a young woman who is a nurse swam out there and dragged him back.  I guess we really can’t rely on The Man, now can we?

Some are saying it is some covert type of protest because of budget cuts – I can’t imagine things being that evil- but is it somehow meant to scare people that if they don’t get their money, they won’t save you? They make decent money and pensions as is. Not saying (before today anyway) they don’t deserve it, but if they think this is the way to ask for more …of course they will come up will all this stuff about changing policy, but gee, that doesn’t help Mr. Zack much. Was there a racial component? Would there be more of a hue and cry if Zack were black and not a middle-aged white guy? I’m not sure, but we do know they didn’t try to save him,  they watched as he drowned, and they didn’t even retrieve his body.

and here’s some bullshit apologetic- passing the buck, Buck? and it’s ‘loses their life’,  not  ‘looses’.

It’s freaking shallow out there, like 6′ and it isn’t rough seas, it’s a placid part of the bay. Some young woman went out there and dragged his body back in and not one of them could say ‘eff this, I’m not going to stand here and watch him die.’ WTF?

“The political process made a decision that the cost was to much for the risk that the Firefighters would actually need to be trained to make this rescue. Management made a decision that the risk was to great to allow a Firefighter to get into the water because they knew their personnel were not trained. That is why the policy was written…..”  (oh you are soo full of shyt)

 Are you a (White) Guilter,  Grant-Sucker or  Do-Gooder Grifter? Would you like to become even more effective in your non-effective hustle?  Have you listened for years to the do-gooder sermons but still feel like you’re not quite the government money-gobbling tool you know you could be? Well, we at EvilNaziRacistHaters, LLC have come up with some tips to help you do just that!

Tone:  Read your little narrative BS about your group like you are 12 and reading a 5th grade book report . Smacking lips and affecting a concerned tone is a plus , always deferring  to big daddy government whenever possible. You want to refer to anything gubbmintish, programs, funding etc., as if you were talking about either a well-loved relative- if professing how great your scam is -or a well-respected but gravely ill relative if you are asking for cash- but don’t actually cry, just sound solemn, serious and sad.

  Speakinrunonsentencesandgrammarthatdoesntmakesense? Drama. The first so you appeal to the young and earnest, the second so you appeal to ego- so the listener can vicariously collude in the ‘Doing Something’ ‘Making a Difference’ scam.  

The more it actually doesn’t make a difference in real life, the more you have to end it on that sacred whispery note , like they do on NPR when they are either giving introductions or saying their good-byes or like they are telling someone about a death. You want to sound like you were just given audience with the freakin pope when you speak about your sacred programs or quote famous people- even if it’s some douchebag  who says things like ‘condensate’ for ‘condescend’. Never correct anyone because that’s just mean, and we all know.. ‘mean people suck!’

Stop in the middle. Of sentences. Just continue. To pause. So that it is hard. To discern any.Critical thinking. About your Point. Or lack of one. Or effectiveness. Of what you’re doing. Also insert the questioning tone? Whenever. You. Want?

    That way, whether or not you have actually made a point, the host or listener is put on the spot of having to affirm whatever you said. Don’t wooorrry so much, their gig and your gig are like two sides of the same door- they want you to look good. Remember, they are not interviewing you to disagree, they won’t ask you to clarify. Just use that tone and people will pretty much answer ‘uh-huh’ or ‘that’s greeeeaaat, Emily, wow you’re doing a lot’  and just skip right on to their next question. You don’t even have to have any real answers, just keep on talking and employing the ? tone.

The.Short.Tiny.Sentences. and questioning tone? also carry a not-so-subtle meta-message that whatever you are saying is already understood and agreed upon by Every Good and Nice Person, while at the same time the tone itself  has a plaintive childlike quality-again asking for approval. If you disagree or question someone who speaks like that, it’s like criticizing a little cute kid who just said something like  ‘that man was mean- people should be nice to animals, right Dad? ‘

A short list of commonly employed words and phraseology :   disproportion-ate/ly/ity,over-representation, access,  community engagement and awareness -use ‘community’ as much as possible. ‘Most vulnerable ‘(insert whatever group: families, people, children) and always say ‘children and families’ together – it sounds like you are doing more for more-play the kid card whenever you can. On board, inclusive, partnership, foundation, progressive …oh and don’t forge adversity…oh, I meant ‘diversity’.

Program(s), Remember, like being too rich or too thin-you can never have too many programs and you can absolutely never have enough funding .

You can even affect a down-home tone, especially if you are white –  ‘fewd for kuh-mew-nah-tees’ It’s not  a regional accent, just pretend you are  talking a little kid out of being scared of the dark or refer back to that grade-school book report thing. Brassy working-class yard-duty teacher may even work if there is something to protest or be angry about, like unfairness or inequality- you want to try to shame the unrepentant into full-on Guilters by the implicit suggestion that  self-hating Guilter-dom isn’t just for uppity Thurston Howell types anymore-and if you are that brassy, working-class type, well maybe some Guilterness might rub off and provide you with the same warm glow the ‘my kid is a whatever’  bumper-sticker glow. If not, well, then you can always be an angry Guilter. You know, like an ex-smoker on a crusade. ‘Not in my town!’

Use the words ‘stories’ and ‘history’ even if there isn’t much in the way of either

Use the word ‘change’ a lot but never anything specific or tangible. Keep it feel-goody and general. If you can get people on for testimonials, so much the better. You can always edit them if they say something unsavory that wouldn’t go over well.

 Use  ‘serve’ even if you are getting paid, maybe especially if you are being paid. Stay away from saying the word ‘job(s) as applied to oneself, only use it for hypothetical jobs you help others get. 

Use the phrase ‘this work’ repeatedly as if it is some kind of holy, monk-like calling instead of just another government made-up program. Guilters especially dig this Holy Works thing. Then they don’t have to feel bad about how your five dollar mochas could buy seven toliets in New Delhi. Also, if you are part of the Holy Work (White) Guilter Association no one will call you bad, scary names, and if they do, just show them your card.

 So, Guilters, Grant-suckers and Grifters, take heart. We’ve got your back.

” There’s no way I can make you understand what it was like…and if I did,” he trails off distracted by a bird in a tree. “I know I’m supposed to, but …so then you can feel like crap too? ”

“Hey, even that counts, ” I say, “It all counts- even talking about talking about it . I ‘m not going to catch it , don’t worry ” and besides, I have plenty enough stirring around in my own head to be tortured by what’s in yours, even if I do feel bad when you tell it- but of course I don’t say this last part.  What am  I supposed to say?  ‘It’s OK, I’ve heard all this so many times in different ways, don’t worry about it dude, it’s all good.’  I want him to tell me the worst of it yet I know we’re not going to get there in a hurry. This is a long, slow rabbit hole. “Remember, we talked about this,  making others who don’t want to carry your emotional burdens- the guy you were telling me about  at the coffeeshop whether or not people are receptive to him he holds them hostage- how some people can deal with it, some can’t, some will unwittingly set you off and make it worse?”

He kicks the ground. “I don’t know if anything helps. I don’t know if I can be a normal person again, like I was. I can’t remember that guy, I feel like he’s dead. ”

I don’t want to lie to him, tell him something like ‘Oh, things will get easier, chin up , those nightmares won’t be as bad…’ Nor do I want to tell him things might get worse, or that yes indeedy, that guy is dead, that pretty much not only with life not be the same as before- but that he has to stop expecting it ever will be -or that he will probably always have that slightly surreal feeling as if he were in a dream, that the ‘If-I-had-only-done-such-and-such it would have been me, or I wouldn’t have gotten this injury – that the or, or, or, will lie coiled in a basket waiting for a hot day to strike….we will  get to that.

” I used to have no questions- I knew what I was doing was right. Now I question everything. I f-ing question what I should have for breakfast and I can hardly decide that. It’s like I just want to sit and stare at things and not have my brain jumping around…” He is  breaking up tiny sticks and peeling the wood.  “Is it ok if we just stay out here and talk this time ?” he asks, looking down as if he is ashamed to ask even this much. Now I have to play the game of answering a question with a question, which I hate, but somehow have convinced myself it’s kinder to offer a choice.

” Would you be ok with that little indoor arboretum place? No one’s here but the janitors.” I have told this lie so often now I half-believe I will soon see a spectral janitor, mopping up hallways and whistling some sad song of the old west, wildroot and dust motes in the late afternoon light.  I wonder sometimes if they know the janitors are a lie and feel insulted. That they have entrusted me with their fears, their secrets and in turn, I fear them and make up imaginary protectors.  Um, no my mom can’t come to the phone, she’s ummm… in the shower.

“Yeah,OK”  he sullenly agrees. I let him open the door and hold it, walk a step or two, then wait another  breath. Like the man who doesn’t like to sit in a restaurant with his back to the front door-  I  follow. He starts loping forward- while I pretend  is my height or things I am carrying or that I’m distracted by something or almost anything that is slowing me down and holding me back,-never in front and preferably not alongside  like pals-the following behind- yet another of many clumsy you-trust-me-but-I- don’t-trust-you moments. I try to shake off the aholey, creepy feeling I get from this – that we are just hanging out, boogieing on down the road, but I want him to be where I can see him. In turn he shortens  his own stride, waiting for me to ‘catch up’ to him. It’s an uncomfortable dance, but here we are. I get through these soul-sick moments playing bits of 80’s tunes in my head.

So when you call up that shrink in Beverly Hills-You know the one, Dr. Everything’ll be alright
Instead of asking him how much of your time is left-Ask him how much of your mind, baby
‘Cause in this life things are much harder than in the afterworld
In this life you’re on your own ……Let’s Go Crazy, Prince

He enters the garden area and slowly sits down on the cement bench-thing and leans forward and I notice he is still holding his little bundle of sticks. There’s some kind of rustling, a flicker of white feather.

“The birds- they aren’t afraid to come in here?” he asks “even though there’s people?”  He’s rolling the sticks between his hands now.

“No.” I say, looking through the glass wall at the painting of the hideous, almost dodo-ish pelican, with some douchebaggy inscribed metal thing: Donated by some rich f–k who also thought it hideous ,”Well…they’re kind of a pain at times.”

“I like them, ” he says. “I like to feed them, and the singing.”

“You do?” I ask, as if we are at a museum, as if we are both 7. I do this so as to avoid the possible subject of guns, hunting, killing, death. For now. “You know..” I begin..and this is almost like cooking, sometimes one has to make it up right then, as one goes along- I then betray the unspoken rule by offering a suggestion, rather than make him have to wade through more birdpoop to get to it on his own, ” being out in nature more often might be a good thing  for you.”

I try not to seize upon the one positive thing he says as if I were a vampire-vulture, always at the ready to feast upon what is still living in him, or dead-but that is exactly what we are both doing;  scavenging what is left-  tearing away at the bone.



   ” Dreamers of sleepers and white treason
We dream of rain and the history of the gun
There’s a lighthouse in the middle of prussia
A white house in a red square….”   

                                                                    Dominon, Sisters of Mercy (Floodland 1987)
          I noticed today, (well now yesterday) that no one seemed to be zapped into …wherever- though I had gotten the flyer about the End of the World or something that was supposed to happen . Then I heard it was supposed to be at 6 pm, but still didn’t notice that anyone had disappeared.  Remnant zombie sinners, looting the leftovers of the holier-than-me- were not roaming the streets.  I would not be getting the no longer useful (to the raptured) Prii, or Kindles, or much of anything. There wasn’t even anything dumpster dive-able. Yet another moment of  existential angst, punctuated by New Order (Substance) and Sisters of Mercy (Floodland)  soundtrack.  I pulled over on the coast highway as the heresy in my head began to play…

      I started thinking about how we as a nation seem to  fail, flash  and flail an awful lot, but we have one thing going for us….consistency in our effuppery. I started thinking….what if… you know how there are countries that are pretty much all about one thing but are super-awesome at that one thing? Like say, oil. Or food. Or Fashion. Or drug-running and beheading.  Or people running through the streets carrying coffins and burning sh*t ( Warning, dangerous levels of sarcasm  ahead that may be construed as defeatism).

   Well….. we could be the Entertainment Nation.  And that’s all.  We wouldn’t have to worrry about having to be ‘best’ at anything. No one would have to take tests, or even make an effort academically. You could if you wanted, but it wouldn’t matter, because we’d all be actors. It would be all about the twitter feed, the you tube videos, reality TV, Jerry, Maury, Oprah, Geraldo and even the nighttime ‘respectable’ talking heads- we could all get on board,  be part of the squicky feeding frenzy. No one would worry about selling out anyone else, because we’d all be selling out. Our neighbors could bid on possible reality contracts with each other, satisfying  voyeristic desires whilst noshing on some crappy food  product ‘like buttoned’ by yet someone else,  watched as they do so, while watching and maybe earning some kind of mileage per bite or channel review.  If you think there are far too many channels and reality shows now, just wait until entertainment nation, where TV is your new reality and commercial breaks  your actual life.

     Why would  we be surprised we would be headed anywhere else when our masters are so good at everything Hollywood, everything mind-eff manipulation, everything pro-them-at-any-cost, everything-bad-for-us,- in-our-face-crap 24-7? Why should we keep pretending to be about anything else when it is clear we are a no-attention-span, non-critical-thinking UNculture hell bent on destroying whatever remains from Before.  We can just be the shallow nation, the d-bag nation, the wigger nation.  “You have in your basket a natural disaster, some hazelnuts, a teen singer, a body builder, an axolotl,

Eye Ahmm An Ameeeaarreeekahn!

 a serial killer and a papaya, now go chefs!”.  Like I was telling someone the other day, like Jesus, we have found our niche market behind the sharp end of  a nail.


Bryan Stow, EMT and Giant's fan in better days.The question no one is asking: Was he really beaten for being a Giant's fan or because he is White?


 A tip from a parole agent led Los Angeles police to the man suspected of being one of the two assailants in the brutal beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium, police sources said.

At about 7 a.m. Sunday, a Los Angeles police SWAT team descended on an East Hollywood apartment building with a warrant in hand. Using loudspeakers and with guns drawn, officers called out to the occupants of Apt. 25, said the building’s manager Maritza Camacho.

BillboardInside, along with several other people, was one of the men police suspect in the March 31 beating that left Stow with brain damage. One by one, the occupants emerged, Camacho said. The man taken into custody had a bald head and tattoos on his neck and arms, she said, a description that appeared to match the vague sketches released by police of one of the two suspects. She added that he did not appear to resist being taken into custody.

Several police sources, who requested their names not be used because the investigation was ongoing, confirmed that the man taken into custody was one of the two suspects in the beating. Police officials declined to give details, including the name of the suspect.

Hopefully there will be more on this, and perhaps the one s*&thead will roll on the other.

Before I get into listing the good stuff, I think I will go off on a gratuitous  side-rant about something entirely unrelated. Exhale. Breathe. Resist the urge for cigarettes and bad food. OK, here it is. There’s a new thing- a small thing- but a thing nonethless that is starting to ruin my usually placid countenance and is threatening to turn me into even more of a creepy Bouguereau painting- and that is…. those horrible little signs or  letters made of wood that people put up in their homes or apartments that say things like ‘believe’, ‘smile’ or ‘dare to dream’. And so on. Why must people do this? Isn’t it the equivalent of those awful motivational posters, now set as some kind of cheesy-ass enviro-subliminal command that makes one feel like the middle of the human centipede after dinner at Taco Bell?  Those horrible ‘feel-good’ signs.  That’s it, we need another gubmint program.

From the Federalist Society ‘The Politically Correct University’ From the Federalist Society ‘The Politically Correct University’

More here:

Something unusual- warning there is a two minute intro of extreme douchery and insufferable lounge music . Some of it is total crap, such as the suggestion that maybe the Vril Society had something to do with missing children in Bavaria- keep going past that part, which is at the beginning.  I know some of you won’t care for this or it may make you afraid, upset or angry but some of you won’t automatically dismiss it.  Granted, it isn’t for everyone.   

If you liked this video, you can find more  here simple download page if you dont want to use an mp3 player or just download and play on your PC .  Preppers will appreciate this. The page with descriptions of episodes and an itunes link, which I think has even more of their audios not listed on podbean . This guy talks about everything from composting ,to food preservation,  to hydroponic gardening (food, not dope people), to guns-  all kinds of stuff we should know that we most likely take for granted.  This guy and his family it appears are really living what they describe on the podcasts and have managed to go mostly off-grid. 

Even if you don’t believe in  SHTF* theory and believe it will be more of a dry heave- this stuff is interesting and no one says you have to do all or any of it. He doesn’t sound like he is trying to sound all bad-ass dude in the woods- no insult to the actual bad-ass-dudes-on-the-compounds- I know you ‘re out there! But this guy , because he doesn’t sound like Erik-the-Viking-who-brings-back-his-enemies-heads-for-dinner.. makes the practical advice he gives doable, smart and not even extremely difficult.  purple button to the right to use itunes or you can play in the page

Basic Training for Revolutionaries-

Urban Survival – Preparing for Civil Unrest : They have other good stuff too, rooftop gardening , how dealing with life in the city doing survivalist practical stuff or mental stuff differs from rutal environs.  Bob Mayne – more survivalist stuff

and yet more… what if you didn’t have heat, or lights/electricity? Again, the subscribe links are under the email blank box.

The site has some good stuff (not as awesome as Demonoid, but then what is?) . A little heavy on the faggy TV vampire genre that teen girls love ‘Drakkar, don’t do it, don’t go in the light..’  ‘But I have to Sinderella, I will die for you…”   but thankfully they have other categories…

* sh*t hits the fan .

Perhaps this should be titled ‘How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Illogical’ Thought…. Ahh The Land of Make Believe is so much fun, especially when you can try to artificially change things by making other people believe it.

Apparently, if mostly White people live in Marin , that automatically means that some kind of ‘Evil Racism’  is at play and someone’s civil rights are being violated. I’m not even making this up- they really are trying to spin this as if it is fact.  It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with finances, or credit rating or being a doctor or lawyer?  It couldn’t possibly be because things are just dang expensive everywhere in the bay area? It couldn’t possibly be that these people worked for it?

Hey big brother-I got something for ya-  there’s a lot of not-so-rich Whites who can’t live there either. Of course they interview the obligatory minority who states that something must be wrong.  Video:

This reminds me of something I wrote a couple years ago, about how they think we are ‘hoarding Whiteness’, like somehow just being around us will rub off . Or that we are holding back some secret formula that when you drink it, suddenly everything falls into place and you have this dream existence. Yeah. As if.  But they must think this is actually true. If they don’t then is it some type of revenge?  Because we all know there’s no such thing as =.  heck, there’s all kinds of people I’m not = to in all kinds of things, and as I have stated before, I’m glad of it for many reasons. But, policies or no- when things start to suck  badly enough because of these policies we’ll just leave. Like always.

In the 90’s, I lived in Marin county part-time- for a couple years. It was  OK but it wasn’t some gleaming h(e)aven of White Specialness, as if one had crossed the Golden Gate and suddenly.. the winged angel Albinicus appears… latte in hand ,  free kids swimming instructors and soccer coach minions trailing- bay area version has free book of beatnik poetry from City Lights.  Nope. Maybe though pasty, I’m still too ethnically white and therefore  missed it somehow. That must be it.  I must have been shunted to an alternate Mariniverse, you know- the way some nationalists think some of us are going to Guido’s Spaghetti Heaven or Dino’s Gyro Deli  instead of the regular trumpets, crumpets  and Nascar one ( after all, Sylvester the cartoon cat says so-and has provided me with at least minutes of laughter).

The weather was better there but overall  it was actually kind of boring, and not boring in a good, no-crime-and-friendly-kind-of- way  .  It was boring there in a self-satisfied, check out my awesome car and my ‘Free Tibet’ bumper-sticker,   I’m-so-enlightened-look-at-me-talk- in-whispery-and- over-dramatic-tones-about-stuff-that-doesn’t-affect-me-woww-I -believe-most-people-are-good  kind of way.  Older successful computer hippies. Weird dope-smoking and unkempt adult kids banging around their parent’s Eichlers but functionally broke and doing  odd jobs for cash. Massage therapists. A Hollywood movie director (Lucas Valley Road).  People spending a lot of money on doofy crap like aura cleansing and hot stone rubs and ear-whatevering.

People who  drive from Terra Linda to Marin City for the flea/farmer’s market on a Saturday morn to enjoy some fake ‘diversity’ , then beating a hasty retreat back. The traffic to and fro sucked. Going from bundled up from average 50 degree weather to 90 degrees in summer sucked. The allergies up there really sucked. Unless you are right on the bay, say in Sausalito or Tiburon or areas around there- then there isn’t much to look at. Low hills with dry grass. A relatively tiny downtown with old buildings. People look like they get dressed up to go to  effing Northgate mall. I used to go there, undressed up- and eat at a place my ex and I called Iraqi-burger, though I’m not sure the people who worked there were from Iraq.

You have Now Entered the land of Data-Driven Fake-Causality Magic-Land, leave all sharp objects  and observations at the door, they may be returned to you after proving that you have become proficient in Principled Ideology  (google dat sheet):

This is what happens when people play with what is called data-driven analysis game- how that works is they take some situation and then try to prove causality for that situation that usually fits the agenda of their own cause or government-funded program.

Using this formula, you just take anything you want to destroy, vilify , establish -make up a non-logical reason for why things have worked out the way they do- and assign some kind of inherent maliciousness  to it- forgetting all about the rules of logic, physics, any cause and effect and make the assumption it is all because of your  own little rationale- or rather non-rationale…and the R -word, well the R-word needs no explanation.

Even questioning whether their premise makes sense makes you  A Bad Person and surely you also must be infected with the R-word, especially if you start pointing out how their premise doesn’t make sense and they are just cooking up stuff to try and FORCE policies upon us  or make illegitimate  a group, town, belief system-personal achievements or the lack of them-almost anything- and usually it is always because it is White.  The result was White- therefore it must be ‘racist’.   Example: The Tea Party must be racist, because data shows most people who attend are White. Something mostly White surely must = Evil and of course has to be oppressing someone, or wanting to. Um, no – people who are generally for freedom and the constitution generally don’t seek to oppress anyone. Ahh, but in Magic-land , that doesn’t matter, because that would make sense, and making sense is not the name of the game here.

Can you use this premise for Whites, for anything? Nope- because the secret sauce, the R-factor can never, ever apply to Whites.  The rules of Magicland thought say that this theory can never work when it comes to Whites who are excluded because of magic AE-factor (artificial equality enforcement). Magicland premise : Blacks and other groups are excluuuded because of some hateful agenda. Formula A=B because of  R-factor- where you just toss out all other variables like not being in a gang, reading to your kids,making them do their homework,  and teaching them how to budget and  save, teaching them planning, discipline,  to use critical thinking skills, etc.,-all that boring stuff. Because something simply has worked out a certain way, it’s because of the R-factor. No one ever fails in magicland, and especially never because one doesn’t have aptitude. Whee.

but ramzpaul, maybe you don’t know what the dude does when he gets bored. In public even. Heavens to Murgatroyd!       Like, eww.

But just so no one mistakes me for a hater, I  totally sympathize with your unrealized basketball dreams and the unfairness, inequity and how guys like you are not represented in basketball. I understand the whole disproportionate thing. I mean, why *can’t* I be a ballerina just because I’m top heavy , 5’3″ and not always graceful ? I mean, who gets to define what graceful is, ya know? It’s discrimination for sure. And Body Privilege.  Besides that, even though math isn’t my strong suit, I do like science- so where’s programs for people like me in NASA?  Thanks for taking a stand and not going along with all those Judge Mental people obsessed with reading and writing.

OK, back to the subject at hand. An example of this data-driven spinning BS out of  end results and facts* as far as establishing fake causality- a few years back people decided that tests for police in Chicago had to be racist, because not enough blacks were passing. So they changed the test just to get the desired outcome.  Now I’m guessing the test itself didn’t ask things that would be considered White-specific, like ‘Who was the lead singer for Pearl Jam?’ or what company is most famous for organic juice?..  but most likely asked about matters pertaining to police. Still, that didn’t matter because  the Magical R-word Hobgoblin had been invoked,and once invoked could not be banished. That’s how it works in Magical Fake Causalityland.  This happened in New Jersey as well

Here’s another example of this  ‘data-driven’  made-up stuff  trying to force more policies upon us:     “This is totally about race,” said Metzger, a demographer and director of Data Driven Detroit…..

“…eliminating disproportionaity and disparities through data-driven……..”

and here are some people commenting :


Blog  article :

*insert obligatory Racial Hsyteria OCD :  Darwin is Evil! He was White! He liked science! Nazis liked science! Science is Evil! Darwin is Evil, Darwin is a Nazi,omgomgomgsomg..  He must be an evilracistNazihater! We must start a program to get rid of anything Darwin-esque.  Hey why stop at why nature does this or that? Why not just outlaw ALL cause/effect. Awesome!!

Anyone remember Kate Puzey- the young peace corp volunteer who was raped and killed a few years ago? She’s mentioned in a past post on this blog.  Turns out her rape and death wasn’t the ‘isolated incident’ these do-gooder groups want you to think it was. Women are coming forward.  People, don’t send your daughters to a third world undeveloped country to try to ‘help’.  Now her parents think she was set up to be raped and killed because she revealed that another worker for the peace corp, Constant Bio, pictured below was raping/molesting students- and had fathered children by some of the students.

Constant Bio, at the time a contractor for the Peace Corps, is the primary suspect in the case. He has been held in a prison in Natatingou, Benin for more than a year and a half. A magistrate judge continues to investigate the case.   Now more women are coming forward.


In 1991, while serving in Niger, Peace Corps volunteer Karestan Koenen was raped in broad daylight. Devastated, she reported the rape to Peace Corps officials in Washington, D.C. The responding official brusquely blamed Koenen for the crime, saying, “I am so sick of you girls going out with men, drinking and dancing, and then when something happens, you call it rape.”

Read more:

“”I trusted the Peace Corps, I believed in the Peace Corps. And then [Peace Corps officials] did everything they could to blame me, to not provide adequate care, and even to provide care that was subsequently harmful to me,” she told ABC News in a recent interview.
 Don’t trust these groups girls- just because someone says they are good, or says they want good things to happen, or that you too , can be part of this ‘goodness’-remember, as awful as this is going to sound. Niceness isn’t always Real, like the Velveteen Rabbit. Niceness can be just a skill, something one becomes good at- and groups like this are very good at it. But oh, look what they DO when something Very Bad and Wrong happens, look what they said to that one woman- they blamed her. The very same way they are blaming the people in Greece for fighting back against the murderous violence there- a result of more and more immmmiiigraaaaaation. Blame the victim. 
But good for you, girls, women- for speaking out- it’s too late for Kate, but I’m glad you are still alive. You want to do some real good? Good that isn’t about the imaginary tale of poor children practically worshipping you like you are some Good Fairy while you are unwittingly and literally putting your life at risk?  Then save others from this horrific fate by telling what happened to you, and telling how you were treated. You know you are not the same since this happened to you, but you can save some other woman from the same fate, because maybe they will hear your story- maybe they will hear that it is not just you, but more than one of you- then maybe- they will actually start to believe it is Real and Dangerous.
                 Another thing, but as important. It is not your repsonsibility or job to save the world. Whoever made you believe it was- lied to you. They lied to you on at least two levels: That you should and that you could. Our country has a real problem with that- thnking we can save all the world’s ills and disagreements. It’s actually kind of arrogant and prideful. Think of all the good Kate could have done in her own community, were she still alive to do it. Think of the children she will never have and how her goodness is now dead that will not be passed on to those never-to-exist children, because she brought it to the wrong place.- the road to hell being paved with such good intentions. Those places are not ready for women like Kate, and Karestan and Jess, and no doubt others who will hopefully come forward. 
    So, do not believe the LIE that helping your own is a selfish thing, and that you are so desperately needed in these places. It is the organizations that need your free labor in order to solicit donations to keep their gig afloat, in order for the top dogs to keep their programs going, and money coming in. Know that, from the response that one woman got when she revealed what had happened that they don’t care about you as people, as individuals, as women. They knew very well the third world is a mostly dangerous place, yet  they probably made it sound all flowery and practically holy to put yourselves at that much risk, never telling you it was highly likely you would be attacked, raped, threatened and possibly killed.  
Those places need things that are so much bigger than we can provide. Was it worth what happened to you? Sure, only now do they say they are trying to make things better, safer, and so on- but how can they? Do they not get that you are a target? Oh they get it all right. They just do not care. The one woman in one of these video links  said she was raped her first day there.
       Parents, so you really want to send your children, either boys or girls to such awful places as this? Let us hope the answer is a resounding ‘NO!’

KAYE: Puzey says her daughter’s reporting of the rapes led to her murder.

Also testifying, Karestan Koenen, who says she was a victim of rape while working for the Peace Corps as well.

and yet another girl who was raped and threatened with death for reporting it:

Video :

Killed getting ready to take his wife, who was in labor, to the hospital.   Manolis Kantaris, age 44,  had been on the way to pick up his car from a parking garage on Triti Septemvriou Street when he was attacked by three people shortly before 5 a.m., police said.

He had been carrying a bag of baby clothes and a video camera with which he had planned to record the birth of his second child.

According to witnesses, the assailants approached Kantaris and demanded that he hand over the camera. When he resisted, they started stabbing him in the back and neck before grabbing the camera and fleeing.”

(translation)   New evidence highlights second video is in the hands of the police, which shows the faces of the murderers of tragic death of 44 year old father  Manolis Kantaris.  In the video camera recording from a neighboring store recorded the three perpetrators-which, according to preliminary estimates by the police – most likely from the north African countries Algeria or Morocco.
   Prosecutors have the  video lasting about 15 seconds where they show the scene of the murder in cold blood of Manolis  with successive blows with a knife, in order to grab a bag with a camcorder.
Διαβάστε περισσότερα:
 Golden Dawn- Nationalist group in Greece are not amused by the killings and violence coming from the ‘immigrants’ .  Translation is not the greatest, but enough to understand they aren’t taking it lying down.
More attacks, different case, this guy is at least alive when this was reported : The aliens approached him and asked him explain why bears the emblem of his country.  The Lykeiarchis replied: “Because I am Greek”, and so was attacked by aliens who are suspected to be either Pakistanis or Afghans.

The victm was taken by ambulance to the hospital. 
 Of course the media here reports this as terible and horrible, that the people should fight back, as if they were crazed vigillantes going after kids spray painting. Note the difference in how the two cites cover this story.  This wouldn’t be happening if the damn Paki’s and Afghans weren’t there to begin with.
“No one has the right to take the law into their own hands”  whined some castrated, boot-licking  slave of the state. I’m so disappointed in you-  Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie, kissed the state’s ass while his citizens DIED! Don’t want people marching, burning s&^4 and beating these effers into submission themselves?  Well, then…YOU DO IT. After all, wussies- it’s your JOB.  So DO it.
Get them the eff out of there or impose some kind of martial law until they can learn to behave- and go tell your master he isn’t doing HIS job, George- and your excuse line is pretty damn weak. If these people can’t handle civilized society where people aren’t killing  for camcorders, they can get the eff out or risk getting their ass beat down. If they can’t follow the Golden Rule, then they can deal with the Golden Dawn.
Something that gets me in a cogntive dissonance kind of way since I used to get so much warm, fuzzy email calling me a fascist that I actually started to embrace it- is that so many of these articles describe the Golden Dawn and other groups there as being ‘anti-authoritarian’- but…where IS the  dang authority? You can’t be against something that is slacking off, having  meetings over ouzo and baklava and working on its tan. What  EFFING AUTHORITY?  Losing ,anyone?  Authorities: At least make an effort. If you try and fail, even if you make several tries, several different ways yet still fail.
See,  real authority would be keeping these people in line so they wouldn’t even think about robbin’ , rapin, and killin’. That’s THEIR job. If they were DOING their job, the people wouldn’t be out there doing this.  These fauxthority shheads want to stand around in their neato outfits, looking like billy badass, and always, always facing the WRONG way, facing the nationalists as if they are the bad guys, as if they are the threat. That makes you look stupid B. Badass. Stupid and a pussy.  Better turn around before you get a knife inthe back of  your jazzy swat uniform  that won’t be coming from  the nationalist side- and you know it too, Billy. You know you’re facing the wrong way. For the Golden Dawn and others, I don’t criticize you fighting back- but…
 1) Consider being anti-FAIL-authority- you’re doing their job for them, while they  get to collect the paycheck and get to be all smug and righteous and get to call you names like haters and extremists while your people DIE. Yeah, in a perfect world, you don’t need some ahole telling people what to do and how to do it every second.  But every playground needs a yard-duty teacher- just as every inner-city school needs a metal detector for knives…because there is always going to be some disturbed, sick, or simply opportunistic shthead who is going to hurt  girls, bully boys, steal someone’s lunch money-or rape someone at a high-school prom (remember the Richmond, CA story?) just because they can. Because they can get away with it. Because the Author-i-tays don’t actually have any…
 So they can call angry people ‘racists’ , so They can sit and do nothing about the violence- So They can make up more programs, So they can ensure their made-up jobs, So They can call angry people haters, so they can make up special immigration allowances and exceptions and amnesty, So They can let even more in- So They can have more people to niche-market vote-pander to, so They can get more people dependent on the government,  so They can get cheap labor, so They can get more money, so They can pay other people to call tax-paying, non-criminal citizens protectionists and Nazis, so They can avoid the real problem, so They can….. kind of like the 80’s PSA , ‘I’m always chasing rainbows’..
Point being, in the context of what would be called by the douchebag media a ‘changing, urban, rich and diverse’ environs, which we all know is code for crime and crap- sucks ass- That said- if the pussies in power (PIPS?)  are too sissy or selfish to simply do their job, then more power to you.
2) You shouldn’t even have to be in this position. You have the right to your own country. You have the right to live unharmed by savages that kill people over things like camcorders and ipods. You are told you ‘have to accept and tolerate’ but you really don’t. You are right to protest- fighting back IS the correct response. Think things are going to get better if you just sigh and pray about it and hope things get better?
We hear a lot about what is called ‘domestic violence’ but what about ‘international violence’ ? What about the reality of  racial abuse rather than the ubiquitous , blame-the-victim ‘race-ism’ accusation?  Isn’t calling people who are pissed off and fighting back… ‘racists’  like saying that women ‘deserve’ to be raped or worse because they were walking to their car at night, or wearing a dress, or left a window open, or were just there? 
That’s her fault, that she brought it upon herself ? If you do play along with that blame-the-victim crap, you are the self-hating coward who has made up a word to save himself- the better to look yourself in the eye shaving. No, it’s YOU who is the Cowardly Sheep in  self-righteous wolve’s clothing- but in the end  you’re still a sheep, you know it- and little red riding hood is no less dead trying to get to granny’s plac, and it’s you, the UnAuthority who killed her.
 Think of your country as your mother, your sister, your daughter- and your people within as her children.  These  foreigners are hurting your family, abusing, raping and killing your children . Just having to live around that is abuse.  Having to live in fear, and witness violence or have it happen to us. Not being able to find a job because of the foreigners undercutting your wages-having to pay endless taxes for these made-up, do-nothing programs for THEM, having our neighborhoods ruined. Yeah, it’s abusive all right. If we counsel women not to put up with it, why the hell would we ever tell a whole country to ? 
Waa waa, don’t fight back, just take it, be tolerant, be afraid, be all about daisy-chains, hippie-dippy alice in la la land diversity and how great it is- but know….that’s a fairy tale.
 Except the ones who are dead….
But there’s no sense crying over every mistake. 
You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.
And the Science gets done.
And you make a neat gun.
For the people who are still alive   -‘Still Alive’ , written byJonathan Coulton for Portal, performed by Ellen Mclain



The University of Central Missouri loses  big donor as  Dutch jew donor Benoit Wesly , withdraws what amounts to over 2 million in support..and over what?  Was it because of what he said about bringing back the tree, or the fact that the radio host pointed out this Podolefsky as the cause of the Christmas tree takedown? Who really knows- link below summary:

“For years there was a Christmas tree lit at Selmo Park. He stopped that,” Hassler said of Podolefsky. “I think every religion should be able to celebrate in their own way, but we do live in Warrensburg, Missouri. This is America, you know? Let’s bring that back.”  Greg Hassler, a part-owner of KOKO-AM, which broadcasts UCM sporting events and is not paid by the university, was hosting his daily morning show when he talked about the absence of a Christmas tree on the lawn of the president’s campus residence, known as Selmo Park…Wesly, who could not be reached for comment, has said the remark was anti-Semitic.

…In an e-mail to the outgoing university president, Aaron Podolefsky, Wesly wrote that he would immediately cancel a promise to sponsor the $100,000 Maastricht Friendship Award ….also ended discussions to set up the $2.5 million endowed chair, Podolefsky said. The chair was to be a memorial to Wesly’s brother, who was killed in the Holocaust.

 from an interesting paper on Jung  by Jay Sherry I found on the net :…/jay_sherry_complete.pdf   If you have trouble with this link try will probably be the first result in google search- for some reason posting PDF links is sometimes a problem.

This is some 200 pages long, but worth the read.  The point being not whether you have an interest in psychology per se, but rather for the purposes of examining the recognized differences in worldview. One might even say this is an example of real respect for diversity, to be able to see a thing for what it is- or isn’t, rather than believing in the lies  of tolerance and assimilation

 I recommend saving it in either PDF or text , note that above screenshot mentions things not included in many resources referencing this aspect of Jung’s history and beliefs.;jsessionid=EDAD6940E344B94D674D914F50CBFE45?hosts=

  Kultur                              Civilization

                           mythos – soul                      logos – intellect
                           spiritual                          materialistic
                           holistic                           atomistic
                           national                           international
                           rural                              urban
                           aristocratic elite                 mass democracy
                           clean – healthy                    dirty – degenerate
                           youthful                           senile
                           life-promoting                     hostile-to-life

  In a letter to his
wife Jung wrote    “Freud and I spent several hours walking in Central Park and talked
at length about the sociological problems of psychoanalysis.  … We spoke a good
deal about Jews and Aryans, and one of my dreams offered a clear image of the

 He also wrote about the
danger posed to whites from their continual exposure to blacks, a phenomenon then
known as “going black.”      “The inferior man exercises a tremendous pull upon
civilized beings who are forced to live with him, because he fascinates the inferior
layer of our psyche … To our unconscious mind contact with primitives recalls not
only our childhood, but also our prehistory, and with the Germanic races this means a
harking back of only twelve hundred years.  The barbarous man in us is still
wonderfully strong and he easily yields to the lure of his youthful memories.
Therefore he needs very definite defenses.  The Latin peoples, being older, don’t need
to be so much on their guard, hence their attitude toward the Negro is different from
that of the Nordics.”

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