medieval  inquistionMalleus Maleficarum





 What is U.S. White Supremacy?      “U.S. White Supremacy” ?  As opposed to the international kind?

CWS: Definition of White Supremacy     No, it’s someone’s definition, though.

Elizabeth (Betita) Martinez, ‘RACE: The U.S. Creation Myth and Its Premise Keepers’     

Sharon Martinas, ‘Understanding Racism: An Historical Introduction’

Sharon Martinas, ‘Selected Landmarks in the History of U.S. White Supremacy’

Sharon Martinas, ‘Racism and the Rise of the Right’

Capitalism and Imperialism

CWS: What is the United States?

CWS: Definition of Capitalism

Institutions of White Supremacy

Sabrina Virgo: Criminalization of Poverty

Imperialism: The Two Faced Monster


Albico Inquisition

Horace Seldon on  the White Male  relinquishing power. This was from 1991.

 Alexa Hauser “Making it Concrete for White People” (adapted from “Tools for White Guys” by Chris Crass)

 Yet another  medieval style manual on creating an anti-racist agenda

 Tema Okun 1993 on “the Culture of White Supremacy”  Interesting to see how certain issues are spun  , like the mexican invasion , back  in ’93

 Link  Below,  what I call a ‘Compendium/Manual for  White Self-Hate’. Truly horrific stuff.

These are just some of the  many  articles written by people who want Whites to shut up, how we can better identify when we are  feeling, invoking  the elsuive ‘White Privilege’, which of course we don’t deserve, having not earned it by building the  town , in which lies a square  with the stake they would like to roast us upon.  These various ‘articles’  read like the  medieval manuals on  “How to identify Witches” -replace the word ‘witch’ with White-  and many have the  the tone of the confessional;  repentant, contrite voices of those tortured into thinking that indeed they must be evil, but  we know people who are tortured will say almost anything to get the torture to stop.

At the same time, their  tone is accusatory, self-righteous-  but  rife with  that same almost religious sense of guilt and self-hate-  rolling indictments of their fellow Whites and logical fallacies at work, such as :

 Capitalism>>competition>>helps/good for Whites=  whites = bad, so must be capitalism -friend of my enemy is my enemy

 Witchcraft = bad, and witches = women, so women = bad.

 If you are White and Unrepentant, you are Evil, if you are White and admit your sin, admit your guilt, well, you are still evil,  still may get burned at the stake, but are ‘forgiven’.  Not very unlike the medieval  test for witches: if you float if thrown in water, you are evil, if you drown , you are innocent. 

Die and you are absolved; try to save yourself, and you are of the Devil. To that I say 

 Go to Hell!


Logical, not fallacious:

White-Male Hatred  is to White People what  Witch hunts were to (mostly) women.

Multi/Culti  turned out to  be for White people what “feminism”  turned out to be for women.

Perhaps you can  attend the White Privilege Conference- recognize some of the names there? I do.

One of which would be the  new White-Finder General -as opposed to the “Witch -Finder General , Matthew Hopkins, who seems to have a Malleus Malficarum of his own, going by the sheer volume of writings on his web page perhaps I should christen him ‘Cotton Blather’ -as opposed to Cotton Mather, another figure in the Salem witch trials.

White Inquistion

5 thoughts on “The Malleus Maleficarum of White Self-Hate

  1. Karelianblue says:

    my version: bulldoze the projects, buy a loft, drink at your local bar, revoke welfare, defend white working families, shop anywhere that stocks heckler & koch, ghetto the homeless & queers together, get a pit-bull, don’t hire a maid: do it yourself, what immigrants?, tune the ‘cuda hemi, demolish affirmative action, eat real home-cooked food, patrol your own precinct, glorify hard work and call it satisfaction!

    ps: “white skin privilege theory” was sucked out of thin air by american maoists (now there’s a bastard breed if ever there was :)

  2. Bay Area Mogul says:

    You\’re a crazy bitch. The fact that you\’re from Northern California also incites me to heckle your white power alleigance.

  3. Bay Area Mogul says:

    You\’re a crazy bitch. The fact that you\’re from Northern California also incites me to heckle your white power allegiance.

  4. I. Langalibalele says:

    White people have never been burnt at the stake, lynched or executed by anybody except other white people. Even in the liberation wars in Vietnam against France and America, in Southern Africa, and in other places, whites captured on the battlefield were treated as POWs according to the Geneva Convention. In Somalia, where US Blackhawk helicopters flew sorties over neighborhoods, levelling them, that sparked enuf rage for people to drag the bodies of dead US soldiers thru the streets. But those men had not been lynched; they were shot down and died in the crash.

    On the other hand, history is replete with tales of European/white viciousness and cruelty from one end of the earth to the other. So quit your fake ass lying and try working for a living.

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