Perhaps this should be titled ‘How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Illogical’ Thought…. Ahh The Land of Make Believe is so much fun, especially when you can try to artificially change things by making other people believe it.

Apparently, if mostly White people live in Marin , that automatically means that some kind of ‘Evil Racism’  is at play and someone’s civil rights are being violated. I’m not even making this up- they really are trying to spin this as if it is fact.  It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with finances, or credit rating or being a doctor or lawyer?  It couldn’t possibly be because things are just dang expensive everywhere in the bay area? It couldn’t possibly be that these people worked for it?

Hey big brother-I got something for ya-  there’s a lot of not-so-rich Whites who can’t live there either. Of course they interview the obligatory minority who states that something must be wrong.  Video:

This reminds me of something I wrote a couple years ago, about how they think we are ‘hoarding Whiteness’, like somehow just being around us will rub off . Or that we are holding back some secret formula that when you drink it, suddenly everything falls into place and you have this dream existence. Yeah. As if.  But they must think this is actually true. If they don’t then is it some type of revenge?  Because we all know there’s no such thing as =.  heck, there’s all kinds of people I’m not = to in all kinds of things, and as I have stated before, I’m glad of it for many reasons. But, policies or no- when things start to suck  badly enough because of these policies we’ll just leave. Like always.

In the 90’s, I lived in Marin county part-time- for a couple years. It was  OK but it wasn’t some gleaming h(e)aven of White Specialness, as if one had crossed the Golden Gate and suddenly.. the winged angel Albinicus appears… latte in hand ,  free kids swimming instructors and soccer coach minions trailing- bay area version has free book of beatnik poetry from City Lights.  Nope. Maybe though pasty, I’m still too ethnically white and therefore  missed it somehow. That must be it.  I must have been shunted to an alternate Mariniverse, you know- the way some nationalists think some of us are going to Guido’s Spaghetti Heaven or Dino’s Gyro Deli  instead of the regular trumpets, crumpets  and Nascar one ( after all, Sylvester the cartoon cat says so-and has provided me with at least minutes of laughter).

The weather was better there but overall  it was actually kind of boring, and not boring in a good, no-crime-and-friendly-kind-of- way  .  It was boring there in a self-satisfied, check out my awesome car and my ‘Free Tibet’ bumper-sticker,   I’m-so-enlightened-look-at-me-talk- in-whispery-and- over-dramatic-tones-about-stuff-that-doesn’t-affect-me-woww-I -believe-most-people-are-good  kind of way.  Older successful computer hippies. Weird dope-smoking and unkempt adult kids banging around their parent’s Eichlers but functionally broke and doing  odd jobs for cash. Massage therapists. A Hollywood movie director (Lucas Valley Road).  People spending a lot of money on doofy crap like aura cleansing and hot stone rubs and ear-whatevering.

People who  drive from Terra Linda to Marin City for the flea/farmer’s market on a Saturday morn to enjoy some fake ‘diversity’ , then beating a hasty retreat back. The traffic to and fro sucked. Going from bundled up from average 50 degree weather to 90 degrees in summer sucked. The allergies up there really sucked. Unless you are right on the bay, say in Sausalito or Tiburon or areas around there- then there isn’t much to look at. Low hills with dry grass. A relatively tiny downtown with old buildings. People look like they get dressed up to go to  effing Northgate mall. I used to go there, undressed up- and eat at a place my ex and I called Iraqi-burger, though I’m not sure the people who worked there were from Iraq.

You have Now Entered the land of Data-Driven Fake-Causality Magic-Land, leave all sharp objects  and observations at the door, they may be returned to you after proving that you have become proficient in Principled Ideology  (google dat sheet):

This is what happens when people play with what is called data-driven analysis game- how that works is they take some situation and then try to prove causality for that situation that usually fits the agenda of their own cause or government-funded program.

Using this formula, you just take anything you want to destroy, vilify , establish -make up a non-logical reason for why things have worked out the way they do- and assign some kind of inherent maliciousness  to it- forgetting all about the rules of logic, physics, any cause and effect and make the assumption it is all because of your  own little rationale- or rather non-rationale…and the R -word, well the R-word needs no explanation.

Even questioning whether their premise makes sense makes you  A Bad Person and surely you also must be infected with the R-word, especially if you start pointing out how their premise doesn’t make sense and they are just cooking up stuff to try and FORCE policies upon us  or make illegitimate  a group, town, belief system-personal achievements or the lack of them-almost anything- and usually it is always because it is White.  The result was White- therefore it must be ‘racist’.   Example: The Tea Party must be racist, because data shows most people who attend are White. Something mostly White surely must = Evil and of course has to be oppressing someone, or wanting to. Um, no – people who are generally for freedom and the constitution generally don’t seek to oppress anyone. Ahh, but in Magic-land , that doesn’t matter, because that would make sense, and making sense is not the name of the game here.

Can you use this premise for Whites, for anything? Nope- because the secret sauce, the R-factor can never, ever apply to Whites.  The rules of Magicland thought say that this theory can never work when it comes to Whites who are excluded because of magic AE-factor (artificial equality enforcement). Magicland premise : Blacks and other groups are excluuuded because of some hateful agenda. Formula A=B because of  R-factor- where you just toss out all other variables like not being in a gang, reading to your kids,making them do their homework,  and teaching them how to budget and  save, teaching them planning, discipline,  to use critical thinking skills, etc.,-all that boring stuff. Because something simply has worked out a certain way, it’s because of the R-factor. No one ever fails in magicland, and especially never because one doesn’t have aptitude. Whee.

but ramzpaul, maybe you don’t know what the dude does when he gets bored. In public even. Heavens to Murgatroyd!       Like, eww.

But just so no one mistakes me for a hater, I  totally sympathize with your unrealized basketball dreams and the unfairness, inequity and how guys like you are not represented in basketball. I understand the whole disproportionate thing. I mean, why *can’t* I be a ballerina just because I’m top heavy , 5’3″ and not always graceful ? I mean, who gets to define what graceful is, ya know? It’s discrimination for sure. And Body Privilege.  Besides that, even though math isn’t my strong suit, I do like science- so where’s programs for people like me in NASA?  Thanks for taking a stand and not going along with all those Judge Mental people obsessed with reading and writing.

OK, back to the subject at hand. An example of this data-driven spinning BS out of  end results and facts* as far as establishing fake causality- a few years back people decided that tests for police in Chicago had to be racist, because not enough blacks were passing. So they changed the test just to get the desired outcome.  Now I’m guessing the test itself didn’t ask things that would be considered White-specific, like ‘Who was the lead singer for Pearl Jam?’ or what company is most famous for organic juice?..  but most likely asked about matters pertaining to police. Still, that didn’t matter because  the Magical R-word Hobgoblin had been invoked,and once invoked could not be banished. That’s how it works in Magical Fake Causalityland.  This happened in New Jersey as well

Here’s another example of this  ‘data-driven’  made-up stuff  trying to force more policies upon us:     “This is totally about race,” said Metzger, a demographer and director of Data Driven Detroit…..

“…eliminating disproportionaity and disparities through data-driven……..”

and here are some people commenting :


Blog  article :

*insert obligatory Racial Hsyteria OCD :  Darwin is Evil! He was White! He liked science! Nazis liked science! Science is Evil! Darwin is Evil, Darwin is a Nazi,omgomgomgsomg..  He must be an evilracistNazihater! We must start a program to get rid of anything Darwin-esque.  Hey why stop at why nature does this or that? Why not just outlaw ALL cause/effect. Awesome!!

3 thoughts on “Marin County ‘Too White’- or How Things (really don’t)Happen or The Scam of Data-Driven Fake Causality

  1. Gene says:

    Good to see you making, posts and colorful rants again young lady! Why can not more be as wise? Oh yes public education as it has stood for too looong, and Government over run by tripe and media mind control programming, LOL Yeah That’s really, it!

    “How did stupid get so popular” Curt Cobain

    Not sure if his name started c or k. Anyways he would know “blew his own head of?” after his JEWES run dope wore off! I think the troll did him in because he was going to leave it’s sick self! But who cares he’s dead and thanks to the well planned/orchestrated destruction of nature so soon shall all be the gulf and the new Japan fiasco going down, not LOL but OMFG! WAKE UP stupid, if the majik “minorah ‘T, is that how it’s spell? anyway puns all round” don’t kill us the other poison will!

  2. Alejandro says:

    Marin is so much more complex and larger than you paint it to be. Most of Marin actually lies West of Terra Linda and Northwest of Sausalito, the rural part. Having lived here for 2 years, I would say clearly does NOT make you an authority on life there, nor on all its residents. This article sounds more like something that someone would write over being bitter about not being able to live there, and so has to trash it so that their cognitive dissonance isn’t as painful. At best, this is just a story about one person’s opinion, who lived in one part of Marin, for a very short time period, under less than ideal conditions, and viewed only and subjectively through their own personal lens.

  3. Dude, your IP traces to Pittsburg, CA, which,upon looking it up on a map is some east bay s*&thole near the dread Antioch. I looked up the demographics, just as I thought.
    Bitter? Cognitive dissonance? Less than ideal conditions? Wrong on all three counts. You really resort to all the typical tactics, though- so lame and defensive you don’t even get when I wasn’t putting something down, Living in a kinda boring area is GOOD, doofus (unlike Pittsburg,CA), and much of Marin *is* exactly as I said.

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