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Othello play


Verdict reactionGoldman father

Damn if I could only decently photoshop this with a football helmet on- #32

Anyone can,  feel free to comment and post a link to it


Noble Savage The “Noble Savage”  We know you did it.


Nicole’s sister, who believes it was a domestic violence problem that precipitated her sister’s murder (and that of Goldman).

Denise brown

Wonder if  Goldman holds any racial hostility  after his son was  slaughtered by O.J.

… Oh, but I bet he does,  whereas the Brown family can’t afford to, being Germans and all.  How  dumb was OJ not to only knock off his wife, but kill a jewish boy? Of course, perhaps Oreneanderthal didn’t know  the deceased Goldman , but now he certainly realizes his father will pursue him to the ends of the earth- if Simpson’s  money or whatever he can get through his notoriety  are all Goldman can seize upon, it is clear he will do it- probably because it is the only way he is legally allowed to go after the guy, whether he loses it all in legal fees obviously is not a worry, as long as he can continue to take something away from Simpson, though it will never equal what Simpson took from him.

Goldman, think about this, if  multiculturalism was not encouraged, and  Nicole and OJ  never got together, your son would no doubt be alive today, and Nicole would probably be enjoying life with a possibly less upscale address, but a better one than the one she occupies today. Tell me that “race had nothing to do with this”, that predisposition to violence has “nothing to do with this”. The hell your family has gone through, the Browns-children with a dead mother and a murderer father (not to mention this latest debacle he has gotten nailed for)…The  fact that they had money only serves to illustrate my point that some things don’t change even when you add cash and a nice neighborhood.  People think because someone gets rich or is a sports star, that means they are “safe” , that they are “different”. People don’t want to believe the evolutionary evidence to suggest differently.  Both your son, and Nicole, unwittingly both put themselves into a very dangerous situation being anywhere near OJ (good thing there are no other violent black football players out there!).

When news broke that Simpson was in trouble in Las Vegas for a September 13 armed heist of sports memorabilia he claimed had been stolen from him, Goldman’s lawyers were back in court so fast that Goldman obtained an order to get the items before Simpson was arrested.

Goldman’s $19 million share of the judgment has risen to approximately $39 million with interest, but he knows it’s unlikely he’ll ever collect more than a fraction, no matter how many court battles he wins.

OJ collage1

2 thoughts on “OthellO(J.): The Moor of Venice(beach)

  1. Juliette Coughlin says:

    The image at the top of your webpage contains a photo I took while working at the Bloomington IN newspaper. The image is copyright protected by both myself and the newspaper and is not allowed to be reproduced without permission of the newspaper or myself. Please take the image down as required by law.

    1. You referenced the top of page photo which was the celebratory OJ verdict reaction- it’s gone now.

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