Of course The Black Guy is not a ‘racist’, remember- only Whites can be ‘racist’, right? It’s OK for blacks to harbor resentment, then it isn’t racism, even though it makes no sense –  how can ‘racism’ exist if race is supposed to be a social construct? Oh right, we just imagine that race is real, and in our delusional reality we’re upset, intolerant- hateful (Tony Soprano: Don’t bring home any melanzane!- pronounced mool-in-yaan) – except sometimes it DOES exist , like in job quotas, Sotomayor’s excluded firemen, school entrance quotas, endless papers asking if one is ‘white, non-hispanic’ , or when there is a ‘hate crime’  over something that doesn’t exist that we just made-up that isn’t real except when it is. Unlike those who play the game of simply turning the game around and calling the other side the same name one was called oneself- as per usual I reject their illogical framework of something that isn’t real – this pretend thing causes hate- this imaginary thing called race  that when it is real gives people all kinds of chances they might not have had simply on merit alone.

Folks, it’s real.  Of course The Black Guy has feelings and attitudes about White People. Umm Duh, don’t they ALL?  Unlike Whites, who are constantly either apologizing, or denying any racial thoughts “I don’t see color!”  or  “I know this one (fill in race) and he’s great, he’s not like the rest of them at all!”  You’re in denial and you know it. No matter how much you love to see the big O shuck and jive his way across the stage- don’t tell me you don’t notice he has That Walk. Don’t tell me he doesn’t just a little bit sound like OJ, you know like if you didn’t know who he was and just heard his voice? He’s black and he obviously hasn’t tried to become a White Black Guy. I know it is just now starting to sink in. It’s kind of like when you like a rock star, and collect tour programs and magazines, but then you see them up close one day and suddenly- they don’t seem like who they were when you were singing along with them in the Volvo. OMG. He’s black and has had racial thoughts about Whites. Like, no way! More like duh-hey Whitey. Ha, like you thought if YOU stopped being ‘racist!’ , well, then everyone else has to as well. Cause that’s FAIR and everyone knows, Whitey likes things to be fair.

(inspired by Eminem)

You better own it, know it, put down the cellphone and realize you know you can’t stand it

but you tolerate it , celebrate it, wrap it up in an organic bag and hand

your kids over in wars for izzy

you can’t  connect the dots cause you’re dizzy

tryin to find money that  pays your bills for more than five minutes

Looked for Change but there ain’t none in the sofa, game over, quit it

Are you still selling your soul to the highest bidder?

Your friends are all wiggers dawg hollah,  still chasin the almighty dollah

too busy inhaling your organic mellow , while your sister’s dating a thug from the ghetto

Don’t tell me I’m cold and it’s ‘hate’  when I say you don’t have to live this way.

Our people are bolting-the apathy is revolting

your baggy-ass pants, still tryin to be cool while I’m crying

a double life  rackin up debt till you cringe , and  don’t even know you’re dying

While I’m coming unhinged  you’re still buying it – and stop whining

while I hurt but still take it farther, make myself harder.

Can’t you see this situation is turning, this plantation is burning-

you’re the slave and don’t even need a master

you got  MTV and all you want is a car with rims that goes faster..

.Whoops there goes sanity, whoops don’t be mad at me,

the world’s off-balance, someone f*cked with our axis

but this time is our chance, this time it ain’t practice…



Is Barack Obama a Racist?

September 1, 8:30 PMMacon County Conservative ExaminerRobert Moon

Liberal race hysterics recently launched a vicious nationwide smear campaign to personally destroy Glenn Beck for suggesting that Barack Obama is a racist. So the question is, what is the evidence against Obama?

Let’s examine the facts:

1) Obama mentored for 20 years under a flaming anti-U.S. bigot who claims that white people invented crack and AIDS to kill blacks.If John McCain had mentored for 20 years under an ultra-nationalist white supremacist who made equally ludicrous claims, would it even be controversial to suggest that he were a racist?

2) In “Dreams of My Father,” Obama went on about “the white man’s rules,” turned everything into a matter of race, and admitted to despising white people. He clarified that “any difference between good and bad whites held negligible meaning,” and admitted that he had to learn to smile at white people as a deliberate ploy:

It was usually an effective tactic, another one of those tricks I had learned: People were satisfied so long as you were courteous and smiled and made no sudden moves. They were more than satisfied, they were relieved — such a pleasant surprise to find a well-mannered young black man who didn’t seem angry all the time.”

If John McCain had been caught anywhere on record having said anything even vaguely resembling this level of seething hatred for blacks, would anyone hesitate to call him a racist?

3) Obama ran a despicably sleazy Spanish-language smear ad against John McCain in the 2008 election falsely associating him with his arch nemesis in the party–Rush Limbaugh–(actual guilt-by-association, anyone?) and astonishingly accusing him of turning his back on Latinos. John McCain…the guy who championed amnesty.  If John McCain had fraudulently race-baited white people against Obama in the same way, would it imply that he were a racist?

4) Among the many extremists Obama has illegally surrounded himself with (yes, all these unaccountable czars who face zero checks and balances are blatantly unconstitutional), the most powerful man on Earth has advising him a radical black nationalist (and proud communist) who randomly makes absurd, paranoid claims of racial persecution and rants about white people deliberately poisoning immigrants. If John McCain put a paranoid white supremacist anywhere in his cabinet, would there be any indignant outrage over someone suggesting that he were a racist?

5) Obama attacked the intelligence of white police officers, admittedly without even looking at the evidence, due solely to the fact that they arrested a flailing black ignoramus who would not cooperate or have an adult conversation with them when they caught him breaking into a house…after being called about a possible break-in. If John McCain were to automatically presume anything so insulting about a black man based on zero evidence, his career would be over.

( there is also a poll at the link to article)

4 thoughts on “The Black Guy: Is he a Racist? Are you? Aren’t we ALL?

  1. Jason K Karamo says:

    I understand and respect where you’re coming from and I am not justifying black racism. However, there is for the most part a distinct difference between average “black racism” and “white racism”

    Black people as a general rule (even ghetto low class blacks) are racism based on direct perceptions that white people have of them as a race whether they may be justified or not.

    White people as a general are racist against black people even when they are exceptionally kind, respectful, intelligent and 50-75% white and give them no reason to be prejudiced.

    It is so much easier for the average black man (even the ghetto ones) to accept a nice non prejudiced white person as a friend, and then it is for your average white man to accept nice respectful black men without trying to use black jokes on him or psychologically prove superiority.

    The proof of this in employment situations I am a supervisor at Wayne State learning center. None of the other black supervisors (since you can call someone 75% white; black) disrespect the white college students, even when their rude and patronizing. When the black students have questions in the learning center and ask white supervisors or employees they are subtly insulted and it goes over most of their heads.

    Barak Obama may be racist in the way that most black people claim to be racist; racist against racism. White people are senselessly racist against skin color even when they have every reason not to be and history proves this.

    Had black people had the type of hateful racism that most whites have on a deep down subliminal level slavery and abuse of them wouldn’t even have been able to happen for as long as it did.

    Obama just chronicled what he had to deal with. Simple, not one experience that he listed in his book appeared to be a lie on white people’s character. I found out that smiling is one of the tricks that intelligent blacks have to use to get anywhere with most whites.

    It lowers defenses and as for his mentor he does seem fanatical but please tell me one accusation that he said about our great country that was a lie. List just one, I beg you.

    McCain and other rich white man should be thankful that there isn’t any form of higher justice which made them pay financially and emotionally for every horrendous crime and theft that their ancestors performed on blacks.

    The privileges that are enjoyed by white people are the direct results of slavery and colonialism. The fact that one of you could have the hypocritical gall to get on here and talk about Obama being racist when I’d bet all of my worldly wealth that Obama’s mind is more open to accepting whites than yours is toward accepting black people.

    I’ve noticed that part of the racialist pathology of 80% whites of European and American race, is the subconscious desire to see black people totally abased and destroyed.
    I have logically come to that conclusion by the fact that you could actually think black people don’t have a right to be racist, everything that was done to us as a people is grounds for the United States and Europe being tried as war criminals you guys did the same thing to us that Hitler did to the Jews.

    That is pure neurotic thinking to think you deserve to hypocritically judge blacks while you benefit off of the labor of another groups of people.

  2. Mike in Indiana says:

    “That is pure neurotic thinking to think you deserve to hypocritically judge blacks while you benefit off of the labor of another groups of people.”

    No, the truth is, you’re either lying or you’re stupid, or you’re both, Jason. There is no other explanations for people like you that I can find.

    Blacks benefit off the labor of whites, not the other way around. In fact, just about everything you said is actually the opposite of reality. I bet you’re either an affirmative action black, or a brain-dead white liberal college student. Who knows and who cares

    I’m really tired of these sneering, stupid, “hate-whitey” lectures.

    1. Your level of idiocy knows no bounds in it’s stringent and unrelenting racism. Whites today have not benefited off of 400 years of free labor? Re not still beneifiting today off of white preveledge? This is not a hate whitey speech and no one even says whitey anymore. Let America pay for 400 years of free labor and be tried for their war crimes and you can take affirmative action and destroy it. Lo what a bigoted abysmal moron you are.

  3. Devere says:

    I see your White loveliness, Mia, in your consciousness of the irreplaceability of our people, in the undercurrent of mourning for what is vanishing, for the beauty that is being defiled and murdered.

    Thank you for taking your White stand. Certainly, there is hope while we as a people live. Every day, every minute, more awaken to who we are and to who our Enemy is. The jew’s grip on our throat is tightening now BECAUSE it is loosening. His grip is slipping. The cracks in his matrix are spreading.

    I wish you and your kids health, daily joy in small things, safety, unquenchable faith in who we are and what we will be again.>>
    (in response) >> Sorry this is so late in reply- I remember you- thank you for doing the same and of course the same wishes to you & yours. I think you are correct in what you said but what could replace it is also scary. Just the other day someone tried to rush the cockpit on a plane out of SFO. shouting their version of “God is great!” and some ex-cop and ex-CIA stopped him. That whole side of the world is nothing like here. Yesterday I saw two women wearing the burka/veils get out of a taxi just getting out to look out at the ocean- then they get back into the taxi and drive away, the driver giving me a strange look even though I was dressed modestly, usual turtleneck and pants. Were the women out just to admire the ocean view or other reasons, like paying respect? I remember how i used to be more of an environmentalist, but now I would wish for us to drill for oil. Anything to be less connected to the land of sand.

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