Desperate defense tries new angle, the old get-the-client-off-on-a-technicality maneuver.  They did it. Everyone knows they did it. Everyone knows they hate Whitey, especially nice, attractive, suburban White kids with lives ahead of them full of promise and joy-unlike their own. They kill what they can never be.  OJ syndrome en masse.

This Trant character specializes in post-trial appeals and remedies, says so on his site. Hiring a guy knowing you are going to lose, who can spend years just making up stuff to keep you alive. Maybe. Think how much money we would save if we sped up the appeals process. It’s really expensive , or should I say- ‘costly’ -to keep lemaricuses alive, in prison or not.  You hear about things like the latest in Oakland, 3 cops killed, 4th critical condition by one guy on one day, while Raiders player Cornell Green beats up his baby’s mama.  Life as constant violence. Do we want this? NO! 

 – heard the other day DC has more AIDS than West Africa.    “Our rates are higher than West Africa,” Shannon L. Hader, director of the District’s HIV/AIDS Administration, told The Washington Post. “They’re on par with Uganda and some parts of Kenya.”

We are hoping that there will be the only ‘justice’ that can be legally had in this case.  Because of the pressure the nationalist underground put on the mainstream media, many, many people know the horrific details of this double-murder. If this kind of thing isn’t worth the death penalty,  what is? 

Have to stop subsidizing this crap, colonies of future murderers, car-jackers, rapists, cop-killers. Bullets are cheap. The feel-good programs don’t work. The welfare and free rent doesn’t work. Big Brother mentor stuff doesn’t work. None of the made-up liberal stuff  works. Bullets do work. 

Death to lemaricus and crew. KILL THEM. Kill them QUICKLY.   

How long and how much  do people have to suffer before they realize the whole rainbow picnic deal just ain’t working out? Colonies of Murderers, sans bars and guards. Reverse lebensborn-breeding a fountain of death.

The nice-guy approach with gun-totin, fire-settin, car-jackin,  bank-robbin, white-girl (and boy) rapin and murderin- I mean, did we have this 40 years ago, hearing about it every friggin day?  Why shoud we have to pay for 20 year for at least 2-3 of these monsters, when working people can’t get heath care for their kids?  I hope this jury pulls the plug on them, and not only that, but decides to go out and get firearms, and encourages the same for everyone they know.  Get your militia on.

~Defense attorneys for Davidson say because Knoxville Police Officer Todd Childress did not sign the first page of a search warrant, then the Court should not allow the search warrant or evidence discovered by the search.  The signature line is cut off. Childress said he did not realize there was supposed to be a signature line on the first page.

The second page is signed by Officer Childress and Judge Tony Stansbury.

Gary Christian, Father of Channon Christian in court Gary Christian, perhaps in prayer as he sits in court.
Channon Christian and Chris Newsom

Tortured, Raped, Burned, Shot,Poisoned, Suffocated-Murdered-Channon Christian and Chris Newsom

Gary Christian and family members in court

Gary Christian and family members in court

Judge Richard Baumgartner
Do the right thing, Judge. Two kids are DEAD because of this scourge

Be a MAN and 'Do the right thing', Judge. Two kids are DEAD because of this scourge that is upon us.

said Friday he will rule later on the validity of the police search of the Chipman Street house.

House where Channon Christian was tortured and killed
House where Channon Christian was tortured and killed, now demolished


That ruling will determine how much evidence from the house prosecutors will be able to use against the four suspects at upcoming trials.

cocky killer

cocky killer “check my shirt and spectacles, I be representin  ‘n’ shyt, biatch” 





 A single fingerprint on a bank envelope inside Christian’s carjacked vehicle matched a suspect since identified as the alleged ringleader in the couple’s slaying – Lemaricus Davidson.

 “On Friday afternoon, defense attorney Douglas Trant told the court the affidavit to search Lemaricus Davidson’s home was not properly signed. “That this search warrant is not valid, I would submit for that reason the burden should then shift to the state,” Davidson’s attorney Douglas Trant said.

scumbags r us

If I’m such a tough-ass defense atty, why does my client look so crestfallen? Yeah, in my heart even I know they deserve DEATH. Glad it wasn’t my kids. Hell, If I didn’t have lemaricuses to defend,I couldn’t afford to live far away from it. Thanks lemaricus! I be gettin paid cash money!

 This guy , Trant -“google dat shyt”  check out some of the stuff he has written, ironically entitled:


  “A Plea for Chivalry“, Dicta Volume 27, Issue 3, March 21, 2001

Crime in America“, International Society of Barristers Quarterly, Volume 35, No. 4, October 2000

Trial Manual for the Defense of Habitual Criminal Cases in Tennessee
Justice Kidnapped, 2000″;

“That this search warrant is not valid, I would submit for that reason the burden should then shift to the state,” Davidson’s attorney Douglas Trant said. “That’s why we’re introducing this proof to show you that the state had no authority to look inside that trash can,” Trant said, to justify calling Dr. Bass to the stand.

But prosecution witnesses say there was evidence that linked 6’4″ Davidson to the house and to Christian’s Toyota Four Runner, which was found by her family on January 8, 2007.  video

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2 thoughts on “Channon Christian/Chris Newsom-Knoxville Murders Update: Defense Says house search warrant not valid

  1. Jack Rauber says:

    One of the saddest, most tragic days this country has seen. To think of the horror these two young people had to endure before their deaths. Each and every one of the people involved in this gruesome crime should be put to death. These types of crime go much deeper than the deaths of the two beautiful young people killed. These killings tear at the core of what humanity is all about. How can they allow any of these people to live another day to take another breath once the evidence is weighed? It is a senseless crime against all of humanity. God bless these two young people.

  2. Gina says:

    think me horrible if you want but the most fitting punishment would be to take these animals throw them into a cell without a bed a sink or toilet no clothes to keep them warm from the cold concrete floor no blanket not one human comfort whatsoever, then paper the concrete walls of the cell with photos of these two precious young people before pictures and after pics of the heinous acts of mutilation and assault. Every now and then throw a piece of moldy bread in o the cell as a way of feeding the savage beast and maybe once a day have a guard go in and kick the beast in the groin do this for maybe a month or however long it takes the monster to die and if it takes more then a month then put a bag over ITS head and let IT suffocate

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