bunker montara

latenight pier


Dream if you can a courtyard, an ocean of violets in bloom

When Doves Cry

I asked my llama friend what to do about my hair

early march beach 08







With friends in Oct 07






Burning Troy

Achilles to Briseis: I’ll tell you a secret. Something they don’t teach you in your temple. The Gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again. “Troy” 2004




Where sorrow trumps enmity,
in quiet solemnity,
I wash blood from the pale.
No grim satisfaction in epic fail.
Bittersweet heartbeat
of forfeit prevails-
he was the hammer,
I the nail.



If you get blank spaces or red “X’s” try right-clicking on your mouse menu item “show picture” or try refreshing the page , I’ll be continuing to add stuff here-

23April08 Cliff Climbing

Profile like a face

profile like a face

high up

almost there

near land’s end

to the ends of the earth

climbing rocks on cliff

Small rock cave

small cave in rocks looking uphill

Climbing rocky cliffs

getting higher

Where I saw Mr. Turkey Vulture

where i met the vulture

Path to land’s end


Signs of decay

stuff white people DON'T LIKE

Ravens in a row

ravens in a row

Ravens overhead


Homeless dude asleep in dunes on beach

Homeless dude asleep in dunes



Intl Food section

Sunset Pier 31Mar08

LindaMar Beach AM 31Mar08


beach path to Mori Point

past dusk

march 16 08 windy beach

Hillside Rocks

Stone Heart Summit

Sleepy hollow Blurry

Green beach trail

Cliff cottage

Fallen by Wind

cypress trees path

sea warning

hw1 ocean


restaurants & sutro baths point lobos


more cypress at beach

sutro baths sf sunset

linda mar beach


overpass bars

North end pier

night pier

Drive HW1 rain

Rockaway Beach


Jan 08

Massive Waves hit Beach Blvd




Ocean Comes over rail Beach Blvd

Bech Blvd Flooding

OceanBeach Blvd


Rockaway Waves



Big Waves


These Jan 2008 storm damage photos were taken by locals.




From Lookout at College

PedroPoint And Linda mar beach

Mazza's Castle

farallone islandsFarallon Islands



Shelter Cove Pacifica

Painting of SC


old  ShelterCove




Cow Palace



View from skyline college

red morning sun from SoCal Fires

old shelter cove

Rockaway Beach




my hangout

dark seas


Fisherman_Sharp Park beach

LindaMar from RobertsRd


beach blvd by pier flooded

LindaMAr from high mountain

4thof July DUI Command Vehicle (damn drunk ass town)




25 thoughts on “2+2

  1. H J Ross says:

    Hi there, Im really not sure what you blog is about, but your cute

  2. H J Ross says:

    OH I forgot, 14/ 88 , and your still cute

  3. silentconsort says:

    HJ, thanks for the kind words. You don’t have to understand it. It’s kind of like an “in-joke” , only without the joke.

  4. B52 gunner says:

    I understand all too well, hon.

    “Gaze no more in the bitter glass
    The demons, with their subtle guile,
    Lift up before us when they pass,
    Or only gaze a little while;
    For there a fatal image grows
    That the stormy night receives,
    Roots half hidden under snows,
    Broken boughs and blackened leaves.
    For all things turn to bareness
    In the dim glass the demons hold,
    The glass of outer weariness,
    Made when God slept in times of old.
    There, through the broken branches, go
    The ravens of unresting thought;
    Flying, crying, to and fro,
    Cruel claw and hungry throat,
    Or else they stand and sniff the wind,
    And shake their ragged wings: alas!
    Thy tender eyes grow all unkind:
    Gaze no more in the bitter glass.”

  5. silentconsort says:

    I saw what you quoted from Yeats first on the site, then just now at almost 9 pm read your email .
    Oh God Schultze, I am so, so sorry about your friend.
    I know you don’t care much for this world, but you know this has happened more than once. I don’t want it to be you the next time. Is there any chance at all I can get you to stop flying these things? I know the chances are not good that I can, though I don’t know how *you* can after witnessing this firsthand.
    I only post these links not to be sensational (hardly anyone comes here anyway) but so people can see the reality of the fragility of life and perhaps reflect upon their own for even a minute.


  6. Scott Fultz says:

    one reasone i love your work Mia is its so sexy

  7. Assassiknight says:

    Je suis un photographe professionnel. Je vous aimerais à la photographie.

  8. Assassiknight says:

    uh…I mean love to photograph.

    Damn Babel translator!

  9. Atmannvedanta says:

    what i feel i dare not speak.
    what for?
    black on white,
    ruby red.
    a soul so deep,
    if only…

  10. Athmannvedanta says:

    Damage Control by the Eternal Jew

    Before I get started here, I’d like to warn those who do not like to hear the word “Kike” being used in reference to Jews, that I am about to subject you to “Kike burn-out”. So if you don’t like the word Kike, don’t read what I write.


    Just when you think, “…Finally, those Bastard Jews in control of North America’s Jewish Lobbies are about to get a serious setback and be exposed for the, ‘Satanic Fathers of the lie that they are’, at the hands of people who have been and are still being exposed to their wrath for decades…” along come a “…dynamic duo of heroic and selfless Jews…” to let the CHRT and the CHRC “…have it…” so to speak.

    Well, I for one don’t buy it! These two weasel Jews, Levant and Styne, are nothing more than story managers.

    For a CHRT that sees nothing remiss in dismissing the complaints of WNists as frivolous because of submissions on duel sided fax paper!, one has to question why an Islamic group’s complaint was not similarly quashed?

    After all, with no oversights in place and a steady marching toward “Talmudic throat slitting Justice for the animal-goys”, one needs to look at what these two “Heroes” write to know where their agenda lies.

    After all, is it not the, “Slut that is Jew”, who has destroyed Canada and its harmony by allowing these Crypto-Jewish Islamic “debaters by threat of force” into Canada in the first place?
    There is abundant evidence to suggest that the entire movement to destroy western culture has been in the hands of Rothschildian, “Frankfurt School Scum” for centuries if not millennia.

    No my dear friends, Paul Fromm (defender of free speech and that means even Zundel’s right to free speech) and Marc Lemire (not to mention Barb Kulaszka, Doug Christy and several others) were about to “David and Goliath” style, “Slay the beast that is Kike”.

    Yes, those who defended Ernst Zundel’s right to call a filthy lying Jew, a filthy lying Jew, were about to lay to waste the entire legal establishment and police infrastructure, starting at the Minister of Justice (or more appropriately Jew-stice) right down to the local police forces they influence and demonstrate that not only have Jews of a filthy sort (are there any other kind?) been behind the inception of many of Canada’s open boarder policies, they have also taken over by stealth – countless Legislative Infrastructural Organizations, Courts, Mass Media Outlets, Politicians, Police Orgs, in short, you name it and a Kike is probably behind it – in an effort to destroy Canadian European Culture in the service of the “Criminal State of Israel under Rothschild”.

    Just when this massive Kosher can of worms – of the Holyhoax lies, German and lately European extortion racket, CSIS and Jewish Lobby Criminal Collusion, Judicial Fraud at the highest levels, Banking Fraud et al – was about to be opened for all of Canada to see by Paul, Marc, Barb and Co., along comes a complaint by Muslims against Jews (and their probable Zionist Jew owned publications) to cleverly steer the dialectic away from where it was heading and into the more mundane, Zionist preferred, Islamic vs. Western waters. I call this crisis management Jewish style.

    Never mind that for the first few articles that these two Jewish interference runners wrote on the entire subject of HRTs and Free Speech, that they, in an underhanded sort of way, derisively referred to Marc and Paul’s opinions as not something they would agree with, but that after those first initial platitudes one hardly hears a word of praise let alone an honourable mention for the people who have for decades been on the receiving end of the “Wrath of the Filthy Kike”.

    Let’s get a few things straight:

    1) The Jews, as an ethnic group, bred to refer to non-Jews as animals, know very well that a picture of a few hundred corpses in a mass grave does not 6 million lamp shades make. This lie underpins everything the Jews have stolen from the West and the Middle East over the last 60 odd years.
    2) The Jews, as an ethnic group taught to look at non-Jews as slave animals, are in the process of stealing (unlimited printing of money) Canadian peoples savings to finance the continuation of wars for Israel in Afghanistan and Iran. How else can one explain the parity of the US and Canadian dollars at a time when everyone with two brain cells to rub together knows the Kikes are printing money like its going out of style in the USA to fund their wars of aggression for Israel? For a while there, the sudden rise of the Canadian dollar against the Greenback displayed this hyper inflation by the USA “Fed” until the Bank of Canada, also under control of Rothschild Whores, followed suit and started printing Canadian Dollars to rob us blind as well. Hence the sudden drop of the Cdn dollar to parity with the USA dollar. Even in triumph, when we are thanking the Eternal lying Jew, he is committing his greatest crimes against us!
    3) Now that the cat is out of the bag regarding the CHRT and the CHRC, the “filthy Jew” is playing “cover up and obfuscate” by hijacking not only the language and info that Paul and the WNist community have largely developed with respect to these Parasitic Criminals, they are completely ignoring the vast and huge sacrifices Paul Fromm (Barb, Doug, Marc, etc.) have made to expose these Genetic Kosher Scum for the Filth that they are and claiming most of the credit for Kikes.
    4) Suddenly, after decades of mainstream media slander (calling Paul and Co. neo-Nazis etc.) for exposing the CHRT, in the most politically correct, Orwellian-Hate-Law-avoiding way possible, as the “Den of Kikes” that it really is, the MSM is now jumping on the band wagon to denounce the CHRT industry, but being oh so careful never to mention a single Jewish name in the process. Yet this entire fiasco has been almost solely driven by Jews and not a word of thanks to Paul Fromm and other WNist Free Speech advocates for putting themselves out front to be targeted by these Jew Mafia Financed murderers for the work in decades past that have lead up to this culmination of events. For to do so would lead to the root that is Kike, so it is to be avoided like the silence that is Zundel.
    5) Finally, and this is most crucial, note Levant’s and Styne’s proclamation from the roof tops, that they will be victorious in a “…real Court of Law…” where truth is a defence and false statements under oath have consequences! Well tell that to Judge Blais (Ex-CSIS boss and trial judge that convicted Ernst [10 years for an opinion Kikes didn’t like and counting] Zundel).
    6) They state that they are not defenceless basement dwelling Neo-Nazis, but courageous lawyers and then have the nerve to ask for funding from the public to back them up in their courageous fight! Funding that should rightfully be going to Paul Fromm and WNists allies for the years of punishment they have endured.


    They steal the ball, run it out of bounds, ignore the real organizers/players of the game and getting the support of the MSM, but they make derisive comments about the real truth of the matter ( The Holihoax and One World Government) all the while trying to collect admissions to the game.

    I stopped posting in Stormfront long agoand it seems riddled with stupidos and poseurs who fawn over Levant and Styne for, “helping expose the Evil twin Nasties, ‘Warman and Stacey’ ”, yet the Heroes do nothing to knock out the Establishment Kikes who have created these two scapegoat gentiles in the first place! These two Jews say next to nothing of the multicultural hell governed by Jews for Israel called Canada that is part and parcel of the “Jew World Order”.
    Nary a word by Styne and Levant about the massive over-representation, funding, legislative creation, subversion, treason, political collusion, theft, lies,…, well you get the drift, of Jews in this planned destruction of European mankind.
    In the end what will Levant and Styne accomplish?

    1) Styne and Levant will have high-jacked a story well on its way to helping bring down the Kike international and diverted the media attention away from the meat and potatoes of “Jewish Mafia One World Govrnment” (which is exactly where this crooked root leads) issue, and lined theirs and their Jew owned News Papers’ dwindling pockets with credit that overwhelmingly belongs to Paul Fromm and Co. (no slight intended to Barb, Doug, Marc and all the others Winnicki, Melissa, Tremain, Exterminance, etc…).
    2) They will have deflected this, “Trail that leads to the Jews”, and focused it onto a battle between Muslims and Westerners with two Goys as the scapegoats. An ending fit for the Goyem who are bred to serve Israel.
    3) They will have stolen others’ language, hard work and credit at a time when the “Jewish Banksters” are in the midst of their greatest theft of resources that Canada has ever witnessed. And they are being thanked for it on WNist web sites all the while fermenting ill will between Muslims and Whites for the long-term benefit of Israel.

    I for one couldn’t give a sh*t about what Levant and Styne say regarding the CHRT or the CHRC because they have not even the common decency to thank, with almost every breath they take, those people who have had their lives ruined trying to fight not only these pimples called Tribunals, but the entire puss filled canker of the Canadian Zionist Establishment!

    Believe me, I don’t want to feel derision towards the Jewish Race, but show me an honest, fulsome, fearless Jew so I have a reason to change.

  11. anarchore says:

    I’m in luv.

  12. B52 gunner says:

    Still thinking of you, after all this time.

    Hope all is well as can be.

    Missing you

  13. B-52- – thanks for the kind words as always. Sorry I have been out of touch for so long. You’ll always be a friend in my book. You just take care of your health and those doggies, and try not to let your work make you sick, if you are even still there. Speaking of which I have to look for some kind of work, so I don’t know how much time I will have for this blog. After all this time being out of the workforce I don’t know what I will find, or what I can do, but I don’t really have a choice now.

    Even if there was interest in a newsletter or some kind of writing within WN, whatever it would generate might not be enough considering where I am, the kids, the whole deal. I don’t have anything against working, I kind of miss it, I’m not a flaky worker, and can get along with most people- it is just making enough that has me stressed. Was hoping to go back to school- I finally did graduate, but wanted to continue on with it. Really don’t want to take student loans/Pell grants or know if I can get them for a Master’s.
    The good news? Uh well, I can fit into my skinny clothes again.

  14. skinnylegsandall says:

    I came here by Patrick Grimm.You write beautifully.I love Yeats.I once had a whole semester of W. B. Yeats in college.My children Louise and Jackson are so racially aware.I am so grateful.Louise is crazy about normal white guys.She is in college,this fall entering her third year.She is beautiful and smart and funny.Jackson is thoughtful,he is tough,dreamy,a gentleman who cares for those around him.They both are able to try to understand and order things.They have old old souls from Europe.They are very objective in what they see and feel.Highly decentralized by nature in their politics.These young adults worship in very natural earthly ways.People of the grove.Their mother and I are so proud.I think at least parts of America are worth saving for my children and those like them.The new country must be a tight textured weave of white gentiles with no centralized government.Thanks for your space.

  15. Steve says:

    Wow, someone of Elliniko ancestry, who thinks right ! Good site, you gained a reader.

  16. sgruber says:


    Thanks for bringing your children into the world. I was particularly taken by your sentence:

    “The new country must be a tight textured weave of white gentiles with no centralized government.”

    This is true and very well stated. Looking at good young White people gives us inspiration, to see what should be.

  17. skinnylegsandall says:

    Thanks so much sgruber.If their mother and I had it to do over there is no question about children”the more the merrier!”
    I want the internet so bad to break the bondage that holds white gentiles back from seeing truth.Where is our critical thinking?This country doesn’t have long.From my way of thinking it is long past do.

  18. Steve says:

    How did you come to your views ? I am intrigued!

  19. researching the war in Iraq back in 03-04. It was all connect-the-dots after that. It took me less than an hour online.

  20. John Yuma says:

    Everyone is worried about where you have been.. Regards and well wishes

  21. Charles Martel says:

    I’m proud of you…;)

  22. Charles. “proud of me”. Whatever for? Wait. Don’t answer that, I’m not sure I want to know.

  23. Charles Martel says:

    I just meant that you are doing the right thing with your blog. It’s good to see that. No offense.

  24. Thanks,Charles. Sorry for that last paranoid little snipe. It’s easy to get stuff wrong over the net. I still want to go back to the Capitol again. Do you have your own blog? How is the illegal situation up there? They don’t have the insane ‘Sanctuary City’ crap up there, do they? I want to hammer it home how these ‘breaks’ are only providing an environment for people who haven’t got a clue for living in civilization to de-civilize the rest of it. De-evolution, as it were. The shootings and restaurant/store robberies are very out of control. I watched ‘Escape from LA’ the other day and was thinking we aren’t too far from that. Remember that movie with Kurt Russell?

  25. B52 Gunner says:

    Just wanted to say “Hello” once again. Send me an e-mail if you get a chance.

    I miss you…

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