May add to this/explore this further in other posts-

Excerpts from research on Jung, the collective unconscious – that phrase used to be commonly accepted as just another word for racial memory. It is written in various sources that in later years, Jung tended to backpedal on some of his original theories, and  no doubt there was much guilt-pressure on him to ‘recant’ or ‘restructure’ using the old ‘This is what I really meant’ device. I say device  because who would make such distinctions between what he called ‘jewish psychology’ and ‘Aryan psychology’ and go on to academically explain the differences between such- who obviously has knowledge of  ancient solar religions as well as many other characteristics of our collective peoples, who have become all but unconscious from the semitization of our own UnCulture.

 Some will say  racial memory is just a bunch of Jungian collective unconscious hippie crap.  If it is crap, then why are we so drawn to the symbols and archetypes that he stressed as meaningful- why do we  treasure the things that remind us of who we are/were- and and at least try to reject what the enemy is trying to make of us?  Why is it we keep looking back , whether it be American White collective un or not-so-unconscious or from our beginnings in various aprts of Europe ? Why do so many of us yearn for the past, the ‘retro’? Sure one can say it was a better time, there were less problems- of course that is true, despite what  all the real revisionists would have you believe, who don’t tell the whole truth about what Abe said, or the unfeminine-ists who say things like “oh that whole 50’s thing wasn’t real, women weren’t happy, men weren’t happy, families weren’t really like that and if they were they were hiding The Dark Truth . Enter obligatory alkie serial killer 50’s dad, valium mom, repressed kids, bodies in the basement stuff. Why is it people like costumes, like to attend historical re-enactments, Greek festivals, Oktoberfests, ‘faires’ of various sorts-almost all of the these things- the themes, the people running it  and attendees are almost always exclusively European. Even the sci-fi conventions, not directly related to race, but often a kind of misdirected wish for ‘similarity-belonging’ – again- it almost always Whites.

There has to be a reason why White people love this stuff. Do the other groups not engage in these things because they already have this sense in their own culture/race and it is not stifled, but encouraged? Or do they see existence as simply biggest dog with the sharpest teeth, every dog for himself- wins? Of course to some extent Whites also practice the ‘sharpest teeth’ model- though it is usually expressed it through achievement and/or the collection of stuff, degrees, money or power positions rather than gang warfare. However, achievement as mode of separation/escape is no longer guaranteed as the economy slows, and as artifical equality preference programs have risen. Forcing us into non-separateness by forcing us out of the achievement game has not changed what most even non WN-identifying Whites believe. We are encouraged to simply live ‘in the moment’ as other groups do, not worrying about IRA’s , college or leaving something behind of value to be remembered by- by being constantly guilted into thinking whatever we have or enjoy in life creates another kwashiorkor baby, to having this  impossible ‘save the world’ mentality deplete us of our own time and resources.

 However, the sense of the eternal continues to burn in our soul, the sense of obligation to our future generations is with us, though it is true that sense of obligation is being sapped and misdirected into the saving of continents that are unsavable. Even with all this pressure, most of us innately retain that sense we will not give up on our future-and by saying this, it is really saying we are not willing to give up on ourselves and our identity, our culture as Whites. Some think the way to do this is through the avenue of code-word groups, which use one word, but really mean us – even this doesn’t  have the power of simply admitting what you are doing , because at once one has to be covert, thus the implication is there  is something shameful about it- and no matter how comfy and under-the-radar one’s group is-  one will still  be met with “oh , how evil, those sneaky Whites wanting to preserve their culture! They just want all the power and money, they don’t have a culture, they stole it from everyone else, their group is just about hate and exclusion  blabbity blah blahh” . So you lose twice, maybe three times: Once for having to pretend, then for having to take flak anyway whilst hiding- thirdly for having to lie/deny.

We are trying to hold onto the part of us that hasn’t ‘sold out’- the part of us that hasn’t been washed away by what has become a transitory, short-attention-span, everyone-can-be-anything but no ONE can be anything Culture of Deceit. It is a part of us we must maintain in order to hold onto that part of our soul. If we leave it behind we have sold our soul, we have sold-out, we might as well be of the enemy- a shell, a circus mirror, hollow- a hologram. Some laugh at these things, saying it is ‘ghey’ in the doofus sense, that is reeks of unmanliness and is akin to ethnic envy, a condition brought about by being told White people don’t count, we don’t have  ethnic identity and if we do, it sure isn’t going to get any attention as a group without the obligatory token photo-op of a mixed couple or picture of some assuredly not white person decked out in full Shakespearean garb – like my post of the black guy I titled ‘Tolkein Black’. If Whites think other Whites are doofy for being into this stuff , what does it say about non-whites who do it? Is it racial cross-dressing?  This isn’t the same thing as Romanticism or Medievalism- though people often link imagery and poetry to such.

Jung was threatening because he wasn’t hateful, he was intellectual- and by stating truth about real observations-he retroactively is villified as a ‘racist’ , among other terms. Worse, he is often taught in a revisionist sense, as if his racial consciousness concepts  applied to everyone worldwide- his words are twisted.  Get a look at the eyes of pissed-off   CI’s at a rally crazed with Viking/Celtic rage (I’ll  never get them to give up the overalls and don the fascist/SS black ) and then come talk to me about racial memory being a bunch of crap. I shouldn’t even give them crap for the overalls simply because everyone else either lives in a place where no one else cares and they have to stand alone or with a mom like myself rather than what amounts to an army of beserkers , or they just don’t care enough to participate in ANY sense- they don’t talk to people in real life, they don’t attend events, they don’t donate, they don’t create stuff- maybe- maybe they post messages. Ok, maybe these  lone wolves live a good life , and don’t cause us troubles as a nation, but it takes more than that. It’s going to take more than only taking care of your own. It’s going to take taking care of Our Own. So even as I criticize the ‘redneck apparel’, or criticize signs that are not grammatically correct, or the  less-than-articulate speech. They can believe in whatever book or religion they want , but their pre-Christian roots are boiling over in their blood- I wish they would embrace and accept that part of themselves rather than deny it. They don’t have to reject Christ to do it- it’s not an either/or proposition. I mention that one group as that is just one image that came to mind, but this applies to other Whites as well. That said- the fact is- these people show up and are not afraid to get angry. Getting pissed off is something a lot of Whites don’t consider nice. “Get off my lawn!” as a metaphor for the pissed-off White man- who is looked at not as correct and justifiably pissed, but as having ‘ issues’ by the same kind of headshrinks Jung was trying to separate from.  Are Klan the way they are  because potty-training was so traumatic? Or because their mamas didn’t nurse them long enough?  Applying neurotic woody allen-esque ideology to Southern Rebel types doesn’t really work and it doesn’t work with the rest of us either.

 Whites have been ‘shamed’ or cowed into being ashamed of who they are. The nationalist reaction to this has been something along the lines of dressing in uniforms to at once suggest solidarity, although this usually has been met with looks of consternation or disapproval from the majority white ‘herd’. The other reaction to this is the ‘mythical’ one- you know, the fair maiden with the sword , the knight in full armor on bended knee, the swirly paintings- statues. Either way, where does it leave us in the here-and-now? How do we reconcile our longing for the past, our wish for solidarity with what we live with today?  With the skinheads and uniforms there is anger, with the  mythical types there is a certain sadness- a sadness that all we have created, all we have done and been is becoming just that: Done and Been. Everyone knows all the stuff of the past that almost everyone and anyone ever cared about is White created and White inspired.  However, these things are being phased out. Books are being tossed from libraries as being  ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ or some other IST, even if they were accurate to the time they were published- a way of making reality unhappen.

White kids are being taught that we are the Great Oppressor, we are guilty all though history- once it was Veni, Vidi, Vici. Now it is We Trespassed, We Oppressed, We Violated- this in reference to various cultures- while simultaneously encouraging our youth to go do the same in the middle east. There is a sadness that what we once were is so far removed from today’s youth Unculture-the Unculture of sparkly avatars and   ‘thanks for the add!’/’in your face’  mentality- that when they finally stumble, often unintentionally- upon something of quality- they reject it as uncool and nerdy, ‘gay. I don’t remember doing that. In fact I remember doing the opposite. There was a group of us- now we would probably be lumped into some subcategory of ‘goth’, but I don’t know if that quite fits. We didn’t dye or hair black, we didn’t dress like vampires, we didn’t do drugs. I don’t recall any of us having tattoos or belly button rings.

We would get together every chance we could get and share whatever we had found that week , it could be a book,  or a song or poem one of us wrote or art we created- it could be like a field trip to an out-of-the-way place we had discovered. There was no instant internet anything  because there was no internet. We had to actually show up and bring stuff or go places, and we did. When we weren’t in school or working we would get together and discuss what we had found and what it meant-how it affected us, how it changed us, how it inspired us and we would often be moved to imitate it. I am convinced that imitation is not just for infants anymore- that before coming up with ones own stuff, one finds ones own niche through a kind of rudimentary imitation and through this, one stays there a while, then begins to carve out one’s own path- sometimes this leads to getting cut by thorns, or sand in one’s shoes. One could say it leads to a quest, and the further the quest, the harder it is- the longer the quest , the more sand and cuts one is going to endure along the way. By the time we get even halfway there, we may have lost some weapons, we might have lost a few things- we might for a while lose ourselves- and have to search in the dark until we  find our way back or find our way through.

So where is our collective White consciousness? Did we toss it away, piece by piece like  Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs , hoping that they would still be there when we returned?  Much has been written in the world of pop-psychology, self-help and that glowing beacon of distraction telling called television that tells us “This is what is wrong with you out there, and this is how you should fix it.”  Why do we listen, when most of what is out there is strictly based on book sales, advertiser money, ratings- and has nothing to do with our lives? When Jung said  “Every race has its soul and every soul its race”- is that now wrapped in the blanket of  ‘hate-speech’- or do you find it correct? We have a way of looking at life, at the world.  Granted, some Whites don’t.  Some fall into the worship of such, but don’t feel it inside- it is just racial window-dressing. We can afford this no longer- we must separate the wheat from the chaff- this comes from a biblical saying- I found this quote by Mark Twain:

 ‘A myriad of men are born; they labor and sweat and struggle for bread; they squabble and scold and fight; . . . age creeps upon them; infirmities follow; . . . those they love are taken from them, and the joy of life is turned to aching grief. . . . [Release] comes at last—the only unpoisoned gift earth ever had for them—and they vanish from a world where they were of no consequence; . . . a world which will lament them a day and forget them forever.'” . The audio version is on this page

What do we take from this? Is what Twain describes inevitable, or can Our lives be more like the wheat, less like the chaff? Whatever one thinks of religion, can we look at the metaphor of the wheat and chaff , Twain’s quote and fail to miss the significance of the message? On a radio show someone once asked me something about  CI- I think the point of asking me about it was to get me to give the standard, pat answer of those who either don’t agree with the 12 tribes premise, or to put down Christians. Having talked to a few people who identify as CI, what I said was that for them, it seems that for them there is no separation between their racial beliefs and the spiritual, that they were fearsome in the sense that theirs is not simply what they observe and feel personally about racial issues- theirs is a mission, a crusade if you will.  Some may not understand this , but it could be compared to something akin to Hezbollah- in the sense for both it is a Holy War and they are soldiers in it. People fight for such. People die for such.  Hezbollah has its roots in race and religion, as does Klan/CI. Point being , they both have a religious belief system attached to their racial beliefs . It is true that CI is not the only religion to have such, but many others have renounced this, meaning  they have sold out their original beliefs/doctrine in the interests of adding to their ranks=money- or threats of being shut down or driven out.

WN  as a collective group has its beliefs- we believe in what we are, we believe in what we want as a result- but many of us lack a connection from the ‘dot’ of racial ideology to the spiritual realm, a kind of White inner life. In that I believe we are somewhat impoverished. Meister Eckhart was much criticized for statements like this  :

I say that if a man will turn away from himself and from all created things, by so much will you be made one and blessed in the spark of the soul, which has never touched either time or place. This spark rejects all created things, and wants nothing but its naked God, as he is in himself. It is not content with the Father or the Son or the Holy Spirit. . . [This spark] wants to know the source of this [divine] essence, it wants to go into the simple ground, into the quiet desert, into which distinction never gazed, not the Father, nor the Son, nor the Holy Spirit. In the innermost part, where no one dwells, there is contentment for that light. . .

“Reason understands the laws of things, that is, the spiritual in nature. It can also raise itself above nature, and in the spirit grasp, from one side, the divine essence which underlies all nature. But in this way it does not achieve an immersion in the full essence of God. A higher truth must meet it halfway. This is given in the Scriptures. It reveals what by himself man cannot attain. ”

Meister Eckhart

In this page above, Eckhart talks about the rational and ‘lower’ world of nature and man’s inner spirit. He does not, like some might, leave the one completely behind in favor of the other, but recognizes both,although he makes a point to mention it is not simply about ‘doing whatever we want’ to get there. We could at this point connect yet more dots- We have ourselves as the individual- what is described in Jung making the dinstinction between one group’s consciousness and another’s-  how we cannot simply apply one group’s  template or structure of mind/understanding to another- this ipso facto or ipso loquitur (the thing itself/the thing speaks for itself) recognizes nature- and then we have Logic/Order/Reason- and we have Divinity- that which is not only the first things mentioned, ourselves in/as Nature, and Intellect- but something that is at once part of our collective racial identity and yet beyond us. These things- Nature, our Intellect- are in some of us easily called forth- the last is not so easily obtained, as not much of great value is- but I see this as a kind of WN trinity, and  believe without it we cannot win, as we are not truly complete without it.  Can we do this without waging Holy Wars against each other and thus falling ever-deeper into darkness?



God of the BloodBy Mattias Gardell Go to google books and put this in  

 Death of a a jewish science: psychoanalysis in the Third Reich– Goggin-

 The Aryan Christ:the Secret Life of Carl Jung– Noll 

 The Political Psyche – Andrew Samuels

Nazi Psychoanalysis– Laurence A. Rickels

The Jung Cult – Richard Noll

Encyclopedia of White Power– Jeffery Kaplan

9 thoughts on “Racial Memory, White Collective Unconscious, Jung

  1. Fr. John says:

    “Having talked to a few people who identify as CI, what I said was that for them, it seems that for them there is no separation between their racial beliefs and the spiritual, that they were fearsome in the sense that theirs is not simply what they observe and feel personally about racial issues- theirs is a mission, a crusade if you will. Some may not understand this , but it could be compared to something akin to Hezbollah- in the sense for both it is a Holy War and they are soldiers in it. People fight for such. People die for such. Hezbollah has its roots in race and religion, as does Klan/CI. Point being , they both have a religious belief system attached to their racial beliefs . It is true that CI is not the only religion to have such, but many others have renounced this, meaning they have sold out their original beliefs/doctrine in the interests of adding to their ranks=money- or threats of being shut down or driven out.”

    Excellent observation from one so young. YOU have hit the nail on the head, and THIS is why the Jews HATE the CI folk, or ANYONE that equates a transcendant cosmology with their race. Those ‘who say they are Jews, and are not’ [Rev. 2:8,9] know THEY THEMSELVES are fakers. They just don’t want ANYONE else to see it. So, when a CI or Christendom advocate says, You know, this nation was founded by White man FOR white men, and God told us so, they go BALLISTIC.

    Your even-handedness on matters religious is also commendable for a WN who doesn’t necessarily see the necessity for it… yet.
    Keep up the good work

  2. DannyBoy says:

    Excellent post!

  3. Nicely researched and written. Best wishes to you.

  4. Thank you. I hope to continue to write about racial memory AKA known as ‘genetic memory’ or ‘ancestral memory’- there are many names for it, but the original idea of the collective unconscious via Jung was racially oriented, and applied to all cultures of course, which makes sense. These things are not interchangeable, they are based on part of our collective genetic make up-as a larger group and/or as individual Euro-groups.
    Sadly, what many people think constitutes White consciousness is based on TV or consumerism, that it comes from outside, it comes from the accepted definitions in various forms of media, even that blog stuff white people like- that’s not part of collective anything real that originates within us, it is just a collection of modern-day hobbies and habits- not who we are, not what is in our blood, our connection to where we come from, our people, and to each other.Some people access this memory and then assign it to astrology or past lives, but it is really something different than those things.Sure, it seems in some cases, even within one family- someone gets the short end of the racial memory stick, and seems to actively work against nature- but I would guess most nationalists have at least heard of RM, and in some way recognize it and feel it as something real within them, as I do.

  5. skinnylegsandall says:

    Certain races are intelligent and rebellious (Germany) but most of the world is passive.Jews wanted German’s totally destroyed.My son is both highly intelligent and very rebellious.His sister very objective and bright as well,pro her Saxon(me),Swedish(mother)roots.I am most grateful.There is nothing the jew fears more than the awakened White Races realiziing we are in a tribal war.This awareness is happening at warp speed throughout our genotype.Simply put there is no match for White Blood aroused and seeking retribution.These videos excite feelings deep inside my Teutonic Spirit.

  6. Sorry I was late in posting some of your responses- as it turns out, sometimes they get auto-tossed into the spam folder by WP- not sure what the algorithm criterion is- I hope to research- what needs to be researched as far as corroborating ‘evidence’ that others have thought the same way we do- and rejected the ZOG frame-of-reference from which to judge and compare all things. We know what we are inside- we just have lost touch with so much of it from becoming-pardon this radical concept- so ‘Americanized’ AKA what I call L’mericus-ized – hence wiggers, hence tramp-stamps, hence TV zombified crap-food-gobbling,big-box store patronizing, hence mass consumerism and debt, hence crap foreign policy and our kids fighting for izzy, hence evangelical rapture bunny world-destruction-wanting, izzy-defending, tin-foil-yarmulke psychos. Those things are not what we truly are about, they are what we are TOLD we are about.Being so ‘right’ we are almost left, it then morphs into yet something else yet again. Even before I was a WN, I couldn’t stand all the hippie-ish crap that is so prevalent out here: I liked the old Gods, yet I couldn’t stand the pothead muumuu wearing, “I don’t touch dairy, waa waa” wiccas. I was against war but didn’t like grateful dead rainbow bears and drugs. I like the PLE concept but again, anything close to that out here back when I was younger anyway- was full of more stoned tofu-eating whites with dredlocks “Disharywaya doesn’t allow people to wear shoes here..” It is really easy to be intolerant when there is so much wackiness around.”One day at a time brother” (alkie phrase) “let go and let God” (ARGHHH)..
    I get called a fascist more than I get called an evilnaziracist hater, and sometimes I think…maybe it’s not always such a bad thing. For example, Oakland just cries out for Martial Law. When I mentioned this to someone, I got called a fascist. When I said kids shouldn’t be allowed to wear wigger gang clothes, I got called the same thing. It seems every time I have a good idea or am against something, I get called the F-word, but now I’m starting to embrace it. No offense to the SF BANA anarchists- perhaps they have taken another direction in order to cope.

  7. GDAnnunzio says:

    Reblogged this on Bill White Blog and commented:
    Jung and the Concept of Racial Memory

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