• laughing Sal. This thing reminds me of something at the Cliff House, originally at Playland at Ocean Beach

    me and skeleton pirate, Santa Cruz

    me and skeleton pirate, Santa Cruz



  • Last month went to Santa Cruz, combined my own photos with ones I found-SC is still a fun place, even though the beach is overrun with mexicans, under 30 grandmothers, gang tats- kids scoping out your stuff to see if you are leaving anything lying around to steal- yo name it- and… how does one gain weight in one’s head again?  Cops in uniform walk up and down the beach all day scouting for beer and pot so don’t worry too much. Kids will have a great time: the water is fairly shallow and no waves to speak of as it is like a large cove, and there is no admittance fee just to go in and walk around- don’t bother buying the all-day ride pass unless you intend on going on the many hurl-worthy rides-one caution: the food is a total rip. At almost 4 bucks for an ice-cream cone that isn’t one of those super-great huge frosties like in Tahoe, but more like McDonald’s , 3 bucks for soda and 5 for beer,  you’re better off finding  a place to stay that has a mini-fridge and get take-out or bring lunch with you . There’s a diner on Ocean street that isn’t bad. If you stay somewhere close you can avoid parking  hassle, and can come and go day and night more easily but the closer you are, the more party/loud people.


Merry-go-round, boardwalk ride as seen in the movie ‘The Lost Boys’. –  http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/article/389

Yeah, the lost boys vampires rank right up there with my post on  Hal  ‘ruling the night’  80’s glam band  stuff, but it beats  this:

sorry, but I prefer Lugosi or even Sutherlands type over Cruise and Pitt as half-faggy  vampiresLouis, did you know there’s a sale at Ikea this weekend?
sorry, but I prefer Lugosi or  Sutherland over Cruise and Pitt as half-fag vampires-this is just so ..eww. I hear Johnny Depp is slated to play a vampire in some upcoming movie. Wonder if they will dress him in all that flouncy stuff.  There’s some really bad TV out there.  Recovering from surgery last month I saw  ‘Paranormal State’. This Depp wannabe ‘investigates’ ghostly happenings with a team of high-school goth dudes and chicks like the one below:


Occult Specialist or Corey Feldmans sister?Occult Specialist or Corey Feldman’s sister? 

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