Food as Political

“Where nouvelle cuisine adds exotic ingredient vocabulary to western food semantics–the chipotle chili in mayonnaise–the oedipal extreme of culinary xenophilia uses foreign ingredients and culinary ideas as a way of rejecting hateful, imperialist Eurocuisine. In particular, Asian and third-world foodways are embraced, on various pretexts, but the result is a form of diet as radically different from the one we learned to eat at home and at school as my pea diet. This gastronomic North-South split, if you will, has much the same general impulses behind it as other trends that reject inherited Dead-White-Male culture…. “;col1

Would the writer dare slam other cultures, mention race  in such a way? Here we have Euro-food slammed as “hateful, imperialist” and the mention of “Dead-White-Male culture” and a nod to Freud completing the picture. That is such a sick and hateful term. “Dead-White-Male-Culture” . I am certain we could come up with our own various hypenated descriptors. There are many ‘meta-messages’ within this article, but this part of it tries to get across ‘Whites=The Man=Bad, Oppressive, Politically Incorrect..and unhealthy. If you want to be modern, hip, politically and culinarily correct, eschew anything traditionally White-even food. Also the “culinary xenophilia” =more multiculturalism – he is hoping to literally shove multi-culturalism down our throats. It’s the same stuff that is promolgated almost everywhere else   ” White sucks, multi-culti is good for you”. While I do believe in exercise, the more of this kind of thing I read, the more I suspect it is not the occasional feast at the hofbrau that makes us fat/sick/whatever, but our current UnCulture.

He closes with this:

“At the end of the week, I was sitting in the lobby of my hotel when a busload of Australians marched in and commandeered the other seats. They wore Bermuda shorts and talked a lot. I heard a voice in my head saying irritably, “Who are these gross people with their loud voices, their awful red hair and their women with big breasts?” It came to me that I was one of them. So now I eat peas to atone.”

What do you take from that? He mentions Australians, red hair and “gross people”. Then he says he is “one of them”. Yeah , Ok, one could say he is using that metaphorically, this “one of them” business, but to the uninitiated reader it comes across as if he is saying he really belongs to the group he just disparaged, as is the custom to disdain something about one’s own people, then immediately claim them as one’s own. Yet he is not “one of them”.

Co-author of ‘The Jewish-American Kitchen’, Sokolov was born in Detroit, graduated from Harvard, and lives in NY- “A roast chicken encourages getting distracted by other anxieties, because it just sits there in the oven like a lox, roasting,” “I know. It sounds weird and excessively ethnic.” So.. it’s more than ok to be excessively ethnic in some cases- in fact, it might even help get you published- It’s only that bothersome “Dead-White-Male culture” stuff that has to go. Yankee Jim would be having a good laugh- Sokolov’s wiki page :

“Sokolov grew up in the city of Detroit, and, while still in elementary school, finished 26th then 2nd in consecutive years in the National Spelling Bee”.


Cholesterol test

Cholesterol test

Cholesterol=175= Ok
Triglycerides= 94 = this is a good score
HDL=40= this could be higher, need to raise this. This is the good kind of cholesterol
LDL=116= decent, a shred over optimal.
If you have such a test, keep in mind that although you will be asked to fast, other factors than your body processing what you last ate can influence the  numbers- as can various supplements.

I haven’t really posted much about this , but it is important. We know our nation is unhealthy and some of this is – at least so far- beyond our control. What is within our control is at least making an effort to not give up on ourselves. If we say we value our children and their future, we must also value ourselves. We don’t live the life we may have led 1000’s of years ago, of daily hard physical labor or maybe having to fast while enduring battles. We watch these shows like ‘Out of the Wild’ for entertainment not thinking about the fact that is how many of us once lived, dependent on climate and availability of food and ability to hunt and gather. Point is , we’re not meant to sit around and stuff whatever we want down our gullets. There is much agreement about what we shouldn’t do nutrition-wise, but agreement about what we should do-not so much. Are we carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores? A simple google search on humans , teeth and carnivores, etc. yielded  a discussion thread- I link to it  just to illustrate varied experiences and intensity which people believe in this or that for whatever reason, not because I think  the posters are experts .

One thing there is agreement on is the need to do some kind of exercise, even if it is fairly light, like walking. It is easy to fall into what would be called in polite circles “a sedentary lifestyle”, AKA sitting on one’s arse. At one time I believed if one was simply not super social, was more introverted that this was more likely to happen- but it happens to social people too, because get-togethers and social outings often revolve around eating/drinking.

Esse oportet ut vivas, non vivere ut edas”  “eat to live, don’t live to eat” > Cicero   (did bikers develop their creed “ride to live, live to ride” from this, leaving off the ‘don’t’?) 


 If you cant run, walk!

3 thoughts on “Health, Food & Politics

  1. Paul (Ulver) says:


    Mia you look fantastic! Good for you! Love the blog…

    Would love to chat sometime!


  2. Thanks for your kind words, P. and for visiting the blog- I remember that screen name from years ago! Good to know my memory hasn’t completely failed me, ha. Am thinking about starting a forum, but have been stuck trying to think of a name that isn’t either super-obvious/doofy-sounding. A good site to check domain names : When I do get one up and running, hope you will come by!

  3. Skip G. says:

    Hello,greetings from the beautiful Missouri Ozarks!

    I just discovered your blog, and it has been keeping me busy with all those fascinating links.

    I like learning about the natural religions of my Anglo-Saxon ancestors, and the real story behind Jung, Freud and their ilk.

    I will soon turn 59, and I have seen America go from a proud, productive country, ruled by sensible men and nurtured by intelligent, righteous women turn into a cesspool of foolishness,violence, and debt, not to mention the demise of common daily courtesy, so write-on dear friend…you are a keeper of the fire.

    P.S. You’re mighty purty too! ;)

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