Etymology sidenote- there are two whole pages here, one interesting bit of trivia states that “Jewish immigrants, ignorant of writing with the Latin alphabet, signed their entry forms with a circle, eschewing the “X” as a sign of Christianity.” The yid word for circle is ‘kikel’. I have used the ‘X’ before and never gave it much thought. Interesting what one can find out from the origins of words.


“Using his investigative techniques gained over 27 years as a Police Detective, Mike Fryer produces evidence to prove that Christian anti-semitism paved the way for the Holocaust!

and now- the uber- icky Christo-zionist stuff-A podcast that would probably make Bishop Williamson   get out his exorcism kit.

He claims without Christianity , The Holocaust could not have happened. I suppose he is ashamed of it- but he plays it so perfectly one wonders how much he is being paid for these gigs. He credits the church with the idea of having the jews wear the yellow star.

  “Continuing in the afternoon session, Mike Fryer reveals that Paganism, which began to control the early Church through The Bishops who served the State of Rome, forced the early Church to move away from the Feasts and Festivals commanded by God to days dedicated to the worship of pagan idols. He shows that the motive for this change was rooted in hatred of The Jews, the very people who were called by God to oppose paganism itself. This is a challenging message which hits at the very root of church life today, BE WARNED!”

Ziophillic   ex-police detective  and Wales pastor Mike Fryer – you will probably have to fast-forward through the introductory greeting ramblings-go at least 30 minutes in, before that is mostly chat and music , later there may be things you find useful or interesting. At  times it almost seems like he is promoting that which he argues against.  What would that be called? Lying about lying?  For example at one point he says the holocaust couldn’t have happened without Christianity. He also puts about the idea that another holocaust is coming, and mentions this at least three separate times. Part II is almost three exhaustive(ing?) hours long.  Much of this is a huge self-hating guilt trip towards fellow Christians – Fryer speaks about the Spanish Inquisition- early printing press, vilifies Britain as starting the ‘blood libel’ and how it came about 1144 King William of Norwich (sp? going by listening, and the accent), usury-  jews to become moneylenders because supposedly they were not allowed to work, and lent money to churches and sherriffs and cathedrals were built upon this borrowed money (what??). He said in 1290 UK expelled them.  He goes on to  explain “replacement theology and succesionism”-

It is not accepted practice to repeat some of the pre-second World War rantings of European church leaders who, at the end of the 19th century published in papers such as the Vatican Daily Osservatore Romano, which reported, “Antisemitism ought to be the natural, sober, thoughtful Christian reaction against Jewish predominance.” The article continued, “True antisemitism is and can be in substance nothing other than Christianity, completed and perfected in Catholicism.” this from an article that quotes from the audio 

A few posts back , talking about Jung- Eckhart-  discussed how nationalism in general could stand to benefit from some kind of… I even hesitate to call it ‘spiritual belief’ – as out here, that could mean anything and everything and smacks of new-agey yuk..  We have the nature part, we have the intellect- but  even this is at least ‘once removed’  from introspection online as it is a curious combination of introvert/extrovert- one naturally inclined towards introversion can ‘hide’ online while one inclined towards extraversion can revel in ‘social networking’-and be everywhere at once- perhaps that is the lure of this new machine. The computer medium is at best is solid, real information and intelligent exchange- at worst- misspelled, glittery and derivative. It is not quite like the days of the library, where it was clear where the real books were- now we have to check sources  and/or come up with our own observations, somehow manage to make sense of what we find, distilling it down through our own filters and coming to our own conclusions. That is how I came to the conclusion that nationalism in general was lacking in – faith? spirit? and not the political kind- there’s plenty of that, expressed in various ways. The internet is but a teensy external force when compared to what I am talking about.  I’m not even sure what to call it, but I started researching what is called ‘racial memory’ while looking for it- and I still can’t put the correct name to it- I only know it is there, and know it is beyond the other two things- our nature and our minds- and that is not a finite, measurable thing.

 Quoted from the part I of Fryer during his Christian-bashing- Christians-must-repent section: “One of the few things that fuels Christian anti-semitism is the Easter story…the truth is , the jewish people didn’t kill Jesus, we sacrificed him. Those are two different things. was a God-given duty…. in a court of law you can’t kill someone twice, it’s double jeopardy… to the people  who say “you dirty jew, you  killed Jesus” in front of their children, if they understood  what the Bible is about, if they understood redemption and salvation , they would say “Thank you for doing it .”  (about 1:24 in part I). 

 Go about 37 seconds in.  yeah I know it is a spielberg production and what the movie is about, but the sniper’s prayer was not made-up  by the director . The director took something real  Psalm 22:19
Psalm 144:1  Psalm 144:2  Psalm 25:2  and used it – various places in this movie to make it seem almost religious to kill  fellow whites (in this case Germans)- But one can take the true spirit of those words and apply them to a correct scenario- not one of white on white destruction. The way it is used in the movie is profane in making killing each other seem like something holy and sacred. Take the words out of the context of the movie and apply them your own way.  A thread discussing prayer before battle, including the one in the video.

Ok, even if one isn’t Officially Christian- Fryer too much. It’s like Evil Standup comedy. He tries to sell it so hard he starts overdoing it. What IS this guy, he says on part two, one of his grandparents was a jew. So what is he? He’s not a normal Christian as far as I can tell. Is he an Evanjewical? We should thank the jews for the crucifixion? I wrote the following paragraph after listening to part  II, the preceeding paragraphs while listening to part I , but haven’t got  past the 1:40 mark of part I – I wish I had taken notes on part II, but  I  listen to podcasts while I have to do other things- there were also too many things in part II to take notes on, and being new to examining this huge situation I wasn’t sure what is the most useful, but this guy would make for some interesting sound bytes to be sure.

If he doesn’t believe in double-jeopardy for killing Jesus twice, than I suppose he is not a ‘born-again’ either- is CZ its own religion or is it a stolen/co-opted version of regular Christianity?  It sounds like the 30 minute late night informercial- the kind that guy who just died recently would do. At 1:35- people are crying  and carrying on (and it gets worse) as he ‘prays’ for Christians to be forgiven .Then he goes on to say how yad vashem – you know-the people who brought you the holo-museum-  offered him 4-star accomodations  for three weeks in izzy-what is this , like Zio/RabbiCard Rewards points? During that stretch he calls himself a gentile. Sometimes he feels like a yid, sometimes not, like the old commerical for Almond Joy candy bars?  As I’ve said before, I wasn’t even raised with much real religion and I can still tell/feel there is something really sick and wrong about this. It’s horrible.  That’s pretty bad if even non-religious folk are grossed out. The hair on the side of my head near the speaker felt like it was starting to stand up. Back off, Fryer,  not only do you remind me of those infomercial guys- Get new ZioXClean, it cleans anything, even that stubborn pesky You Killed Jesus resentment- and if you order right  now, you can get another free, along with the free set of ZioCrucifixion knives! Operators are standing by! –  but also of those guys who go on talk-shows claiming to speak to one’s deceased uncle Charlie. Let him speak slimely in soft tones, and appeal to all that is sad within you and get you to turn it against yourselves..  Eww. 

Fryer continues on, railing against a group called Christian Aid that helps Palestinians – see blog link furtheron that also mentions this group and this podcast, telling people which Christian organizations they should not support. What is strange is in his ziocrusade litanies, he sounds more like he is making a case for the prosecution rather than the defense as he goes through various periods in history and endless quotes,  naming people all the way from  St. John Chrysostom (and before) up to Jenny Tonge, whom he quotes  as well for saying she understood the mentality of suicide bombers, having to live as they do  There’s better stuff out there about her, but this is probably why she is is thrown in the ‘A/S’  bin. Here she speaks about illegal settlements in Gaza : as she is heckled and harrassed. Here is someone else this Fryer criticizes-  Stephen Sizer on Christian zionism  as well as the redundantly named jewish zionism- it’s the same thing, just one has Jesus- the other doesn’t.. Of course he gives the obligatory “this is not about hate” -because he also rejects defending against enemy constructs, rejecting the starting premise they use to put us on the defense right away- he doesn’t identify as a nationalist, but he does argue against this creepy Christian zionism- he sees it as trying to set the West against the East- Iran and Islam- which could lead to a nuclear world=game over. This would be a dot connected to 911. 911=wage war on Arabs/promote Arab hate/protect izzy. Not God, but Gawd. Gawd is great , Gawd is good, let us thank him for turning us all into thank you.

 This is quite a long video, but I am going to get through it – as I am determined to at least make an effort to understand this- even not being religious myself- laugh if you wish, but I think there is something to all this- call it what you wish from either side, Christian, zionist- whatever- but for me it is about power- and I am picking  it up like radar- that there is something very important about all this even if I don’t fully understand it. I’m hoping that some of you who might read this will listen to the various links here and take it further than I have, because I am sure real Christians have more dots connected than I do. Sizer’s site :

This is something important, and even though I know little of the bible, I know when my hair stands up, I know when I get cold chills. It is like watching the tide start to come in – every wave getting closer to one’s feet. It is real, it is relevant whether or not one identifies as a Christian. It is relevant whether or not the players like Sizer call themselves ‘WN’.  It already encompasses that, and makes WN either possible or impossible. That’s the main reason we should care, but there are other reasons. He speaks of armageddon, and when anyone hears that word, they tend to shut down in the same way when people hear anything about ‘white this or that’ they shut down.  Even though people may associate ‘armageddon’ with conspiracy kooks, it isn’t kooky- it’s  the word that freaks people out- they don’t really believe in the four horsemen of the apocalypse – or being raptured away- but I’ll bet they do believe in nuclear war. Sizer says these Christo-zionists WANT the destruction of the world. Some WN think Zionism is a related but separate fight or too big for WN to take on, and Christian  zionism an even further away fight- or they see it as “Well I’m not a Christian, so it doesn’t affect me,  so why should I even bother reading or listening to stuff about it..” but that is like not seeing the forest for the trees- it is like when I posted on SF years ago about having blacks being used as a tool , being  sicced on us by their -and for that matter- our masters. You can keep dwelling on the results, and not focus on the Problem.

If WN ignores Zionism, it is like ignoring cancer. It is like ignoring a fire that has escaped the hearth. We can’t ignore this just because it’s not as ‘fun’ as lower-end WN stuff. We speak so much about ‘lemmings’ and the ‘White masses’- well- then we have to take this on because this is something the masses will connect to, as the majority are Christians – these Christo-zionists are using people’s own religion to guilt -trip them into apologizing and supporting the very place (and politics, people)  where their savior was murdered. The ‘lemmings’ might comprise a signigficant amount of the supporters of this Christo-zionism crap. So keep hanmmering on this. Some of these lemmings will stumble upon our sites and perhaps they will become UNviral in the sense they might find out the ugly truth and become Unsick. 

 Do it because you have to, boys –  not because it’s neato-fun. War isn’t fun. Zionism isn’t neato-sexy-fun.  A lot of it is so boring or crazy-sounding so as not to seem real (how could anyone believe in this, want this?)  but it is a real  threat because of their numbers- imagine, sheep with money-  and if not addressed , we can forget about all the small-WN world party time in our separate nation or even gated community or websites- all that will go POOF along with everyone else we don’t want to be around and none of our little worlds of WN and preserving anything will matter because there won’t be any future for us to worry about for the next generations.  Learn about this, take this on-do it because it’s not fun, not in spite of that fact. Is nationalism  ‘fun’ for you? Is it ‘entertainment’?

Yes- I have a link to the right to help veterans-  I do feel bad for them as I believe they were /are  especially used by the machine . I hope you do click the link to help these guys who believed the bullshit and who are injured in various ways having been suckered in by ZOG.  As you know- lots of ex-military are already with us, and having seen blood and death up close, are not pussies.  However, they probably are hurting from what they were subjected to- I can only imagine how angry they must feel after finding out why we are doing this, endlessly waging war on the middle east –  if it is for izzy’s benefit, it puts us at risk as well as being just plain wrong to attack these other countries- if it is for our  alleged benefit, it is still because izzy is our master, because why would we incur the wrath of the middle-east- the wrath of people who almost daily are willing to die- civilians at that = either way it means this little mucked out sand dune controls us.  It is to our ‘benefit’  because izzy rules us- because it sure doesn’t give us any kind of toehold there, or make us any better-liked there , does it? Nor did killing Hussein, whom I think got a raw deal. Remember those pictures of Reagan shaking his hand? “Hey bud, you sell us oil, you can be the dictator of your own country, we leave you alone, you leave us alone. Everything is copaectic.

So, what is the threat against us if we abandon izzy? There must be something – or why would we be doing this, waging war on Arabs, sending izzy billions.. Why are we afraid to tell them ‘No’ ?  What have they threatened to do to us? What do they control that has our leader’s balls in a vise? What rewards are they reaping for supporting said kosher sand dune and yeah, even selling out Jesus- these poor deceived people  on the podcast weeping and moaning , apologizing even! It’s so sick. We know a few things for sure. We know supporting the sand dune is hugely risky to us, and even if these other places couldn’t do anything to us, why have the whole continent hate us , why go to war with them? 911 was the perfect foil for bringing all this crap on- listen to the Sizer video.

Yeah, it does sound so weird it is hard to stay with some of it for the reasons I said- it is unbelievable people want the end of the world, people want to be whoooosshhh! raptured away! We know the enemy has  real reasons that aren’t made up of make-believe fairy dust and rapture bunnies. Will the look on izzy’s face be like  that of a kid when it is discovered he has been stealing money from mom’s stash and mom finds out it isn’t the help who has been taking it all along- and it hasn’t been spent at the movies- it has been spent on buying gas to burn down the house, it has been spent on the funeral that killed the older brother in a war, it has been spent on evil propaganda that is influencing his little sister – the one who dates the ghetto boyfriend, to get us deeper and deeper into debt, to pay for missles signed ‘love izzy’ on them. Mom is going to be mad, but wait ’till Dad gets home. What I mean by that is that ‘mom’ is the body of the US, encompassing us as a whole, our daily lemmingish lives, and Dad is the power that has lain like a sleeping giant- something that has been dismissed as the Angry White Man syndrome. The enemy does all it can to make Mom happy, placate her while keeping dad’s nose to the grindstone or taking away the grindstone entirely- economically ‘disempowering’ Dad, while at the same time, using media to make fun of him and turn his sons into wiggers. What will happen if Dad comes out of his vegatative state and really gets pissed off?

The parasite is always smaller than the host, and we’re the host. In the animal kingdom, the host usually doesn’t notice or mind the parasite, but this is something else- this is hurting us. All the fairy dust stories and late-night informercial White Guilt cleaning wacked religion isn’t going to get the leech to stop bleeding us. If you have ever lost a portion of blood or been anemic, you know it doesn’t feel great- problem is- it’s not like a knife or bullet wound- you often don’t know there is a problem until you can hardly get up one day, or almost pass out in the grocery. That’s what has happened here- we have been bled out slowly but surely and now we are weakened.  We can’t let it all bleed out- we need to strengthen ourselves and fight back at this stuff- get the Christians to stop apologizing and accepting this zio- self-hating kind of anti-Christianity , to not think that:

 1) because someone is at a podium and has a laundry list they can recite in a contrite and mournful voice that they need to

 2) internalize and believe whatever guys like fryer say and feel guilty/apologize

 3) stop and think, as I said, were ALL the people quoted wrong? Are they ALL ‘evilracistnazihaters’ or mayyybeee, just maybe there is a real reason ALL those people, and almost every country felt the same way?

“The US must join izzy in an attack against Iran.. that will lead to the rapture….” John Hagee. 

Hey John- in a nation that wasn’t insane, that kind of talk as well as the list below would land one on a 5150 hold or perhaps garner one some electroconvulsive therapy. Then you couldn’t remember you once had such utterly bullshit ideas. It sounds like the talk of a disturbed kid , a kind of religious  schizo-Columbine high school killer: ” Ok, here’s the popsicle sticks, we’ll make a temple out of that. OK done, I went and gave all my stuff to the WeinSteinGreenbergOwitzsternrothmancohens -check..spray painted the Arab corner store  with stuff about terrorists… now …Im going to get all those newspapers I’ve been saving and fill up the whole garage with scrunched up papers, get some lighter fluid , some bug foggers – This is going to be so sweet. Ok, turn on some tunes… ‘you dropped a bomb on me’ by the Gap band.. check-  Everything is going to blow up and then angels will come down and lift me up and I’ll get to see it all, this is gonna be so awesome! ”

 Are we going to allow this? Think it isn’t already happening?

 Another good reason for WNs to join in the anti-crusade against  Christo-zionism  is this endless war with Iraq and if they get their way, war with Iran – nuclear threat and oh yeah, then  there’s that naggy little thing about going over there and waging war on them is not just wrong, but really, really wrong. We don’t need to wait to go to Hell for that one, because supporting this crap will get us there before we die.  If we get the Islamic eastern countries after us, we can forget all about WN and posting, videos, rallies, t-shirts, bands and forums. Those people are willing to DIE for what they believe, remember that? They aren’t worried about their ISP yanking their site- they will blow themselves and you and I up- but they wouldn’t- they wouldn’t hate us  if we would leave them alone and stop giving away their lands , supporting their enemies and waging war on them. Yeah, those things do tend to piss people off. Not us though, unlike the stereotype of the ‘Mad Arab’ , we just let anyone and everyone in, come on in illegals, we’ll take care of you! Our leaders can screw us over and we’ll keep payin the bills, ain’t none of us going to riot in the streets or blow ourselves up. Our Big Government sucks and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about us. We look at the middle east and shake our heads at how uncivilized they are, but at least they fight back, they get out in the streets and raise hell while we open more clinics for illegals and pride ourselves on how ‘nice’ we are as we plan our next oprah book club meeting and waste money at target and wonder about what celebrities are doing. You know, sometimes it really isn’t hard to understand why they think we suck, because in many ways we really do suck, but we didn’t used to suck as badly as we do now.

We dug ourselves into a hole and handed Obama the shovel when we were done. What is he going to do with it? Dig us even deeper or bury us? If he stands up to this ziocrap , it will be to his credit. If not even he can stand up to it, what does that say about who the massa really is? If it ain’t  Whitey, cause Whitey may be folowin this BS, but he ain’t the power behind the throne- if it ain’t Whitey you have to answer to and cannot criticize- than we aren’t on a plantation no mo’ , we is on a kibbutz now.  Will the slave songs of tomorrow be The Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful , My Country ‘Tis of Thee , which we will be singing as ziofascism reigns? United Kibbutzes of America? Ugh no!

To expand on what Jenny Tonge says- maybe the Arabics/Iranians/Islamic  think life under zionist world rule is worse than not existing at all and maybe Tonge and the aforementioned groups are both  right- and the US and our main religion becoming evanjewical is saying to them “FU Arabs, we like and want this zionist crap, we will be izzy’s bouncer, and beat on you if you make a move towards any power of your own, we will come into your countries and kill you and wage war on your people and blow up your people and drop bombs on you-” and then we wonder why we see them burning the American flag?  Because they see us as aligned with their enemy. Would they be a threat if we let go of izzy? why won’t we let go of izzy, anyway?



 A would be  Ex-Christo-Zionist prayer:

Maybe these zio-Christians will wake up one day and say “you know, just because I had media-induced White-Guilt doesn’t mean I need to get on board with this stuff. Just because this guy Fryer or other evanjewicals are trying so hard to sell this to me doesn’t mean I should feel obligated to buy. I can be a good person, a good Christian or the horror! even a good, White, Gentile Christian- without getting sucked into possible world destruction by believing this creepy stuff.  I don’t need acceptance that badly by any religious group, I know this is wrong, I can find a church that isn’t into this sicko self-hating, Christ-hating , white-hating , guilt-wallowing stuff. I can find people  who also are not Self/White/Christ haters. Maybe one day I won’t hate myself, won’t be on an endless White-Guilt trip constantly coerced into apologizing-  and  won’t be thanking anyone for crucifying Christ or Whites . I will love and cherish my people instead of working to feed them to monsters and getting them to abase themselves, prostrate themselves before the same- I will cease to promote glorifying that which injures us- I will be free of the belief of being whisked away on zio-airlines while my physical self and all that I know  and love is instantly  incinerated- I will instead want to work to preserve what is good,  and not seek out or take joy in promoting the destruction of the earth and my people. I will not be complicit in waging false wars in order to bring about such destruction to others in their territories and thus making enemies of them. I will not be fearful and sit passively and  thus quietly condoning crazy zio-christo beliefs and do nothing for fear I will be persecuted, called names, while my people agree to death and destruction , and collude in re-crucifying Christ , as well as themselves. I will do everything I can to not allow my people to be enslaved by the deceptive voices that direct  and manipulate the empathy and trust  within us using  it  as an weapon to foster self-hate  and world destruction.  In our letting go of that which has oppressed and decieved us, we will beome as new….

24 thoughts on “Podcast: Christian Anti-Semitism, Ziochutzpah, Xtian Guilt-tripping

  1. You are confused about antisemitism and a legitimate denunciation. The lack of evidence is on jewish side, so, do the math. Could you go straigh to the matter or just attack a person? Truth or fireworks

  2. There’s no ad hominem here. The guy really is over-the-top in what he is trying to do. Your post is not clear what you mean by ‘legitimate denunciation’ and “lack of evidence is on the jewish side”. I am not confused as I believe this ‘anti-semitism’ is a made-up term, much like ‘hate speech’ or ‘racism’ meant to provoke fear and shut down debate, as well as put about that these made-up terms are accepted fact- one of the greatest tactics of logical fallacies. I’m not playing with words here AV, I am stating what this guy said and how he comes across. The guy said Christians should thank the jews for killing- oh yeah, not killing- ‘sacrificing’ Jesus ” He said that, among other things.

    I’m not going to battle you using your framework of reality. It’s like I said on some other blog last year- if someone gets evicted from EVERY place they rent, are the landlords guilty of ‘anti-tenantism’ or could it possibly be the kicked out party’s fault. One must ask, is EVERYONE else wrong, is EVERYONE else throughout history who has had dealings with them lying? You want to champion this made-up ‘anti-semitism’ versus what people do and reasons why they are criticized/hated/kicked out.You want to go along with the faulty premise, this magical word pulled out of a hat in order to make it sound like ‘a/s’ just happens for no legitimate reason, people just wake up one day and say “ya know, I’m gonna hate on jews (or whoever) for no reason.”

    People have lots and lots of ethno-prejudices- but this one tends to eclipse them all- because outside the political arena, real-life effects like having ones bike stolen to being excluded from jobs or university because of artificial equality programs -are the RESULT of Forced Acceptance, which most definitely is NOT good for us. We are actually suffering because of the artificial equal programs, because of the ‘let everyone in and take care of them, the middle-class sucker can pay your way’, everyone is the same and-let’s-just-ignore-merit-IQ-ability-talent-or-any-other-real-world-measure-of-who-should-attain-what rainbow-world. On some level, everyone knows it is BS, but people are afraid of being called names. You know what though, A., – they are a lot less afraid than they were. People are much less afraid of saying they are ‘politically incorrect’ than they once were. Again,if YOU study up about who ardently lobbies for all the multi-culti-communism, affirmative action,let the criminals out,vilification of everything White- you will find out for yourself who is behind it. They aren’t persecuted now, they are in power now, and fearful people are starting to wake up en masse to all the ways the dots are connected.

    Back to the ‘anti-sem’ premise- I can think of no other group so universally despised. Are they ALL making it up for no reason? Or do most people, probably especially Christians don’t like the concept of having to apologize for being angry this group assassinated their savior, among other things?

  3. thewhitechrist says:

    The Christian-Zionist thing is a HERESY, when looked at from the lens of either a)Historical CHristianity, East or West; b) Historical Reformation Theology- you know, Luther, Calvin, and al those guys; c) Time. Dispensationalism did not even EXIST prior to 1830. Just do a word search over at my blog to see more about it, from a somewhat (ha!) disinterested party.

    Very astute observations, by the way.

    – Fr. John

  4. Fr. John-

    Thank you for coming by to read and commenting. I have to admit that I will have to search your blog and/or look up ‘dispensationalism’. I can tell from your site you are *not* a disinterested party- this whole thing with the religion has caused such a rift it has caused big forums to yank the topic entirely. What people miss is that even if they don’t consider themselves a bona fide Christian – they aren’t exactly atheists, but aren’t sure what to believe so they let themselves fall under whatever other people call them because it just doesn’t matter to them- or they have been turned off from judeo-Xtianity because, well, it’s been co-opted- hence the judeo-X. That is something I have heard other nationalists say time and time again.The judeo-izing of Christianity has repelled them and they see no other model to follow that isn’t ‘infected’ so what do they do- they make a kind of ‘Christ’ out of Odin or whatever and create their own beliefs around that, or simply follow the old gods and figure they are damned by the judeo-Xtian god anyway.

  5. Mr. Roach says:

    I have written on the heresy of dispensationalism and the screwy Chrsitian Zionist nonsense spouted by certain Evangelicals. If they knew how Christians were mistreated in Isreael–including Jewish converts–I wonder if they’d all be so gung ho.

  6. themadjewess says:

    There is nothing wrong with “Zionism” The government media complex are communists and Bolsheviks, NOT Zionists. Some people are called to support Israel with “morale” support from the Christian Bible, in Galatians (I believe) it talks about Christians that have a specific ‘calling’ to support Israel. Not all do, and other Christians should not DEMAND it from all people that call themselves Christians.

    Jewish people that are practicing Judaism, are NOT the problem. People in our Govt. HATE God, and they HATE Jesus, so to say that THEY are “Zionists” is propaganda.

    Mr. Roach, Christians GO TO ISRAEL, and have NO problem, they DO have a problem with being persecuted in palestine and even HAMAS sent out an edict to crucify Christians if they dont convert to Islam.

    Nobody wants to be FORCED into faith. So, if Christians DO go for one reason: To missionize, then they are wrong, all that a Christian has to do is LOVE.

  7. Jon says:

    themadjewess says: “all that a Christian has to do is LOVE.”

    Love what exactly? Everything? That’s what your saying here, right? Christians have to love everything. That sentiment is patently childlike as it would require a Christian to do impossible things like love the small rodents that were dismembered by the plow that turned the earth to grow the wheat to make English muffins. It would also demand that Christian’s loved the insects massacred on the radiator grills and windscreens. Your version of Christian love would extend to wild animals that would rend unguarded Christian children or predate on sick or old people – or to brigands who would do the same.

    And don’t try to tell me that a Christian loves all these creatures despite said Christian having to kill them for the sake of comfort or convenience because such a relationship, killer and killed, does not define love in any context wherein the word love retains its accepted meaning.

    A love relationship is defined as much by those things excluded from it as by those things joined in it. In such relationships lovers receive special support and attention from those who love them. Special support implies exclusivity, exclusivity requires that some are not loved. It doesn’t take a smart person to see that loving everything is the same thing as loving nothing. It is also not much of a stretch to recognize that loving everything requires that one devalue themselves and their kith to a pathological degree. A more honest phrasing of your original sentiment would be “all a Christian has to do is DIE.” I resent that, Lady. And I’m not the only one who does.

  8. John L. Wall says:


    I’ve just finished reading Homo americanus by Sunic. He adds some interesting insights for WN and some perhaps new terms for our lexicon.

    I’m still catching up as I’ve also just completed reading The Camp of the Saints. Thank you for your blog, your thoughts and wordsmithery!!


  9. Mr. Roach says:

    Does it matter if Christianity is, you know, the truth?

  10. I didn’t think I would even get any comments on that post- surprised- For a long time, Christianity has been equated with weakness, passivity, prayer over action, and nationalists have internalized and accepted this as another part of the ‘frame of reference’ from which to measure everything else. Not all Christians are rapture bunnies like the ones in the podcast I linked to, weeping in an orgy of guilt as they all proclaim their great love for izzy.

    fact is, there are more non-rapture-bunny White Christians out there who DO have ethno-loyalties. Acknowledging that what I don’t know about Christianity eclipses that which I do know, I will say it is clear there is the judeo-co-opted type, and there are strains of other types. While I am not sure where to count myself, I am not going to condemn, have contempt for or mock other Whites for these other non-judeo (and notice how in the media especially around religious holidays, the phrase judeo-Christian is mentioned repeatedly- as if it were a feminist hyphenated last name, a made-up identity, like whatever-american, but adding the oxymoronical touch of having the two things opposing each other. How can anything judeo be Christian as well if one did not indeed spring from the other, and one group had the other group’s savior killed?

    There’s a lot of things I still am having trouble with all this, and so- like I said to someone earlier this year I think it was- I don’t have a problem with Jesus, it’s his followers I can’t stand- this in reference to the stadiums full of swooning kooks, or rapture freaks, or the jehovah witnesses I had to chase away, or people whom one does a ton of favors for, but when you need help they say “I’ll pray about it.” That kind of stuff.That said, I’m not really sure where I stand- sometimes I feel like I have an angel watching over me, other times I feel like I’m in the inferno. I’m far from perfect, I know I would be counted among the sinners- but try to help Our Family when I can offer such. I appreciate the comments, whether I agree or disagree.

  11. themadjewess says:

    ‘ Your version of Christian love would extend to wild animals that would rend unguarded Christian children or predate on sick or old people – or to brigands who would do the same’

    Wow, so you know me so well that you would tell me that I condone such things.
    I leave you to your sick, demented judgemental mind. May God judge you the way that you have MISJUDGED me.
    Jon, in your arm-chair warrior opinion, ALL Jews must be pigs, huh?
    I leave you to keep thinking like this.

  12. Lord_Sidious says:

    Do you know themadjewess, not all jews are pigs. The problem that I have with your kin is that a lot of you know of the evil that they do, yet you hide behind the veil of anti-semitism™.
    Just look at why the ADL was formed, because of the lynching of a child molesting jew racist, who blamed an illiterate black man for his crime.
    I have known and valued the friendship of 2 jews, neither of whom were jewish culturally or religiously.
    Most of what ails your kin is from your worship of the jewish war god jehovah.
    Remember the universal rule of attraction, as you put out, so shall ye receive.

  13. themadjewess says:

    OBVIOUSLY Sid you haven’t read my blog, I do NOT condone ANYTHING evil, whether it be Jew OR Gentile. I especially hate Jewish people in power they are EVIL. They are NOT “Zionists” they are BOLSHEVIKS.

    Christian people believe in Zionism b/c they believe that Jews should move to Israel, Bolsheviks are against all freedom.

    “Zionist” is not bad. It is propagandized, to fall back of GOOD Jews and GOOD Christians. In fact, it will bring genocide of GOOD God fearing people, all of this anti-Zionism.

    Nothing ‘ails my kin.’ in Israel, they have a right to defend themselves against MURDERERS.

  14. Lord_Sidious says:

    No, I didn’t read your blog and I wasn’t referring to you individually. As for your kin in the occupied land of Palestine, your kin are THE murderers. Yes, the Palestinians commit atrocities too, but the very fact that your kin treat them as 2 legged animals provokes that behaviour, but your kin don’t see that, but the rest of us do.
    The jew scum in power have redefined the word zionism so as to encompass the talmudic doctrines of jews ruling the world. That being the case, that type of zionism IS bolshevism.
    By the way, no one would object to jews having a homeland IF they would stop their parasitic behaviour. If your kin ever learnt how to stop it, anti-semitism™ would never be seen again.

  15. themadjewess says:

    Sidious, I will **GLADLY** buy you a first class ticket to Israel, where you will see the TRUTH. Israel is NOT the agressor. Are you INSANE?? Israel is OUTNUMBERED by 57 A-rab nation, ALL are Muslim, like Fakestine. If they were REALLY in a ‘genocide’ ALL of the A-rab nations would be in there in a NY minute.

    Zionism: is NOT BOLSHEVISM. You are creating & HELPING in the MURDER of a whole people.

    Right wing Jews NEVER enter into power in the USA, b/c it is FORBIDDEN by Halacha Law. Name me ONE conservative Jew in power? THERE ARE NONE, it is FORBIDDEN, and b/c you REFUSE to make the differentiation, you are bringing MURDER to a people that are INNOCENT.

  16. madjewess (isn’t that redundant?)

    You’re baiting him, not sure what you are trying to get from him, but it is clear you think you have yourself a live one. Even so, it is unlikely he will be able to be baited into saying in print or otherwise, especially here -whatever you are trying to get him to say for your own agenda. We know the game, Abbie, or is it ‘Abe’?

    I bet dual citizenship has its privileges, doesn’t it? I bet it’s even way cooler than ‘White Privilege’ as far as functionality.

  17. themadjewess says:

    ‘I bet dual citizenship has its privileges, doesn’t it?’

    OK, so now I have a DUAL citizenship….NOT.

    I do know what is happening in Israel, because I have cousins that live there since their birth.

    Agenda? The ONLY person that has an ‘agenda’ is the MONSTER in the W.H.

  18. themadjewess says:

    You also MIGHT go read my blog, it is PRO-WHITE.
    Stop judging- just because there are liberals Jews, does NOT mean we ALL are that way. I am a far right winger. I cant STAND liberal Jews that are for homos more than you.

    I for one, am more geared towards rights for whites, since they are the ones with the racism directed AT THEM.

    See this, its good:
    Are only white people racist?

  19. Lord_Sidious says:

    You truly are mad. I don’t endorse murder of innocents, but your kin started this. Your Haganah, Irgun, Stern gang and the likes were scum like you wouldn’t believe.
    As for jewish law banning stuff, come on. Get real. As if a non-religious jew cares about that.
    The left-right division of politics is an artificial one to keep the masses fooled. It worked on you too, didn’t it?
    I had a look at your blog by the way. You are a typical jew/ess. Ranting about nazis and muslims with venom and attacking anyone who disagrees with you about your beloved israel.
    Remember, as you put out, so shall ye receive. That is what you lot don’t get. Your war god jehovah is nothing compared to the REAL powers in the universe, so you guys better enjoy yourselves now, becaue the whole planet is starting to realise who is behind all of the conflict.

  20. madjewess says her blog is pro-White? Is that not an oxymoronic statement? What is she trying to do here?

  21. themadjewess says:

    ’20.madjewess says her blog is pro-White? Is that not an oxymoronic statement? What is she trying to do here?’

    Nothing. Why is that ‘oxy-moron?’ because YOU are classifying ALL JEWS as the same? Isnt that what YOU hate about the Jews? That they typo YOU? Well, you are doing it to me, hope it makes you feel good.

    Uhhhh…to the person up above, most of my posters on my blog are W.N.’s, so, I dont know where you get your crap from.

    *You are a typical jew/ess. *(Like Obamas grandmother was a TYPICAL WHITE WOMAN?)*

    Ranting about nazis and muslims with venom and attacking anyone who disagrees with you about your beloved israel.
    (UHHHH Wrong, I AM the one that gets the death threats, NOT the vice versa)

    As for as you ‘supporting’ Israel, I dont care if you do or dont. But dont try to change people that want to, b/c frankly, its really none of anybodies business who likes what country, and DEMANDING some false loyalty when one is already patriotic and AMERICAN is straight up OBSENE.

    My dads side of my family has been here in America for over 300 years (Iroquois) I am born a Jew by birth, so? That does not ‘classify’ me as a white hater, an America hater-etc. America is my country, and I morally support Israel, thats it.

  22. themadjewess says:

    I will depart, because it is OBVIOUS that if “I” dont agree, then *I* AM the one that is not really welcome…Seems you are becoming that which you hate.
    Ta Ta.

  23. ‘.madjewess says her blog is pro-White? Is that not an oxymoronic statement? What is she trying to do here?’

    jewess> Nothing. Why is that ‘oxy-moron?’ because YOU are classifying ALL JEWS as the same? Isnt that what YOU hate about the Jews? That they typo YOU? Well, you are doing it to me, hope it makes you feel good.>>

    Spoils of War_ Hate? Who said anything about ‘hate’? Those are your words. ‘Typo’? Isn’t that like when you don’t seem to use the ‘ in a contraction or misspell words? You mean stereotype? I don’t go by the media-influenced playbook that makes up words to define me, so no, I’m not worried about things like that. I’m worried about things like the co-opting of Christianity into this zio-destructo nightmare. I’m worried about things like Murray Rothstein’s MTV and nickolodeon turning our youth into wiggers and tramp-stamped bimbos.I’m worried about Bratz dolls, invented by one of your people. I’m worried about this endless war in the middle east, our kids dying to protect occupied Palestine. I’m worried about the scam of psychoanalysis, which seems ot create more neurosis than it cures, meanwhile the psych industry has everyone spaced out on anti-depressants-I’m worried about the many lies the news channels tell the masses- and they believe it- as well as the memes they promote like if one doesn’t support the war, than one doesn’t support the troops, and that means one isn’t patriotic and one isn’t a good or real American, which is crap. I’m worried about the constant promotion of multiculti at any cost, including the border invasion of millions that take more than they either produce or pay into via taxes- and yes, the ‘cultural landscape’ or lack thereof- that they bring, which is near third-world and yes, taking our jobs- causing contractors to say, hey, why should I pay into SSDI when I can hire a mexican and not have to pay them a real wage, and when they get hurt or just get sick, let Joe Middle Class pick up the tab, why should I pay a white guy a living wage when I can exploit a mexican, make more money and make everyone else pay for them and their anchor babies? I’m worried about the serious mafia-esque stranglehold your people have over Big Money and Big TV. I’m worried that whites have equated going along with all this defining them as ‘tolerant, good people’,so unwilling are they to see their house is on fire. Your people are pulling the strings and deeply involved in the laundry list of things I just mentioned. That’s what I’m worried about.

    jewess: Uhhhh…to the person up above, most of my posters on my blog are W.N.’s, so, I dont know where you get your crap from.

    *You are a typical jew/ess. *(Like Obamas grandmother was a TYPICAL WHITE WOMAN?)*>>

    Spoils of War- ? Perhaps this was not directed to me, but I find it hard to believe your blog is full of WN. Maybe JN, not WN. I do acknowledge there is some limbo where some whites kind of pretend to be nationalists, but it is more a social club than anything else.They get a lot of benefits from doing this, so one can see why they sell out. Aside from the money issue, they only get the lightest form of vilification from the media- for example- they might be called ‘racists’ but not ‘Nazis’. Also because they don’t have the stigma attached to them WN do, they don’t have to be as anonymous. You don’t see anyone carting them away for posting this or that, even if that is ALL someone did, just because they manage to say what they have to say in softer terms. That and they have the jewish-privilege card, which means they don’t have to sit on top of the made-up ‘hate construct’, they have someone else to say “Those guys are the real Haters, not us- we’re just garden-variety waspy/jewy types, and don’t you wish you were us as we nosh on kibosh and hob-nob with fellow snobs?” Sure there’s alot of benefit to those who get on the izzy/jewy bandwagon.

    jewess_-Ranting about nazis and muslims with venom and attacking anyone who disagrees with you about your beloved israel.
    (UHHHH Wrong, I AM the one that gets the death threats, NOT the vice versa) >>

    Spoils of War: Let’s see ’em. Emails with complete headers, whatever you got. Yeah, I just don’t believe you. If I got any, I wouldn’t talk about it on a blog. Send me a death threat, I’m going to the cops.I think you would be even quicker than I would on that.

    As far as ranting about Nazis and Muslims (again, trying to establish a Bad Guy correlation there)- I’ve let you carry on, I didn’t block you. You think this other poster is just some random person who doesn’t agree with you? By the way, threatening in general about anything is lame. If one is going to do something, it’s better to go by the Nike slogan and ‘just do it’ and not threaten about it. Threatening is dumb because #1, one is supposed to get something out of a threat – i.e You do this OR, or don’t do this OR. and the person threatened has to be pretty sure you will actually do it- hence threats are lame-especially internet threats- the person threatening doesn’t act on anything, then cops come to their door and they don’t even get anything out of it. How unrewarding. However,as dumb and unbelievable as most of your story is- the fact you even come here and MENTION death threats at all pisses me off.I know the game, I know what the little faggot internet trolls looking to get people busted feed upon. You were looking to swoop in here, and like I said- you thought you had a live one with Sid- but Sid isn’t going to play that game with you, you can waste your breath all day and he won’t give you what you are trying to get. Seems like you’re the one who is pissed off about that. You think people aren’t hip to the provocateur racket? jigga please.

    jewess- As for as you ’supporting’ Israel, I dont care if you do or dont. But dont try to change people that want to, b/c frankly, its really none of anybodies business who likes what country, and DEMANDING some false loyalty when one is already patriotic and AMERICAN is straight up OBSENE. >>

    Spoils of War- DUHH as long as the government is sending people over there, like thousands of our kids, yes it IS our business. Yeah , demanding false loyalty sucks, like demanding Americans be so hung up on izzy they will die for it. Hypocrite. And learn how to spell! I heard once that bad spelling is an in-code for trolling. Real jews , most anyway, can SPELL because most because of $$ end up going to schools where grammar such as yours is not tolerated. You post more like black than jew, just the type of errors you make.

    jewess: My dads side of my family has been here in America for over 300 years (Iroquois) I am born a Jew by birth, so? That does not ‘classify’ me as a white hater, an America hater-etc. America is my country, and I morally support Israel, thats it.>>

    Spoils of War: Uh, so now you are a jew-indian? And to think I actually went on a rant about ‘your people’. I’m pretty convinced you just might be a fake jew, or you had the unfortunate luck to not even make into the jew big league because of being mixed. But you’re not the real slim izzy. No way.

  24. themadjewess says:

    Mom is Jewish, Dad is Iroquois, and ANYBODY that would ‘fake’ being a Jew is out of their fking mind.
    Yes, I do in fact, have MANY WNs on my blog, and only right wing Jews.
    Bye now.

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