In our cause, for preserving and continuation of our people, of what we have created, we talk so much about the past.  About what our forebearers have created, achieved, invented, discovered, composed, built, written- modes of thought, belief systems- almost anything that ever amounted to anything big and lasting was created   “by us for us”.

I was thinking about a scene from the movie “Educating Rita”, where the main character’s mother sits forlornly in a bar  in  England where everyone else is drinking and singing. She says “There must be better songs to sing than this”.

Have we arrived at the same conclusion? Have we now just taken to chewing our own political “cud” , as it were?   Of course we still want the same things. Of course we still believe the same things.  I don’t believe all that differently than “before” I  learned more about politics, and came to see my beliefs were considered a “fringe ideology” or “extreme right”, though somehow I doubt it fits into the concepts of right/left, I got that early on. 

I try to look at ideas, people,  concepts- not just for what they seem to be, but the path that led them there. The same thing with the  folks who trot out the old ” We are the sculptors, we are the  architects of civilization…” I have even said as much myself in the recent  past years, though I already knew this quite well, and knew whom I was telling  certainly must know it as well.  Was it affirmation I was looking for?  We KNOW this.

Now I look to the WHY and HOW all those great things were created. In facing a “new era”  of  my own autonomy, I again see myself as part of the whole.  I  close my eyes and see the past, sometimes very far back, to when we had autonomy as a people, what the world was like when all the  things aforementioned were created. 

In those days,  before “political correctness”,  men could feel good about conquering, building and settling a land, not fearful or ashamed. Women also  were not so unsure of who they were, whether or not they chose a “traditional path” they did not have external pressure from TV or magazines about what we  should be like, and there was no memes of “can we have it all?” whith the accompanying pressure that we probably should try to always do more, be more, wear the pants and every hat we could fit on our heads.

We didn’t have to contend with  this :

telling us   we could “bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan- and never, ever let you forget your a man, etc..”

In days past, we could just “be” what we were, and be inspired by that.  I look at the lack of  great things created these days , with the exception of technology and see that there is not many “spirit created”  things as compared to then- this is especially sad because if  our people were not too busy worrying about paying off their credit cards, divorce lawyers, being “outsourced” by illegals or India,   being taxed insanely for a government that looks out only for the interests of their masters, and an underclass that has not been “lifted up” by the help- if were were not struggling with our children being influenced by MTV, fashion, anorexia, cutting themselves, apathetic, materialistic and so on.. if we did not have all these things to worry about, what great things would be being created today that are not?

Would we create like we did then? Would we fight like we did then? Love like we did then? Can we still?

One thought on “Reason for a Song, the Song of Reason

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