Anyone remember Kate Puzey- the young peace corp volunteer who was raped and killed a few years ago? She’s mentioned in a past post on this blog.  Turns out her rape and death wasn’t the ‘isolated incident’ these do-gooder groups want you to think it was. Women are coming forward.  People, don’t send your daughters to a third world undeveloped country to try to ‘help’.  Now her parents think she was set up to be raped and killed because she revealed that another worker for the peace corp, Constant Bio, pictured below was raping/molesting students- and had fathered children by some of the students.

Constant Bio, at the time a contractor for the Peace Corps, is the primary suspect in the case. He has been held in a prison in Natatingou, Benin for more than a year and a half. A magistrate judge continues to investigate the case.   Now more women are coming forward.


In 1991, while serving in Niger, Peace Corps volunteer Karestan Koenen was raped in broad daylight. Devastated, she reported the rape to Peace Corps officials in Washington, D.C. The responding official brusquely blamed Koenen for the crime, saying, “I am so sick of you girls going out with men, drinking and dancing, and then when something happens, you call it rape.”

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“”I trusted the Peace Corps, I believed in the Peace Corps. And then [Peace Corps officials] did everything they could to blame me, to not provide adequate care, and even to provide care that was subsequently harmful to me,” she told ABC News in a recent interview.
 Don’t trust these groups girls- just because someone says they are good, or says they want good things to happen, or that you too , can be part of this ‘goodness’-remember, as awful as this is going to sound. Niceness isn’t always Real, like the Velveteen Rabbit. Niceness can be just a skill, something one becomes good at- and groups like this are very good at it. But oh, look what they DO when something Very Bad and Wrong happens, look what they said to that one woman- they blamed her. The very same way they are blaming the people in Greece for fighting back against the murderous violence there- a result of more and more immmmiiigraaaaaation. Blame the victim. 
But good for you, girls, women- for speaking out- it’s too late for Kate, but I’m glad you are still alive. You want to do some real good? Good that isn’t about the imaginary tale of poor children practically worshipping you like you are some Good Fairy while you are unwittingly and literally putting your life at risk?  Then save others from this horrific fate by telling what happened to you, and telling how you were treated. You know you are not the same since this happened to you, but you can save some other woman from the same fate, because maybe they will hear your story- maybe they will hear that it is not just you, but more than one of you- then maybe- they will actually start to believe it is Real and Dangerous.
                 Another thing, but as important. It is not your repsonsibility or job to save the world. Whoever made you believe it was- lied to you. They lied to you on at least two levels: That you should and that you could. Our country has a real problem with that- thnking we can save all the world’s ills and disagreements. It’s actually kind of arrogant and prideful. Think of all the good Kate could have done in her own community, were she still alive to do it. Think of the children she will never have and how her goodness is now dead that will not be passed on to those never-to-exist children, because she brought it to the wrong place.- the road to hell being paved with such good intentions. Those places are not ready for women like Kate, and Karestan and Jess, and no doubt others who will hopefully come forward. 
    So, do not believe the LIE that helping your own is a selfish thing, and that you are so desperately needed in these places. It is the organizations that need your free labor in order to solicit donations to keep their gig afloat, in order for the top dogs to keep their programs going, and money coming in. Know that, from the response that one woman got when she revealed what had happened that they don’t care about you as people, as individuals, as women. They knew very well the third world is a mostly dangerous place, yet  they probably made it sound all flowery and practically holy to put yourselves at that much risk, never telling you it was highly likely you would be attacked, raped, threatened and possibly killed.  
Those places need things that are so much bigger than we can provide. Was it worth what happened to you? Sure, only now do they say they are trying to make things better, safer, and so on- but how can they? Do they not get that you are a target? Oh they get it all right. They just do not care. The one woman in one of these video links  said she was raped her first day there.
       Parents, so you really want to send your children, either boys or girls to such awful places as this? Let us hope the answer is a resounding ‘NO!’

KAYE: Puzey says her daughter’s reporting of the rapes led to her murder.

Also testifying, Karestan Koenen, who says she was a victim of rape while working for the Peace Corps as well.

and yet another girl who was raped and threatened with death for reporting it:

Video :

4 thoughts on “The Not-so-Peaceful Peace Corp: More Women Come Forward

  1. Gene says:

    Well it has been a while but if memory serves me, the Peace Corps is a CIA-MInumber-pseudo intelligence operation or front cover for their covert op’s. So yeah as with any thing that pulls at the heart string time to cut it off and really when 20 million children go to bed “if they are so lucky to have one” hungry in this USA every day, and this is just the rural people mainly white and native peoples. So if to help hungry poor people is the goal start at home instead of third world trash heap! But do carry weapon, ladies should be trained and armed at all times for self defense, and never be alone with any male you do not know to be trustworthy same goes for children to though.

  2. Gene, thanks again for the comment(s)- I want them to get the points that 1) how dangerous it is to be going to these third world places- and there are even places here that aren’t worth getting attacked, raped and/or killed just to ‘help’. 3) It isn’t their responsibility to have to help, and for the risk they are taking, probably not much is getting done 4) the organizations that recruit this type of do-gooder missionary/hippieish type do not care about them, as evidenced by what the one woman said about how she was treated. They only care about getting the cash out of people to keep their org rolling. Non-profits as passive income with disposable people. Did this guy pictured in the story have respect and value for those women or the ones who were supposedly his students whom he fathered kids with? The women are risking everything and people like this guy are just out to attack them, and the organization blames them. It’s not worth it.

    We talk so much about self-esteem for girls and women, but actually it shows a devaluation of women to put them in harm’s way like this.

    As I said, they see it as being the good guy, doing something good and holy for humanity and all that- but these places are not ready for normal girls/women to go there, all starry-eyed with hope for what they can do-they are only shown pictures of little kids smiling and roughshod schoolhouses, community gardens and it appeals to the lost sense of community we now don’t really have- as well as the sense that people want to feel they have purpose- and this is a ready-made way for them to think they are ‘making a difference’ and doing something worthwhile- but the word ‘worthwhile’ contains the word ‘worth’.
    These girls and women (and boys and men too) are worth far more than risking their lives and health, and they were probably very naive to the dangers when they signed up. I’m hoping more women will come forward and the ones who have will keep telling their story.

  3. Nell Foulke says:

    As much as I want Kate’s story to be told, I don’t believe this is as accurate as you’d like it to be. Kate did serve in her local community. Though Kate grew up around the world, Kate had a strong sense of local responsibility to the places she lived. I can’t blame you for not knowing this, but I just want to point out that your assumption that she didn’t serve where she lived is incorrect.

    Kate was aware of the risks she took when she first made the decision to serve. Because an American white girl believed in the value of their lives enough to risk her life, an entire village of women now sees their self-worth in a different light.

    Kate was bold in just how good she was. Her choices changed the behavior of others. I wish you could have met her.

  4. sarthak says:

    third world country is the land of bastards. In those country there is no respect for women. i feel shame that i belong from a third world.
    so my dear friends from AMERICA avoid travelling to these backward places. these people didn’t deserve any help. i feel shame to be a national of a backward country…………
    God will punish the culprits who did those crime of harassing women…..

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