Killed getting ready to take his wife, who was in labor, to the hospital.   Manolis Kantaris, age 44,  had been on the way to pick up his car from a parking garage on Triti Septemvriou Street when he was attacked by three people shortly before 5 a.m., police said.

He had been carrying a bag of baby clothes and a video camera with which he had planned to record the birth of his second child.

According to witnesses, the assailants approached Kantaris and demanded that he hand over the camera. When he resisted, they started stabbing him in the back and neck before grabbing the camera and fleeing.”

(translation)   New evidence highlights second video is in the hands of the police, which shows the faces of the murderers of tragic death of 44 year old father  Manolis Kantaris.  In the video camera recording from a neighboring store recorded the three perpetrators-which, according to preliminary estimates by the police – most likely from the north African countries Algeria or Morocco.
   Prosecutors have the  video lasting about 15 seconds where they show the scene of the murder in cold blood of Manolis  with successive blows with a knife, in order to grab a bag with a camcorder.
Διαβάστε περισσότερα:
 Golden Dawn- Nationalist group in Greece are not amused by the killings and violence coming from the ‘immigrants’ .  Translation is not the greatest, but enough to understand they aren’t taking it lying down.
More attacks, different case, this guy is at least alive when this was reported : The aliens approached him and asked him explain why bears the emblem of his country.  The Lykeiarchis replied: “Because I am Greek”, and so was attacked by aliens who are suspected to be either Pakistanis or Afghans.

The victm was taken by ambulance to the hospital. 
 Of course the media here reports this as terible and horrible, that the people should fight back, as if they were crazed vigillantes going after kids spray painting. Note the difference in how the two cites cover this story.  This wouldn’t be happening if the damn Paki’s and Afghans weren’t there to begin with.
“No one has the right to take the law into their own hands”  whined some castrated, boot-licking  slave of the state. I’m so disappointed in you-  Georgie Porgie, pudding and pie, kissed the state’s ass while his citizens DIED! Don’t want people marching, burning s&^4 and beating these effers into submission themselves?  Well, then…YOU DO IT. After all, wussies- it’s your JOB.  So DO it.
Get them the eff out of there or impose some kind of martial law until they can learn to behave- and go tell your master he isn’t doing HIS job, George- and your excuse line is pretty damn weak. If these people can’t handle civilized society where people aren’t killing  for camcorders, they can get the eff out or risk getting their ass beat down. If they can’t follow the Golden Rule, then they can deal with the Golden Dawn.
Something that gets me in a cogntive dissonance kind of way since I used to get so much warm, fuzzy email calling me a fascist that I actually started to embrace it- is that so many of these articles describe the Golden Dawn and other groups there as being ‘anti-authoritarian’- but…where IS the  dang authority? You can’t be against something that is slacking off, having  meetings over ouzo and baklava and working on its tan. What  EFFING AUTHORITY?  Losing ,anyone?  Authorities: At least make an effort. If you try and fail, even if you make several tries, several different ways yet still fail.
See,  real authority would be keeping these people in line so they wouldn’t even think about robbin’ , rapin, and killin’. That’s THEIR job. If they were DOING their job, the people wouldn’t be out there doing this.  These fauxthority shheads want to stand around in their neato outfits, looking like billy badass, and always, always facing the WRONG way, facing the nationalists as if they are the bad guys, as if they are the threat. That makes you look stupid B. Badass. Stupid and a pussy.  Better turn around before you get a knife inthe back of  your jazzy swat uniform  that won’t be coming from  the nationalist side- and you know it too, Billy. You know you’re facing the wrong way. For the Golden Dawn and others, I don’t criticize you fighting back- but…
 1) Consider being anti-FAIL-authority- you’re doing their job for them, while they  get to collect the paycheck and get to be all smug and righteous and get to call you names like haters and extremists while your people DIE. Yeah, in a perfect world, you don’t need some ahole telling people what to do and how to do it every second.  But every playground needs a yard-duty teacher- just as every inner-city school needs a metal detector for knives…because there is always going to be some disturbed, sick, or simply opportunistic shthead who is going to hurt  girls, bully boys, steal someone’s lunch money-or rape someone at a high-school prom (remember the Richmond, CA story?) just because they can. Because they can get away with it. Because the Author-i-tays don’t actually have any…
 So they can call angry people ‘racists’ , so They can sit and do nothing about the violence- So They can make up more programs, So they can ensure their made-up jobs, So They can call angry people haters, so they can make up special immigration allowances and exceptions and amnesty, So They can let even more in- So They can have more people to niche-market vote-pander to, so They can get more people dependent on the government,  so They can get cheap labor, so They can get more money, so They can pay other people to call tax-paying, non-criminal citizens protectionists and Nazis, so They can avoid the real problem, so They can….. kind of like the 80’s PSA , ‘I’m always chasing rainbows’..
Point being, in the context of what would be called by the douchebag media a ‘changing, urban, rich and diverse’ environs, which we all know is code for crime and crap- sucks ass- That said- if the pussies in power (PIPS?)  are too sissy or selfish to simply do their job, then more power to you.
2) You shouldn’t even have to be in this position. You have the right to your own country. You have the right to live unharmed by savages that kill people over things like camcorders and ipods. You are told you ‘have to accept and tolerate’ but you really don’t. You are right to protest- fighting back IS the correct response. Think things are going to get better if you just sigh and pray about it and hope things get better?
We hear a lot about what is called ‘domestic violence’ but what about ‘international violence’ ? What about the reality of  racial abuse rather than the ubiquitous , blame-the-victim ‘race-ism’ accusation?  Isn’t calling people who are pissed off and fighting back… ‘racists’  like saying that women ‘deserve’ to be raped or worse because they were walking to their car at night, or wearing a dress, or left a window open, or were just there? 
That’s her fault, that she brought it upon herself ? If you do play along with that blame-the-victim crap, you are the self-hating coward who has made up a word to save himself- the better to look yourself in the eye shaving. No, it’s YOU who is the Cowardly Sheep in  self-righteous wolve’s clothing- but in the end  you’re still a sheep, you know it- and little red riding hood is no less dead trying to get to granny’s plac, and it’s you, the UnAuthority who killed her.
 Think of your country as your mother, your sister, your daughter- and your people within as her children.  These  foreigners are hurting your family, abusing, raping and killing your children . Just having to live around that is abuse.  Having to live in fear, and witness violence or have it happen to us. Not being able to find a job because of the foreigners undercutting your wages-having to pay endless taxes for these made-up, do-nothing programs for THEM, having our neighborhoods ruined. Yeah, it’s abusive all right. If we counsel women not to put up with it, why the hell would we ever tell a whole country to ? 
Waa waa, don’t fight back, just take it, be tolerant, be afraid, be all about daisy-chains, hippie-dippy alice in la la land diversity and how great it is- but know….that’s a fairy tale.
 Except the ones who are dead….
But there’s no sense crying over every mistake. 
You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.
And the Science gets done.
And you make a neat gun.
For the people who are still alive   -‘Still Alive’ , written byJonathan Coulton for Portal, performed by Ellen Mclain



3 thoughts on “Greece Fights Back, Reacts to Violence from Foreign Invaders

  1. Gene says:

    Yes the authority/GOVERNMENT the world over have rotted from inside out, and have only ever work for JEWES= COMMUNIST-SOCIALIST-FASCIST-BANKER?= MONEY CHANGERS ET ALLS! So no they will only work for their pay masters, but I do hope some will grow brains and do the right thing seize them and re-establish the rightful republic, so we the sovereign people can restore our future! So long as they can trick everyone with their filthy lucre they will have a place to hide and will place blame on people whether willing idiot accomplice or not. Trouble is they have convinced everyone that just living off the land and not complying with their system is being subversive and un-mutual, as well their society is the way to live. As with the environmental destruction and monies made hand over fist by the JEWES while people struggle to live, while dying, they use the weak/ignorant, negroids and all mixes of them Arab/Semitic/East Indian ETC> along with their media and technology stolen from the very people who created it, against us western peoples. Well enough from me on this.

  2. thewhitechrist says:

    Thank you for posting on this. I have heard NOTHING from the GOA about this, other than what I would suppose are the leftist, ‘can’t we all get along’ memes, that remind me that Rodney King is STILL a lying, Big Black CRIMINAL, even after that fatal day in L.A.

    I praise God for the Golden Dawn, even if they are not believers, for at least they are waking the Hellenes UP, just as Jobbik has done in Hungary, Front National is doing in France, and Vlaams Belang is trying to do in Belgium, etc.

    Europe has ADMITTED at her highest levels, in the most ‘progressive’ countries (read, most co-opted by the Jews/NWO types) that ‘Multiculturalism is a failure.’ If it’s such a bloody failure, then why KEEP these ‘XENOS’ in your lands?


    Europe for Europeans.

    – Fr. John+

    1. A couple years ago, I saw King on one of those intervention shows, going through alcohol withdrawal. Yesterday I see an Oakland student tried to poison her teacher because the student had gotten in trouble for bringing booze to school or something like that, so this was retaliation. The teacher is not going to press charges, (probably scared and possibly pressured by the district admin aholes- like the blame-the-victim crap that happened to the little kindergarten white kid who got the skull fracture in an Oakland school that I posted a couple years ago)-
      oh and in GA, a substitute teacher takes a whiz in the trash can- in class.

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