What do you watch on TV? Is everything in reference to something ZOG puts out?  I didn’t read through them all but it made me think of questions they really want to ask, but don’t. . 

How many mall-store framed pictures do you have on your walls?

On a scale of 1-10  1 being the least and 10 the most, how ‘racist’ are you? 

 As for the holocaust,  would you say you were  very uninterested, uninterested, no opinion, interested or very interested?  

How afraid of being called a name are you ? Super-afraid, somewhat afraid, neither afraid not unafraid,  not afraid, or you like being hated?

Do you know what a malapropism is?

 “are you of white euro descent? ”

“Are you a mexican?” 

“Do you think Nicole got what she deserved for taking away another black man?”

 “How invested in being politically correct are you? Pick one: a) I’m offended you are even mocking the phrase b) like most White people, I pretend to be PC c) I’m not PC when around the guys and drinking, but PC around women and at work  d) I have a Confederate flag on my pickup e) the classic ….”My grandpa was an SS officer”

How many relatives do you have in some part of the Criminal justice system? In other words, are there any males in your family (that you even know if you are related to) that AREN’T locked up or have prior felonies?   a) Zero b) little RayRay Dijonnaise is too young for prison still c) as if I know where my dad is at

Are you a 40 year old great grandma?  A)  Yes, with more than 5 great grandkids   B)I don’t really know where my kids/grandbabies are at or if they have kids, the state took them away c) I was sterilized for creating a burden on the system d) all of the above

Do these words bring anything to mind at all?  Health care,  God, town hall, 2nd amendment, abortion, Klan?

White people When was the last time you had  ‘racist’ thoughts? a) ‘race is a social construct’ , I learned that on TV b) Not much, only when I watch the news or have to go into the bad part of town c) never dawg, you best check yo’self befo’ you wreck yo’self wid dat shyt!” d) I don’t allow myself to be called names like ‘racist’ by dorks

How long has it been since you last smoked a blunt? a) right before coming to court b) before I got out of prison, which was this morning c) I don’t smoke blunts, strictly crack. d) What’s a blunt?

One thought on “Channon/Newsom: Jury Questionaire PDF file

  1. roy albrecht says:

    Fave TV show: TV is for the mentally ill

    Framed pics: Am allergic to malls

    How racist?: I am not a hater, I’m a lover.

    Interest in Holocaust?: Dresden changed my family’s life

    Fear of name calling?: Fear is not an option

    Malapropism? : no

    Decent?: German pure, 100%

    Nicole got?: Who is nicole?

    How PC?: Fuck the ****s and my grandfather WAS an SS officer!

    Relatives in CJS?: have been criminalized and institutionalized in a psych ward…, and damned proud of it!

    40 Y/O grandma?: nope.

    Words?: Health Care; My nation is an insane asylum, God; forget God and work on enlightenment, Town Hall; automatic fire arms, no trial needed, Second Amendment; Town hall, Abortion; for **** only, Klan; narrow minded hicks

    Racist thoughts?; I am a lover not a hater

    Smoked a blunt last?: Probably in high school (30 odd years ago).

    They should have asked if you could see yourself with a broad ax hacking your way through a synagogue full of apostate ***** …

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