EqualNonExistentNot only am I not a believer in  the illusory “= “, I believe (of course, and thank goodness) there are Whites above myself for whatever reason, and am glad of it. I also just do not believe in  the existence of “=”,   even  kids outgrow the concept of Santa and the tooth fairy. Hardly anything is ‘equal’ when it comes to real life. Aside from mathematical/laws of physics, hardly anything at all is “‘equal’ . The closest I could come to anything approaching = is “fair”, and what is fair usually is definitely not = , yet is often better for those concerned, as One-size-fits-all…well, we all know that one is a joke. . Anyone get this? Anyone at all?

 You’re either this or that, and you usually can’t be this AND that. Especially if this and that are very different things.  Equal is a lie. Nature  is not equal (and especially not fair for that matter). Equality cannot be “bestowed upon” , it just IS. Someone can’t magically give it to you. You either “become as” through work, learning, or some other skill or ability or characteristic you possess which takes you into the higher level- or  imitation/faking  at worst- or  you have to stay where you are- You might actually be at the same level someone else is, skillwise, but because you lack “x factor” you didnt get in, or you might even be better than they, but because of a real external factor, like having your licence taken away because someone doesn’t like your politics, you are ‘prevented’ not only from being “equal” but from “excellence”. To deny evolution and advancement to the ones who can best and most efficiently get us there is to hold everyone back, the slower as well as the fastest. It is anti-evolution, it is anti-LIFE.

       This is a crime. This is against nature- one might even say it is against God- to not acknowledge something in its own right, however primitive, and to say “oh no no, this thing over here, is really the same as that, is to deny God’s plan of differences, to deny all the years of His evolution (I dont believe God/evolution are mutually exclusive) , to deny what IS in favor of what is PC, which is a LIE, LIE , LIE.

 You either make the cut to “fit in” with the evolving creatures , or you are left behind. See article a bit down the page regarding the latest fossil findings for more on this. (click on  top of page “spoils of war” for main page if you can’t see the other articles).

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