Before I get into listing the good stuff, I think I will go off on a gratuitous  side-rant about something entirely unrelated. Exhale. Breathe. Resist the urge for cigarettes and bad food. OK, here it is. There’s a new thing- a small thing- but a thing nonethless that is starting to ruin my usually placid countenance and is threatening to turn me into even more of a creepy Bouguereau painting- and that is…. those horrible little signs or  letters made of wood that people put up in their homes or apartments that say things like ‘believe’, ‘smile’ or ‘dare to dream’. And so on. Why must people do this? Isn’t it the equivalent of those awful motivational posters, now set as some kind of cheesy-ass enviro-subliminal command that makes one feel like the middle of the human centipede after dinner at Taco Bell?  Those horrible ‘feel-good’ signs.  That’s it, we need another gubmint program.

From the Federalist Society ‘The Politically Correct University’ From the Federalist Society ‘The Politically Correct University’

More here:

Something unusual- warning there is a two minute intro of extreme douchery and insufferable lounge music . Some of it is total crap, such as the suggestion that maybe the Vril Society had something to do with missing children in Bavaria- keep going past that part, which is at the beginning.  I know some of you won’t care for this or it may make you afraid, upset or angry but some of you won’t automatically dismiss it.  Granted, it isn’t for everyone.   

If you liked this video, you can find more  here simple download page if you dont want to use an mp3 player or just download and play on your PC .  Preppers will appreciate this. The page with descriptions of episodes and an itunes link, which I think has even more of their audios not listed on podbean . This guy talks about everything from composting ,to food preservation,  to hydroponic gardening (food, not dope people), to guns-  all kinds of stuff we should know that we most likely take for granted.  This guy and his family it appears are really living what they describe on the podcasts and have managed to go mostly off-grid. 

Even if you don’t believe in  SHTF* theory and believe it will be more of a dry heave- this stuff is interesting and no one says you have to do all or any of it. He doesn’t sound like he is trying to sound all bad-ass dude in the woods- no insult to the actual bad-ass-dudes-on-the-compounds- I know you ‘re out there! But this guy , because he doesn’t sound like Erik-the-Viking-who-brings-back-his-enemies-heads-for-dinner.. makes the practical advice he gives doable, smart and not even extremely difficult.  purple button to the right to use itunes or you can play in the page

Basic Training for Revolutionaries-

Urban Survival – Preparing for Civil Unrest : They have other good stuff too, rooftop gardening , how dealing with life in the city doing survivalist practical stuff or mental stuff differs from rutal environs.  Bob Mayne – more survivalist stuff

and yet more… what if you didn’t have heat, or lights/electricity? Again, the subscribe links are under the email blank box.

The site has some good stuff (not as awesome as Demonoid, but then what is?) . A little heavy on the faggy TV vampire genre that teen girls love ‘Drakkar, don’t do it, don’t go in the light..’  ‘But I have to Sinderella, I will die for you…”   but thankfully they have other categories…

* sh*t hits the fan .

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