Was having a discussion about reason (logic) vs passion in navigating the political waters of our cause- I say these things (title) are not mutually exclusive, but rather work in tandem with each other- The collective unconscious of the Cynical (read Jewish media influence) has made us see things we once looked up to, were inspired by, and aspired to, thought beautiful – as now silly- a joke. I say this is a very bad thing. Things we once valued as sincere, real, beautiful are now thought of as passé, unhip, stupid, while the vapid and vacuous posing as reality as opposed to the shows on TV that are anything but- that draw us ever closer, moths to a fatal flame.

If we have nothing to be passionate about, nothing to feel, nothing to love and care about, no more dreams, no sincerity, if now ‘the movement’ is all just cynical, critical, faked, hypocritical, superficial, ego-trips, head games, selfish, looking for a way to make a buck, etc….-then what exactly have we become? No better than that against which we fight.

We must protect against this. I don’t think becoming like them to fight them is the answer. Knowing their ways is one thing, but in becoming like them, we are losing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   On a certain level I sympathize with the wearers of the old uniforms/symbols, because I kind of see it as a form of holding onto some kind of idealism, though ultimately it is counter-productive to the outside people… I can see totally see why they do it, and what they get out of it. It reminds me of my younger days, when I was into occult stuff and I felt I needed this or that prop to get into the proper frame of mind. Then one day I thought, why am I doing? Why am I going through all this trouble? I don’t need all these props, in fact, it is a distraction. One day I believe the same will happen to these groups- they will be able to take whatever the clothes give them, and make that feeling happen without having to be in full regalia in public. The magic will have then gone inside.

By props , I am speaking about wearing things from the past, going the whole hog and about it in particular- I certainly mean no disrespect to the symbols themselves and the usefulness of which I believe is more powerful in private. I mean, a little N/S goes a long way appearance-wise…. My point is there is what works as far as getting you moving on a personal level, then there is what works on a political level. I don’t have anything against whatever symbol per se, it is the use of it that I think is critical in today’s climate.

If the mailman wants to disarm a mean dog,what will actually work is pepper spray or the like, not a cannon. Of course, what we are up against is much bigger, but maybe we don’t want to show the cannon straightaway. Most people feel they don’t need a cannon, because they only see the one dog.

And they can only see the one dog right now. They think we are trying to advocate lap-band obesity surgery for Nicole Ritchie. They think we are over-doing a cure for a problem they don’t think we have.

Disagree about the perceptions from outsiders being irrelevant when you are not simply enjoying a private function, but working on trying to appeal to the outside population or promoting the ideology-

To most people when they see , symbol X they think it means ‘kill jews’ , they see a guy in a sheet they think that = ‘kill blacks’- they don’t bother with finding out the belief systems of N/S, or other groups- they see the symbol and it =- in their mind same as a red octagon equals a stop sign. It has become hard-wired in their brain, the neural pathways have been set to freak out mode.

In the sense that (forum poster) mentioned symbols being important to (whatever) Euro-folk, that is fine. Although I am not so sure that one can say, for example .. All Swazis =Germans, and all Germans are super attached to the swazi, not so sure about that, and I am talking within WN. I have met people who don’t particularly identify with that, who just aren’t into symbols period. Then there are those who possibly have days-of-the-week swazi underwear. I’m sure there will be more discussion on this topic.

2 thoughts on “Reason. Passion. Strategy. Effectiveness.

  1. Celestial Time says:

    Reason/logic is the destination; passion is the driving force to get you to your destination. Strategy should always be weighed and implemented according to it’s effectiveness. You’re right, they are not mutually exclusive.

    Apathy is the beginning stage of atrophy. Never lose your passions, but at least be willing to shape them in a way that will allow you to reach your goals. Good to see that you realize this simple concept.

  2. silentconsort says:

    Thanks for your comment, and for the other message.
    I hope that some % of the strategy I am trying to promote takes hold,
    that it at least is thought provoking, if nothing else.
    kind regards-

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