2 thoughts on “The White Ribbon

  1. Goda-Gado says:

    what kind of film is that??
    teling about what..

  2. ugh-you’re right Goda-Gado- I didn’t really do a review- or even try for a description. One could say I wanted to just let the film clip give enough for people to be interested- I will keep that in mind for other movie clips. I would have to watch it again to get the storyline again- but maybe people will still give it a chance- but maybe not to get the message it is suggesting- but just to see what the message the film is suggesting, which is pretty dark- on several levels. It’s hard to get anyone to watch anything that isn’t entirely about guys with guns, or sex, or the dreaded romantic comedy, let alone a foreign black and white film that is not fast-paced by any stretch. Attention spans are waning, and to ask people to watch something that isn’t fast food for the eyes but actually involves their brain is asking a lot these days.I didn’t really think too many people that stop by here would watch it- or it might make them angry, artistic value notwithstanding and that is..

    People usually don’t like to see their own portrayed in a movie as kind of an Amish-y Village of the Damned, as secretive and malicious. While of course that may be true in some instances, it is clear in this film they are most definitely trying to create a feeling that it is not a simple down-on-the-artsy-farsty-scary-farm movie- but that it is saying something about the entire people- ‘poisoning the well’ as it were- that all the characters, or almost- except the main character lead and his girlfriend and the disabled kid- are evil, repressed, depressed, shut down, self-absorbed or otherwise f-ed up, enjoying doing evil because they are bored, because they are unhappy- whatever the reason. In reviews that I have read, some say it is trying to draw a direct line to world war two- On the other hand- if one gets away from that angle, one can look at it in the sense that one can at least try not to be brought down and destroyed by people who have some one or more huge dysfunction.

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