from an interesting paper on Jung  by Jay Sherry I found on the net :…/jay_sherry_complete.pdf   If you have trouble with this link try will probably be the first result in google search- for some reason posting PDF links is sometimes a problem.

This is some 200 pages long, but worth the read.  The point being not whether you have an interest in psychology per se, but rather for the purposes of examining the recognized differences in worldview. One might even say this is an example of real respect for diversity, to be able to see a thing for what it is- or isn’t, rather than believing in the lies  of tolerance and assimilation

 I recommend saving it in either PDF or text , note that above screenshot mentions things not included in many resources referencing this aspect of Jung’s history and beliefs.;jsessionid=EDAD6940E344B94D674D914F50CBFE45?hosts=

  Kultur                              Civilization

                           mythos – soul                      logos – intellect
                           spiritual                          materialistic
                           holistic                           atomistic
                           national                           international
                           rural                              urban
                           aristocratic elite                 mass democracy
                           clean – healthy                    dirty – degenerate
                           youthful                           senile
                           life-promoting                     hostile-to-life

  In a letter to his
wife Jung wrote    “Freud and I spent several hours walking in Central Park and talked
at length about the sociological problems of psychoanalysis.  … We spoke a good
deal about Jews and Aryans, and one of my dreams offered a clear image of the

 He also wrote about the
danger posed to whites from their continual exposure to blacks, a phenomenon then
known as “going black.”      “The inferior man exercises a tremendous pull upon
civilized beings who are forced to live with him, because he fascinates the inferior
layer of our psyche … To our unconscious mind contact with primitives recalls not
only our childhood, but also our prehistory, and with the Germanic races this means a
harking back of only twelve hundred years.  The barbarous man in us is still
wonderfully strong and he easily yields to the lure of his youthful memories.
Therefore he needs very definite defenses.  The Latin peoples, being older, don’t need
to be so much on their guard, hence their attitude toward the Negro is different from
that of the Nordics.”

3 thoughts on “More on Jung and Aryan Psychology

  1. Gene says:

    The Nordics and Native Americans had similar aspects as far as life style and affection for the land as well religion to their cultures. As the JEWES and African negroids do still today, both are destructive apes that murder at will and steal, who some of are very cunning not to mention they are both mostly RH+ research this, but I will tell you it is a micro biologic test for DNA held in your blood why they use Reese’s monkeys I can’t tell you.

  2. bigbeninjersey says:

    An interesting post, thank you. Saved the PDF as well. Have you read Jung’s “Flying Saucers?”

  3. thewhitechrist says:

    THanks. Took a bit of doing to find it, and save to disk. It would seem an English-language Dissertation, for a PhD given in Germany, on issues that Germans are still squeamish about, is the LAST thing a free-access download would want to allow!

    Hope all is well. I have not heard from you in a while. Thought I’d peruse your blog.
    – Fr. John+

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