keep an eye on my twitter feed , right sidebar- It will just be random stuff, sometimes news , sometimes stuff I find I want to share- yesterday I put a link to a research survey that paid 75 bucks to web designers if you qualify, right now there is a free magazine link up- no trials, no credit card BS. Here’s a couple more you might enjoy. Hey, you aren’t paying ZOG for it. You might set up an email account specifically for stuff like this- some offers will make you confirm so entering a fake one might not be a good idea. Anyway none of the ones I put up ask for a credit card or suggest it is a trial. It’s just free. Really. But in the future I will put this kind of thing in the twitter link and not here, probably will zap this post into oblivion in a day or so.


Forbes…?aid=CD744  Town & Country

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