This happened in Alameda county (bay area). Suicidal white guy in his 50’s is out there, the water is shallow, the elderly mother calls for help, all the ‘first responder’ people show up, but like the guy said in the second video, they couldn’t save him because they didn’t have certification for land/water rescue or some BS. So, they watched the guy (Raymond Zack) for about an hour until the cold water got him and he probably passed out and drowned. I guess even after that they wouldn’t even get him, because a young woman who is a nurse swam out there and dragged him back.  I guess we really can’t rely on The Man, now can we?

Some are saying it is some covert type of protest because of budget cuts – I can’t imagine things being that evil- but is it somehow meant to scare people that if they don’t get their money, they won’t save you? They make decent money and pensions as is. Not saying (before today anyway) they don’t deserve it, but if they think this is the way to ask for more …of course they will come up will all this stuff about changing policy, but gee, that doesn’t help Mr. Zack much. Was there a racial component? Would there be more of a hue and cry if Zack were black and not a middle-aged white guy? I’m not sure, but we do know they didn’t try to save him,  they watched as he drowned, and they didn’t even retrieve his body.

and here’s some bullshit apologetic- passing the buck, Buck? and it’s ‘loses their life’,  not  ‘looses’.

It’s freaking shallow out there, like 6′ and it isn’t rough seas, it’s a placid part of the bay. Some young woman went out there and dragged his body back in and not one of them could say ‘eff this, I’m not going to stand here and watch him die.’ WTF?

“The political process made a decision that the cost was to much for the risk that the Firefighters would actually need to be trained to make this rescue. Management made a decision that the risk was to great to allow a Firefighter to get into the water because they knew their personnel were not trained. That is why the policy was written…..”  (oh you are soo full of shyt)

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