Let’s hope this happens. 

They should just take it further and just finish off ALL Bratz period. A big Bratz bonfire. If that can’t be arranged, an incinerator would probably be better for air-quality concerns. The idea behind these little abominations is that their appeal lies in their almost direct polarity with Barbie.  Barbie at least didn’t start out to be ghetto. Not sure what she’s like these days. She had for the most part decent clothes, a pad, a car, and eventually she got a job. Oh yeah, her boyfriend was White. How ‘retro’ , how unmulticulti. Actually, that is how most normal people are.  Creating aspirations to hoodratdom through dollies is Not Normal. Let’s face it, Bratz are Low End. You can easily imagine of them having One of Those Kind of Names. They’re so ghetto maybe children in the wild in Africa should ‘adopt’ them a la Madonna et al.  to bring them some culture. The Baby Bratz line is especially creepy. Encouraging this kind of indirect disrespect and sexualization of young kids and marketing it to parents as ‘cool’  is just sick and wrong period.

Report from Austrilia  on what is called Corporate Pedophilia : http://www.tai.org.au/documents/downloads/DP90.pdf


RIVERSIDE, California: Barbie-maker Mattel Inc. filed court papers asking a federal judge to block its competitor MGA Entertainment Inc. from making or selling Bratz dolls.


A Riverside, Calif., jury in August awarded Mattel $100 million in copyright infringement and contract damages. Mattel had argued that the pouty and multiethnic Bratz dolls that MGA started selling in 2001 are substantially similar to drawings made by a former Barbie doll designer. The same jury found that designer Carter Bryant made the sketches when he was at Mattel in 1999 and 2000.


Previous post : https://silentconsort.wordpress.com/2008/07/19/bratz-custody-battle-larian-vs-mattel-vs-bryant/

 “I am disappointed but not surprised at Mattel’s actions here,” said Isaac Larian  http://www.playthings.com/article/CA6601142.html?industryid=47324

The bad news:  Perhaps this is happening because people know these vile things are about to be purged from the earth, and they want to sell them after they  hopefully become rare, thinking after they are Officially Extinct , they wiol be more valueable. No, some stuff is Actually Rare AND valueable, whereas other stuff is always crap, rare or not, just an artifically imposed value put upon it. If you paid 12.95, 99 cents or 150 bucks or more, you got ripped off.


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