Election: OK, everyone is calling everyone a racist. Colder weather. Pumpkin patches. At least we weren’t on Quantas recently during a repeated surprise nosedive.  http://www.airsafe.com/podcasts/show72-qantas-interview.mp3 . Chinese guy giving horrifying account of living through recent incident where people actually got hurt out of what was blamed on ‘turbulence’ but other articles say ti was ‘decompression’. I don’t know enough about this stuff – As you can tell, I’m still a chicken shit total spazz about planes. I know, other modes of transport are also  or more dangerous and/or more expensive.

  TSA from the movie  ‘Soulllll Plane’.




                                                     Strache and Haider

Joerg Haider, who catapulted his rightist anti-immigration party into a powerful force with sharp attacks on rivals and provocative praise of the Nazi era, died Saturday in a car accident. He was 58. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2008/10/11/international/i022032D99.DTL&feed=rss.news



Comparison of Google Chrome browser vs Iron. Iron is based on the same fast technology as GC but without all the bad tracking stuff, see chart at link. Site in English and German. I posted a while back about google chrome but turned out not to use it much, I guess I am used to all the little arrows and words having ‘learned the net’ primarily on Netscape.

http://www.download.com/The-Election-2008-Political-Ticker/3000-2164_4-10708364.html political ticker that runs across top of screen – can set it to watch various issues, parties, news feeds, keywords in google news etc. Fairly unobtrusive, has a search box-It seems to cycle some stories for a while, then get a new batch. The google news portion of it works well in finding stuff to scroll that includes keywords, but so far it appears to only configured to accept three separate keywords- tried with commas- no-go.

if I forgot to tell you about this for firefox, you will use it and it will save you typing time, it basically fills in what you are probably looking for and has a drop down feature that suggests other related stuff.  http://www.customizegoogle.com/


Some of you might like this if you can read it- There is a summary in English,  the point of my posting it is not what exactly she is writing about, with the media portayals/imagery, but the idea looking at Historically Always Evil  (you know, like Germans) people and events in a more than one-dimensional way- even if the writer of the thesis is not suggesting anything positive or negative, dances on the line of something questioning established media memes-

Nazi Germany in movies – media myth or reality?  http://idw-online.de/pages/de/news282177

Publication type: Doctoral thesis
Language: Swedish [sv] with a summary in English [en]
Description File size Format
Fulltext 2319Kb PDF (requires Acrobat Reader)


The study follows the tradition of Cultural Studies, with a special interest in visual culture, and examines how history is being represented in different media, how these representations are interpreted by the audience, and how the outcome functions in the individual knowledge-building about this particular era. Here the notion of what is often called a collective, or cultural, memory, is important; both as a vehicle for a dominant discourse on memory and as a counterpart to individual memory, which might be more or less in agreement or opposition with the dominant.


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