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Apparently the Peta-people (animal protection) aren’t keen on the whatever the chicken slaughtering ritual.

I thought PETA was more of a hippie-chick college thing, but upon further research I discovered the animal rights umbrella is a lot bigger than previously thought. Like Dita Von Teese (Marilyn Manson’s ex and goth/retro model)  I know, I thought that couldn’t be true, she must wear fur  having a liking for the old style of  clothing etc., and we won’t even talk about leather, but…it’s true!


I like animals, I have had  ‘in the wild’ pet deer. I watched a baby seal on the beach for hours waiting for the marine people to come get it. But….. I’m not an ‘Animal Activist’.  I still eat  meat- not eating it much more a matter of health, age, taste and economics more than a political statement, and though it would be really hard to eat something I once had as a pet, I’d do it to survive. I own leather boots , coats, bags, have some fur on a few items, so PETA would not be pleased with that. I only have inherited goldfish as pets. I don’t worry about dog parks. Not a “I don’t eat anything with a face”  types- saw that on a bumpersticker.   Even so, I say if you are going to kill it, at least eat it. Kill for self-defense, or food, not for kicks or ritual sacrifice. There are penty of other ways to atone than making some helpless creature do it in your stead.

I’m telling you all this because I want you to know I’m not putting this up because I’m One Of Them, one that harbors ethno-loyalty AND a secret PETA person. Nope. I can’t believe what so-called humans do to each other. When we see this, we often remark “Animals! They’re just like animals! ” Usually animals act violently in self-defense or to simply survive, not just because they can.  Maybe we need an Animals for the Ethical Treatment of People. AETP? Or, the UnEvolved for Respecting  Homo-Sapiens. URHS?

Sometimes I even feel guilty that I’m not as into these causes as a lot of people out here.  I’m more concerned with the slaughter happening in the endless illegitimate Iraq war, drive-by shootings, illegal aliens offing people in SF and the general malaise and lies that are perpetrated and perpetuated in the media that makes us all sick  than for chickens and bunnies. Gotta admit though, in actually looking at what they are protesting- it IS pretty disgusting, this kapparot slaughtering. Eww. They swing the chicken over their heads, then kill it. Supposedly this atones for their sins and by sundown they are pure again. Some articles say the ritual’s origins are pagan. Maybe ancient pagan.  In my 20’s I knew wicca-pagan people and a lot of them were vegetarians- I certainly never saw anything get slaughtered, or killed, ritually or otherwise. A bunch of fat hippie-liberal types dancing around maypoles seems pretty mild compared to this Jacob-The-Ripper-esque  stuff.

Websites say this ritual/day is for atoning for sins between you and God, not between you and anyone in particular. People who disparage PETA say they extremist, but I don’t think I have heard them called ‘haters’ or ‘anti-carnivortic’. They have reasons why they believe what they do, and  even though others don’t agree, I don’t think they take the crap that nationalists do, or the name-calling- and they don’t have the beef industry or the HDL (hamburger defense league) putting up lists of ‘Scary Evil Peta People to Keep an Eye On’ , etc. Even though some think they are nuts, or too worried about creatures over their own well-being- they are not villified. Like us.

http://www.forward.com/articles/11506/ Orthodox willing to toss chicken slaughter ritual.


NYC rabbi reports threats from PETA supporters over ritual chicken slaughter

NEW YORK — New York City police are investigating a rabbi’s complaint about getting thousands of threatening emails from supporters of an animal rights group

Rabbi Shea Hecht of the National Committee for Furtherance of Jewish Education says the emails concern the ritual slaughter of chickens before the Yom Kippur holiday.

They appeared to have been sent by supporters of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Police say some people added threatening and anti-Semitic comments to an online PETA form letter.

Hecht’s Brooklyn-based organization slaughters about 4,000 chickens each year.

A PETA spokesman says the ritual is abusive and unnecessary.


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