If you have a high speed connection, you might like this.   It does work ,you  need to have  the Net Framework for Microsoft- free at Microsoft or do a google search if it pops up saying you need this additional update to windows, I installed that without even rebooting my PC and retried the installation- then it was fine. There are all kinds of categories, movie and TV. They’ve got documentaries!$ 

has more info, screen shots, reviews

Different from torrents-no azureus, no bittorent, no file-sharing peer to peer BS siphoning your bandwidth- all the downloading is in the player itself- offers you a choice between streaming and regular downloading

Disclaimer: Not saying I promote or agree with all content  that is available on this thing.

Software review  and description above

One thought on “Free Movies! Another goodie for blog visitors

  1. here’s the net largest collection of free movie

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