Mommy Mattel gets the 13-year-old baby’s mama hooker dolls-for now-  but another baby’s daddy claims he is the actual daddy. Wow this is just like the Maury show. Maybe they should do a DNA test.

The jury also found that MGA Chief Executive Isaac Larian had interfered with Mattel’s contractual relationship with Bryant and that both he and his company were liable for “conversion,” the term used for industrial theft.

Larian pictured. Articles keep saying he is ‘Iranian’, but he is jewish.

But not so fast if you think Barbie was born of a gentile (why am I thinking of Damian: The Omen at this moment?)

Perhaps it is no accident that this new, aspirational doll had a Jewish creator. After all, back in 1959, Mattel co-founder Ruth Handler — the daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants — created Barbie.

Isaac Larian, traveling in Africa at press time, was unavailable to comment. Back in 2005, however, he told Business Week magazine, “Kids don’t want to play with Barbies anymore.” Yeah well, no one wants to play with YOU anymore Isaac- and Carter Bryant  wants his marbles back cause it ain’t over yet…

It ain’t over  yet- There’s  this other guy , Carter Bryant who is mentioned in many of the articles as the guy who  did sketches and came up with the ‘Bratz’ name. Hence more lawyers. Oy Gevaltz.
Description: Carter Bryant claimed that the developed Bratz dolls during breaks in employment with Mattel but Mattel claimed that he developed the designs for the dolls while working for it and claimed that it was entitled to the money made by MGA from the sale of the dolls.

Date: 07-18-2008

Case Style: Carter Bryant v. Mattel, Inc.

Case Number: 2:04-cv-09049-SGL-RNB

Mattel climbed $2.38, or 13 percent, to $20.66 on Friday, the biggest gain since October 2002.

I know, how about we RECYCLE ALL of them?

Do little girls really need skeezy dollies like this? Parents, please don’t buy this crap for your child, no matter which company gets the rights .

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2 thoughts on “Bratz Custody Battle: Larian vs Mattel vs Bryant-

  1. Kathy says:

    They are just toys for Pete’s sake – get over it. Way too many people with too much time on their hands and not enough real issues (or people) in their lives.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Articles keep saying he is ‘Iranian’, but he is jewish.” –> He is an Iranian Jew you idiot. Just because someone is Iranian doesn’t mean they are not Jewish. Here’s a little study lesson for you: Judaism is a religion, Iranian/Persian is a race. Get it right.>>

    >> I think people coming here (mostly) are hip to that, Anon. Kathy can suck it.

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