I will probably put more of these kind of links up in the future , but this should keep you busy should you want something else besides music on walks, drives, etc.  You probably know this, but one does not  need an IPOD or other MP3 player to simply listen. If you wish to download and just listen on your computer, use your mouse and hover it over the links- if the page does not have a clear download link, usually there is something that says ‘listen’ or  similar- hover your mouse over these and look at the bottom of your browser screen as you do- when you find the one that ends in .mp3, you have found it- just use your right hand mouse clicker and highlight ‘save as’ or ‘save target as’ and save it to a place on your computer you will remember (you can make a folder on your desktop or wherever). Most of you know this already, but for those who don’t. Usually Itunes or Windows media player will play it. Once in a while the file might  be in another format like .wma or .ogg, but one of your players should be able to recognize it . Enjoy.

 these came from http://www.theshallowgenepool.com/

     The Hatred of Ron PaulThe seeming conditioned hatred of Ron Paul by Republicans and Democrats.

    Free Speech For Only The Proper Type Of Speech – Speech code censorship, the Fairness Doctrine and its effect on the internet and podcasting.

    So This Is KwanzaaDetails surrounding the creator of Kwanzaa and its violent roots. 

    Applying Affirmative Action to History  Misrepresenting the accomplishments of black inventors and scientists at the risk of tarnishing the reputation of all black inventors and scientists.

    Free Speech and Civility Part 2 – Political speech, civil debate and hatred.

    The Police StateJust a few common sense questions regarding the violations of freedom by police that we accept and a few sites that track police abusing their authority and civilians. 

Oy Vey: The Money changers pod cast  http://www.econtalk.org/archives.html


I found this months ago whilst combing the web for my writing on the FLDS situation. In one of these, can’t remember if it is in part 1, 2, or 3, this brutha tells the host how he would like to see Gladys Knight sing one of the Mormon songs, how he could like to see more expressiveness (you know, like in that movie ‘The Color Purple’ with all that clapping and singing stuff) instead of the reserved, respectful usual manner (read White) traditional LDS church deportment. This one is worth it for the hosts ‘tolerance’ and very Whitely and Delightfully humoring his guest.  http://mormonstories.org/?p=81


http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/briarwren/346455/ references many other sites for free audio books, podcasts,  HS resources

http://www.productivity501.com/free-academic-podcasts/78/ This one has everything from science to computing, to aviation, English lit.

http://www.audiobooksforfree.com/screen_main.asp just like the link says

http://www.simplyaudiobooks.com/Free_Audiobooks/dp/202/ more free goodies. Twain, Art of War,more.

http://www.oculture.com/2006/10/audio_book_podc.html  fiction, other categories

http://www.ejunto.com/ History and philosophy

http://skeptoid.com/episode_guide.php takes on scam stuff, get rich quick schemes, aliens,

Story of Siegfried- http://etc.usf.edu/lit2go/title/s/ssieg.html also click top banner for more, there are loads of kid’s stories here and the site is good about even mentioning what is the theme of the story (they don’t use the phrase ‘moral of the story’ , but you get the idea).

http://www.archive.org/details/comic_history_collab_librivox Archive.org and Librivox both have a huge collection- http://www.archive.org/details/librivoxaudio


http://www.logicallycritical.net/Episodes.html You won’t agree with him on everything- but isn’t that how it is for us almost everywhere?  Like his take on home school/diversity/illegals (and at times it almost appears like he is playing Devil’s Advocate- hard to tell-) , but many of us can relate to the utter lameness/incompetency  we consistently encounter every day.  A fun one was the rant on the inefficiencies/redundancy/un-user-friendliness of computers in ‘Silicon Slaves’.  Aside from content, it can also give people who are also into radio/podcasting an example of how he integrates sound effects/produces his podcasts. Sometimes he tends to get a bit carried away with the sound effects and his own cleverness, but at least you the guy is not slow, drunk, or talking about his pet Sharpei.

Introduction to what the hell this is about and then onto the episode where the 10 commandments duke it out with the 10 Amendments to determine if the US was founded as a Christian nation. And who is afraid of albino beavers?
Of course, the obvious solution to illegal immigration is to just send them back; but will that really work? Does that actually stop anyone? Does that actually save us money?
Stealing music. Is it all right to? Those old men who run Virgin records are rich beyond most people’s dreams. Surely, I should be allowed to stick it to them a little.
There’s plenty to fear in life from allergic reactions caused by bed-bug feces to backyard Ebola. Thankfully someone is trying to hide all this fear from you.
(This fixes a technical glitch from the first release) Sure homosexuals are an abomination in God’s eyes, but are his the eyes we should worried about? Are there other, secular, issues that concern this controversial topic?
Warning! This is a highly offensive religious topic. Don’t bother if you’re a fan of Jesus and all that he’s done for you.
Fairy tales exposed!
Episode 9: Pascal’s Wager Listener Favorite
Not the hydrodynamics formulas or the crappy programming language, but the gamble for your eternal soul!
Almost everyone is a specialist in their field today. Could this specialization come back to haunt us in the event of a world-wide disaster?
Home schooling vs. public schooling. Wasn’t it Al Bundy that said, “I know the score! I played home school football!”?
In the concept of the [censored]-centric universe, ask yourself how many people around you actually know
what the hell they’re doing?
Are we still scared by these ancient creatures?
It’s easy, and fun, to say someone is stupid when they don’t agree with your religious views, but is it really that simple?
Are your thoughts really your own? Are you sure?
This is an experimental episode. It’s a more-serious attempt at directly discussing steps to critically examine information. Call it Critically Thinking 101. Let me know is this is vaguely helpful.
A talking donkey, peeping tom, anal afflictions. The bible has it all. This purely-informational episode may enlighten you to some rarely-heard stories of the King James Bible. It’s just for fun. Enjoy!
How sure are you that the historical evidence you’ve believed in for so long is accurate?
Ad hominem, Straw man, False Correlation, Hasty Generalization. How not to make an argument.
Now the aliens know where we live.
If the “Law of Attraction” behind “The Secret” is true, how much hope is there for mankind?
A practical look at why SOME people just can’t get behind the idea that an all-powerful entity created us and is deciding everyone’s fate. And yes, I use atheist and non-believer interchangeably.
An unusually-lengthy meandering about computer issues that the average user should be completely intolerant.

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