“Oy Vey, I never meant for those videos to inspire any justifiably resentful goyim! really I didn’t!”

“The Amazing Racist” allegedly inspired this paramedic hazing event – Here’s a video as an example of the ‘tolerance’ and luvvvv he has for illegal aliens.

you remember the guy who drives around collecting illegals and drives them to immigration, goes to   a gas station to get gas for his cross, etc- I think this ‘Amazing Racist’ you tube  guy is jewish by the way, (Ari Shaffir) lots of people have posted his stuff on various forums

The fired paramedics reportedly downloaded it just before conducting their own little ceremony.

http://cbs11tv.com/national/nj.students.hazing.2.769461.html full story and video

Images Show Trainees At Univ. Of Medicine And Dentistry Wearing White Hoods, Robes

NEWARK, N.J. (CBS) ― A picture is sparking controversy after paramedics in New Jersey allegedly forced two interns to dress up in Ku Klux Klan robes and hoods during some sort of twisted hazing ritual, CBS station WCBS-TV in New York City.

2 thoughts on “New Jersey: Inspired by Ari Shaffir AKA the ‘Amazing Racist’- Paramedic ‘racist’ Hazing, 2 fired

  1. The Knights man says:

    Yeah he is awesome but jewish haha what the fuck?

  2. carol says:

    These so called “jokes,hazing.comedy…” are anything except funny,ethical,
    or comical. In fact it is unbearably painful for ma to even view these.I am a white person who finds absolutely nothing amusing at all about racism and it is imperative that we make a stand and refuse to tolerate any of this type of behaviour.
    I also saw the one where Ari Shaffir “hired “a group of men for work building a deck and then had them sit in the back of the truck and after racing over speed bumps he drives up to immigration and laughs hysterically as they run.
    He then calls them names.
    This man should not be honoured in any way and hopefully people will choose not to purchase any of his works or see his so called comedy show.
    Frankly -he should be in prison

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