DeFoe at the Pillory

It is interesting how sources many use try to paint DeFoe , saying his piece ‘The True-Born Englishman’ was merely satire, how it was poking fun at the nationalist stance. I’m not so sure of that.

 Here he speaks of the Devil -scroll to 188

 ” The rest by Deputies he rules as well,
         And plants the distant colonies of Hell.
         By them his secret power he maintains,
         And binds the world in his infernal chains.
            By Zeal the Irish, and the Russ by Folly:
         Fury the Dane, The Swede by Melancholy;
         By stupid Ignorance the Muscovite;
         The Chinese by a child of Hell called Wit.
         Wealth makes the Persian too effeminate,
         And Poverty the Tartars desperate;

         The Turks and Moors by Mah’met he subdues,
         And God has given him leave to rule the Jews”

Does that sound very multi-culti accepting to you? ‘Anti-semitic’ even? That said, in some of this verse he touts personal virtue above race, but most groups he mentions are  European. It is something to see how one can look at something out of the general context- how people lived, who they were surrounded with, who even counted in the discussion and who didn’t, and turn what they say this way or that according to what suits their particular beliefs. For example:

 Daniel DeFoe also said, “There are some people in the World, who, now they are unperched, and reduced to an equality with other people..”

 Umm, Like US, Dan?


But, says another hot and cold Objector, This is renewing Fire and Faggot! reviving the Act, De heretico comburendo! This will be cruelty in its nature! and barbarous to all the World!

(In today’s world, this would be the voice of the ‘open-borders’ Tolerate Everything crew, the Committee on Everlasting White Guilt, et al)


  I answer, It is cruelty to kill a snake or a toad in cold blood, but the poison of their nature makes it a charity to our neighbours, to destroy those creatures! not for any personal injury received, but for prevention; not for the evil they have done, but the evil they may do!

 Serpents, toads, vipers, &c., are noxious to the body, and poison the sensitive life: these poison the soul! corrupt our posterity! ensnare our children! destroy the vitals of our happiness, our future felicity! and contaminate the whole mass!….

I do not prescribe Fire and Faggot! but as SCIPIO said of Carthage, Delenda est Carthago!

They are to be rooted out of this nation, if ever we will live in peace! …It would be more rational for us, if we must spare this Generation, to summon our own to a general massacre: and as we have brought them into the World free, to send them out so; and not betray them to destruction by our supine negligence, and then cry “It is mercy!”

 The preceding could be used as an argument against the melting-pot , which is growing ever more rancid by the day, and for doing away with the mistaken ‘ Whites must save the world, welcome the world and repent, repent, repent! ‘ mentality. I must summon the embarrassing disclaimer that I did not learn much history or politics, having been discouraged away from such- only the professors usual litanies  of indoctrinating us with other things :    


“Corporations are bad, White men are bad, the Church is bad, Hitler is bad, carbohydrates are bad..

 white sugar is bad, white milk is bad, basically anything before civil rights and feminism..bad! Oh,  I do have to warn those who identify as female-gendered: You may want to try to find a parking place somewhere on the street as unfortunately we have had a rash of rapes in the last month, we cannot give you a description nor a sketch of the assailant caught by the cameras because of the Indigenous Rapist Hate Protection Act…so , be careful out there. Also,  tomorrow is Anchor Baby Blankets and Bag Lunches for the Border day, so remember to bring something suitable, like you would have wanted for the children you won’t be having.”

 Interesting that in the days of old , one would not hear talk like  ‘Whatever shall we do?’ or  “It’s just too overwhelming, we can’t do anything about it”,  “We’ll worry about that tomorrow.” regarding problems such as the, wait. The situation with the border would have been remedied long ago, with a wall and armed soldiers like they have in occupied Palestine. No one would have hired Mexicans to work in their homes, there wouldn’t be  great government handouts, let alone sympathy/debate regarding those breaking the law.  Sure, they might have gone overboard, but at least they were decisive and not wishy-washy about meting out punishments and coming up with innovative and effective actual deterrents.

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