The regulars to my blog, you’re all going to infiltrate this debacle , right?

Should I pass out CDs of my rants to these self-hating dorks without a cause (or clue)?

 (ranting about “privilege” , Career-mommies whining about nannies, immigration, race is not a construct, illegals getting  mortgage loans and other stuff)

recorded this earlier in the month, there’s a couple more already recorded sitting around someplace, so there should be more to come soon. 

There’s also this one, also from about a month ago,  

but I think got put up last week, which is  the triad of  “Lord Nelson” , “Truck Roy” and myself- informal discussion style . Roy seems to be very calm most of the  time, Lord Nelson is  kind of middle of the road,  and  I’m probably the  “bad cop”  of the three.  I don’t like that my dang mic was up too loud, and some  other stuff I did on there  either out of nervousness , having a bad day, who knows . I can’t be the same all the time, and then I hate it that I can’t even totally  control that. Have to get over  obssessing  , that I’m not always going to be the same on every show just try to not do the things that are really   super annoying …   arghhhh ..  ahhh well, I’m not trying for  mainstream media punditry, or to be the biggest  bad-ass on the  block,  I’m still  a  woman first,  sometimes I can do these things in a  teacher-like , sensible shoes way, and other times I just  can’t.  I worry I might actually  cry someday  on an interview with someone, just  from whatever we are talking about . I’ve got my keyboard , can still can cook a lot of  good stuff , and am very good at  teaching kids  critical thinking skills , even if I am not a  super -wiz at  being a talk show guest.

5 thoughts on ““White Privilege” Conference, audios

  1. Matt says:

    Do you really think those people are worth spending time on? It seems like a probable waste of energy and resources to me. The speakers are our sworn enemies, clearly, and any White student who’s willing to attend would have to be filled with self-hate.

    If you do decide to go and pass out CDs or literature, consider the target audience. Most of them have never held real jobs, paid taxes, or been subject to the injustices of affirmative action in the workplace. Maybe you could find (or make)a CD/pamphlet on issues that affect students directly, like scholarships (tons for minorities, very few for Whites, or racial preferences for admissions to grad school(that should bother some of them). I also think it would be better received if the language mirrored typical campus “liberal-speak”. It could be framed as an issue of White students as the underdog, suffering social injustice. It’s worked well for Palestinians on campus.

  2. Matt, I was being sarcastic, which doesn’t translate well over the net. I wouldn’t really do that. However, it would be kind of a funny cluster^%* if say certain not-so-privileged Whites showed up at something like this with signs like “no health care” or “I was robbed last night” etc.. to illustrate the “privilege” population is not as large as they purport it to be, but has nasty implications as far as “trickle-down” effect on working-class Whites, who are more adn more losing real wages and unable to pay their bills because of illegals and this vilification and mythology of privilege existing for all of us.

  3. Matt says:

    D’oh! I missed the sarcasm. Probably because at one time I would have been quick to canvass this sort of event with fliers, relishing the inevitable conflict. Eventually I realized that I was just tilting at windmills. Our uniform-wearing comrades might brand me as less militant, but now I prefer to pick battles that I actually have a chance of winning. At 20, pitched battles against the odds (like duking it out with commies, city marches, that kind of thing) were awfully exciting. Truth be told, it appealed to my romantic side as well. But over time it led to disillusionment, since failure was all but guaranteed. Sometimes the publicity that came made it all seem worthwhile, but it was so fleeting, and more importantly I don’t think we changed many people’s minds about White issues. These days my activism consists mainly of talking to other Whites one-on-one, in a reasonable manner. No uniforms, no racial epithets, just a normal guy. And you know what? It works. Folks aren’t scared off since I’m “one of them”, and generally seem to be much more receptive to the message. It’s not as glamorous or exciting as street marches (and maybe there’ll be a time for that again), but it feels like progress, even if it’s slow. Anyway, I’m rambling. Meh.

    Back to this conference for a sec- This kind of ultra lefty event is ripe for pranks and black propaganda. Maybe it needs an endorsement from NAMBLA…

  4. I wonder how “privileged” Hillary feels these days?
    It’s not off-topic , really. She and Bill prob worked for or contributed to various black causes , etc., and now look, even TEXAS votes almost 50% for whatshisname. She may have ‘liberal privileged’ herself out of (would-be) office. Ahh harsh irony, such a cruel mistress she is.

  5. LoveToLearnOtherCultures says:

    The White Privilege Conference ideas are being used at the college level. The label is Multicultural classes at the college level. University of Delaware threw it out as a program used on students living on campus. Seattle school district threw out the multicultural division after children being sent to the conference. But the community colleges love the program in the Seattle area.

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