artificial intelligence tries to guess stuff about you by what picture you prefer, the brain icon turns pink and then makes pronouncements  about things the AI has discerned , supposedly.

It seems pretty random, but it is fun in a keep your eye-brain-occupied-Madam-Fortune-teller-silly-kind-of-way.

I mean, they put  apicture of roadkill next to a cute baby, come on.

Can of Coke versus a swat team.  Pretty landscapes versus artsy-fartsy closeups of say , computer chips.  Then they put random pictures of people versus landscapes to prob see if you will pick people over “things”, if you pick  the things over enough people they up the ante, they start with cute kids,  then if you reject the cute kids enough times, they put a really  attractive man or hot woman next to a thing to see if you will  finally pick the person  , that must be the tie-breaker. I know, get a life, but it’s better than beating the kids when you have haven’t slept good, and therefore dont want  to read, horrible cramps  and don’t want to move at all. . …

One thought on “Artificial “Intelligence” : Ain’t Nuthin Like the Real Thing, Baby

  1. Matt says:

    The Brain was wrong! I’d much rather be a pirate than a ninja. :) Kinda fun, anyway.

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