Disclaimer: Before I start my Uber-Rant – let me say this is not a rejection of ‘sustainable’ or ‘green building’ or what is called “‘nfill’ -making use of ALREADY developed areas. I am all for less consumption –


Good guy: http://www.mkd-arc.com/homes/glidehouse/

ecological, simple, natural, healthy, beautiful , non-wasteful, uses solar, and also is not promoting monster/vulgar size –


The Ghettoization of Suburbia , Subsidized Forced Integration .

Hey, everyone deserves to live in a good , healthy, non-violent place -away from their own!and tax-payer funded!- Whatwhatwhat? You *don’t” want ghetto in your condo? YOU EVIL NAZIRACISTHATER! -what once was ‘mean-spirited’ is now ‘RACIST!’ , which as I said in a recent post, harkens back to the language of  Mommmmyyy! Those kids are being MEAN. They’re EXCLUDING ME!  but now, it is not just crying to one’s mommy, it is INSTITUTIONALIZED.

Kid shot and paralyzed by Drive-by shooting :



 see PDF link above for best cities where the bruthas can get free stuff


You want this crap in your town?

MADE-UP word : INCLUSIVENESS- real translation : YOU HAVE NO CHOICE.

 You are such pussies that you are afraid to be called names , you would rather endanger your own children, your family , your property, the general well-being of other good people in the community. Ghettos that never get any better? Answer: Housing vouchers! That way the ghetto can come to nice neighborhoods,and because of market-rate or above voucher amounts, it also has the double effect of providing incentives for landlords who would otherwise avoid these types as tenants, and thus because of high voucher amounts , it also raises market rents for people who do pay! Your daughter doesn’t already have at least one half-whatever toddler? or wear a hair net like she is in a a south central LA gang? Loser parents you are ! How are we ever going to hold hands and sing Kum Bah Yah at the Great Multicultural Music Hall if you don’t become more INCLUSIVE…and stop all this NIMBY-ISM ?

You want your daughter sneaking this into her room?!!?
movie scenescene from ‘Wassup Rockers’

So… When ‘smart-growther’s come to your town -and they will- with their luxury condos and mixed use shops/lofts-when they say mixed-use -that is code for condos with a % set aside for section 8 and vouchers, same with ‘higher-density’  and ‘walkability’ Gee, I can walk just fine as is! and ‘livibility’. They will host  little meetings they call charrettes  basically a sales pitch hoping to convince you that they really are going to make things ‘better’ . Yeah, dorks, better for THEM!, glossy brochures with cute houses and shops, do not go for it. These developers get a huge tax break for providing at least 20% or more of the housing to ghetto/voucher/section 8, and they get incentives like higher buildings, looser building requirements with parking, size of units, etc. as well as the vouchers being for market rate or higher rents-

Illegal alien has third  kid, gets preg with 4th, on section 8 free or extremely cheap rent in a 4 bedroom house in Napa, CA  – the wine country where Francis Ford Coppola has an estate- the owners of the building want to get section 8 breeder out, can’t, end up paying out welfare mama 18K.  AND..they must go through the brainwashing classes !

“They must undergo fair-housing training and implement nondiscrimination policies for all their rental properties in the state.”   What?!  That illegal should have been deported along with the anchor kids. It should be illegal to rent to illegals, let alone give them government benefits. Is the state of CA smoking crack?

ghetto kids

                        You white working wage slave or even successful person with money, when this comes to town, you won’t have any say about it, they will move right next to you , or on top of you , and your hard-earned life will suddenly become filled with noise, fighting, slamming of doors, yelling out of windows and down hallways, dirty diapers hung on doorknobs in plastic shopping bags, non-stop thumping rap music and/or TV turned up loud coming through your wall, and other never-ending disrespect for shared spaces, which some people don’t get that condos/apartments/du/tri/plexes are. They just know you won’t do anything about it, because you’re WHITE and White People are afraid, White People are “nice” , they don’t like to stir the pot, hence, the big, rude, Chip-on-the-shoulder AND? look you will get when you are caught in a moment of watching the horror unfold.

Oh, and your schools will start to suck, local businesses will go elsewhere driven away by crime and theft… check cashing and liquor stores will take their place! Can’t wait! ,test scores will obviously go down, which will make your property value go down  because people want to live where the schools are ‘good’ and we all know what that means. Your kids will get their ass beat, lunch money stolen, and all the various and sundry problems that come with ‘diversity’ and this idea that we can ‘fix the poor situation’ and its associated social ills by simply moving them amongst civilization, part of what they call ‘Re-distribution of Wealth’,

drive by Got Inclusiveness?

A way to avoid this is to form local, vocal anti-development groups to keep this crap out . Sometimes there will be an environmental feature you can use, like some kind of endangered species, but you can fight it BEFORE they try to breeze into town talking about “revitalization” and how it will make all this money in property taxes for your city. It won’t , tax money for cities comes from taxes on products and services, not property tax, that % is very small, and in new developments, it almost all goes right back into what is called a redevelopment agency, because they promised to build a library or a town square – that stuff won’t be in writing, but even if it is, is it worth your area being wrecked by higher crime, unsupervised kids, much more noise, loud music, etc? No one wants THAT, but that is what is included in the package!, hence we have :


The irony in all this is that when it comes to housing, liberals are the main support for voucher programs to house low income people. But over the years, while the Republicans have occasionally given housing voucher programs like Section 8 lip service, they usually are the first programs on the chopping block. Why? Effective housing voucher programs are also effective income and race integration programs, and many landlords in suburban areas would rather see their apartments stay empty that rent to people who are not the same class or race as those already living there.

 Even with higher than market rate rent, that sec-8 provides to landlords and tax incentives, it appears some owners still do not want this on their property. Gee, is it because they suspect these people will wreck it? “Oh. My. GAWD.” The rainbow people will say, just like Kramer’s audience:  “How RACIST! !”

but wait, did I SAY … any particular race?  OOps, the name-callers just got “owned” ,to use hacker-speak- They immediately used their own knowledge and experience and came to their own conclusions about who the landlords don’t want there. Now why would they automatically assume it was a racial thing , Hmm why would they immediately jump to particular groups when they think about noise and chaos and not maintaining stuff even at a minimal level?

Why would they think race first?  Because it is true?  Oh. My. God. I can’t believe she said that. That is just so impolite.

Think about that. No, the name-callers came to that conclusion all on their own, because they know it’s true. The above blogger tries to soften the word race with prefacing it with ‘class’ , but we all know it isn’t the poor elderly immigrant Mrs Kerplopovich and her daughter, son-in-law and baby that the landlord is worried about moving in .

What’s the next step so that they can force  divershyttyAKA force poverty, crime, noise, fear, violence upon us? Have you ever had a landlord or property manager look at you like you were their long-lost sister, or like they were having some kind of encounter with the divine, they are so happy to see you? I have.

The first time this happened to me was many years ago, even with my father accompanying me and toddler in tow. It’s happened since as well, and not only by White people, an Asian seemed even more thrilled. At the time, I just thought they were oh-so-friendly people .  I look back and I know the truth. They were happy I was White, period. They knew it. I knew it.  Their relief was palpable.

There are ways around this if one must live in an apartment/condo : either buy/rent with other like-minded people – they call it ‘tenants in common’ or ‘co-op’ who have stable income/family ties/not obnoxious/no drugs/ not leaving their kids alone or having the 8 r old watch the 5 and 2 year old while mom goes to the club. Also, look into historic preservation of old structures, houses, restaurants – you can fight the ghetto condo developers with that.  The builder/developer has to have the ghetto/voucher residents allowed in for ten years to get the little tax breaks- That is for new developments, I don’t know if this applies to existing structures.

If you still live in a half-way decent area and want to keep it that way , you have to ACTIVELY FIGHT IT . You may have to align yourself with people you might not otherwise associate with to do it. You might not agree on other things they believe in, you might not even like them, but no matter, you want to keep your living space crime and chaos-free, you have to do it. You might have to put in extra hours at your kids school in order to keep your school high demand on parents, or encourage or institute parental volunteers , which makes undesirables not want to send their kids to that school ( usually too much work for nonwhites) . Oh and be careful of the names of these various groups, you might think the name means against but it is  actually for , such as ‘citizens for responsible development’ or the like – the agenda is just promoting more development of these ‘affordable housing’ condos under the guise of ‘oh, if we say they have to put a tree here, or make the structure so high, it will be ok’, you know , that still doesn’t keep the area from turning to crap, it is the PEOPLE that determine the way the neighborhood works, not the neat-o landscaping or  architecture. Keep your eye out for code word adjectives.

Yes, there are ways to keep things as they are, which is NORMAL and PEACEFUL, but you have to do stuff to keep it this way. You have to approach the  development people with a skeptical eye and not buy into the lie that it will be some kind of revitalization”panacea. It won’t be, folks. It will suck. More people and ‘higher density’ is hardly ever better and usually worse. These big corporate developers aren’t going to live where you do, they probably aren’t even from the area, what the hell do they care happens to your town? Their little plan is in THEIR interest, not yours.There are studies done on overcrowding and it usually results in more crime,more noise and more stress.

Why They Hate Suburbia –

developers seek to sell “community,” and understand buyers as wanting to “be friends with all these people who are similar to [their] background” (Blakey and Snyder 1998: 69). It should follow that marketing strategies for new developments aim to represent the development as a community of individuals and families like the buyer along dimensions including age, class and race.  According to a 1998 piece in the Wall Street Journal, some African-Americans hide any indications that a Black family lives in their home—family photos, African art, etc.—when they place their homes on the market, and realtors may actually encourage this practice (Helliker 1998).

White Flight Destinations: Developments named ‘Plantation’ St. Johns County: The Plantation, in Ponte Vedra (perhaps the oldest—the golf course dates from 1986), Plantation Oaks at Ponte Vedra, and Stonehurst Plantation (St. Augustine); one in Clay County, Brannon Mill Plantation (Middleburg); and two in Jacksonville: Reedy Branch Plantation and Dunns Plantation.


from page 17 of above : “The caption reads, “I Love my Neighborhood.” In this instance, there is no representative of diversity—simply the White child, leisurely lying in the pool, in “her” neighborhood.”

No representative of  divershytty? Maybe that is why the kid is so happy! She knows she is not going to end up like Channon Christian!


Why do they hate suburbia?  The answer is not global warming, obesity,  promoting ‘walkability’, stopping sprawl, or any of this other made-up nonsense.
They want to destroy any last bastions of White Cohesiveness.If you are lucky enough to still have suburbia that hasn’t been wrecked by this crap,  defend it and tell them to go take their livability and walkability and shove it, you aren’t buying into their urban ,high density,affordable housing, mixed use scam. It is not  about you and what is good for your people. It ain’t about anything good for you and yours.  Just do not forget – you are the ones who have the power, not them, don’t let them pave over and re-zone your land for their insta-ghettos masquerading as hipster-pods.

Notice they never want to build anything for old people , or working class people who actually work, no, because that isn’t going to rake in the guaranteed government bucks/tax incentives. It’s not profitable. Don’t worry about them calling you names like nay-sayers or NIMBY’s- . To quote Deliverance, you can make them squeal like a pig on the way OUT the door of your town. They hate suburbia because they know suburbia is mostly white, probably Christian and homogeneous and sticktogetehrish.

They know that in “diverse populations” people do NOT meld and mesh but become more separate. Even whites become more separate and they want that.  Don’t let them, even if you have to use all kinds of reasons that are not the ones I have pointed out to do it. We’re not protectionist , nativist  and all these other retarded made-up words, it is THEY who are the carpet-bagger INTRUDERS!


commercial use property for residential ,or you will only get more big ugly condos and stuck together monster houses that all look alike. Listen for yourself who is advocating this and how viciously they attack Evil Suburbia -as in private house, land, and people who actually worked like dogs to get there and are in serious debt to AVOID the ills of the city-and how they want to make people actually have to pay developers to say NO to them ,  how these obnoxious types want to destroy your little enclaves any way they can and you tell me if you wouldn’t be as ‘protectionist ‘as myself and others that feel the same. They are not about save the trees , this will NOT stop sprawl – it will only wreck the areas they bring their crappy condos and mixed use lying language.


Further reading :




Furthermore, the advocates of New Urbanism are critical of housing provision in the form of large-scale social housing for the poor and a lack of diversity for everyone else.  “lack of diversity”? There’s something  I can live without. When was the last time you heard anyone move because of ‘lack of diversity’? As if White Flight does not exist.


This guy blames drive by’s and burlaries on suburbia and sub-prime mortages and foreclosures- , makes bizarre prediction suburbia will be the future ghetto and what people really want is to live in these ‘hi-density” ghettos. It’s all the fault of cars, global warming, peak oil etc., why we must build this crap, and oh, if we do, people will magically stop having to commute to their jobs and using gasoline. Come ON, we KNOW that is a CROCK. No, what is their problem is separation , desire f their or forced integration and the “redistribution of wealth’.

Yeah, like we want THAT. NOT. Read the lies for yourself-


Another resource is this documentary called “escape from suburbia” which starts off by making fun of life in the 1950’s, mom cleaning up, wearing an apron, kid playing safely outside. Yeah, that is so terrible, we should all be in lumped in high rises, with whoever else happens to get there, however they get there, and be happy about it. Say NO!


Main Entry:
white flight
: the departure of whites from places (as urban neighborhoods or schools) increasingly or predominantly populated by minorities

2 thoughts on “The Politics of Place: Suburbia, Section 8 /Vouchers, Zoning, Enforced Integration

  1. greg greene says:

    I’m not sure if this means you liked our documentary, or think it is part of the problem…

    have you watched the entire thing yet? because we try to deal with the race and class issues that were left unaddressed in our first doc The END of SUBURBIA.

    cheers and best regards from toronto, canada!

  2. Captainchaos says:

    Hey greg, did your documentary come to the conclusion that their are intrinsic racial differences in levels of intelligence and propensity to commit crimes?

    If not, it is just more unscientific, Marxist drivel that I could care less about.

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