little jew

Oy. I suppose if we (the great unwashed unkosher) asked for the

anti-Zionism or even “White People TV” channel, they’d probably say “Yeahhhhh….NO”. They’d say “That’s HATEFUL !OY VEY White people can never have anything to themselves or millions will die . NO TV for White people, NEVER AGAIN! You’re lucky we let Israel-friendly Christians have television! Now back in the box, GIMP!”

Actually their comment would be , in that supercilious way only the liberal rich can do very well, “I thought the rest of television WAS for White people” (means: Shut up, you have no legit gripe, we have our jewy TV and you can continue to feel guilty for (whatever, insert Evil White People crimes)..Nyah Nyah, you meshuganah goyim. And don’t ask for anything for yourselves again, you nazievilracisthaterpatriarchcalpowerstructureantisemiticgoodoldboynetworkkkk

I;m talking the real TV too, not just the internet site/ TV.

I bet it is on your cable plan, say everyone in your building has

“on demand” cable, you probably have this as well , just snoop around in the menu (which apparently only costs a dollar a month per house or apartment unit per “box” so don’t think if you are getting this gratis from your landlord that they shelled out big bucks for it) . They have several subsections of this Super_Jewy channel , one was a kid’s pogram where this guy Rick Recht plays guitar and sings to a puppet (imagine a Jewy Sesame Street) , anyway one of the lines was ” you can be anything if you’re a Jew” or something like that, then he starts with the obligatory firefighter and teacher but then quickly starts singing about being a veterinarian or paleontologist (I think there were at least 2 kinds of doctors) and other big bucks type careers. You don’t hear about being a paleontologist in the hood or the trailer park, Ricky ! Then there was some other wacky kids stuff, like mysteries with rabbis in full dress. Only it didn’t come across as the screwball comedy it wanted to be, it was just creepy, liek “The Stepford Rabbi’s” or something.
There are remote selectable subsections that are *only* about the US/Israel alliance , whole subsections devoted to analyzing the presidential candidates (though I am not sure I would believe anything , it was interesting all right) and the situation with Occupied Palestine (thought hey called it something else of course) . The Yarmulke-wearing pundits came down on Hillary hard because they said she was the FIRST (albeit 10 yrs ago) to bring up a “two-state solution” or anything to do with Palestinian rights, and they obviously saw that , according to the way they dealt with talking about her, that she was a threat and needed to GO. They didn’t outright call her the hysterical “Anti-Semite!” but they didn’t need to. No wonder Obama is doing so well, they see Hillary as not being Heeb-friendly enough. Hmmm. I guess she’s just a little too White, and they would rather promote someone with a Muslim background than even a liberal White. That certainly says something that they fear her in some way, they don’t trust her- sympathetic to a Palestinian, Oy Vey, burn Hillary at the stake! I am not sure if this segment can be found on the site , there is quite a lot of video there, but it is on the TV station itself.

One thought on “WhatWhatWhat? Shalom TV

  1. Looking for OJ golfing says:

    Has anyone ever actually tried to start a white oriented station?

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