The first part of this first is awful, but fast forward to about 4:00 in  

 The next one is an  ironic treatment on the privilege backpack theme that we think we can just have rainbow picnics and put minorities on TV,  and  in textbooks and government positions of power, and  that will magically make everything better. Was thinking, they’re not JUST mad at us for slavery per se, they are probably more mad at us for putting them into a system so alien to their way of life, one in which it would be almost impossible to assimilate. People tend to overlook that- it is usually simplified down to  ‘Europeans created all this, dammit’, which is true-but people often see this like we just got here, not taking everything from Europe with us- much of what we once had here was an amalgamation of various Euro-cultures that took thousands of years in the making- and we expected people taken out of a primitive culture to play ‘catch-up’. Sure this video is supposed to be funny, but it clearly illustrates the resentment blacks still feel- and who can blame them? One goes from the third world, without even the wheel or a written language- to an advanced society/super power?

This next highlights the theme of political correctness in the media- the themes of no matter how true a particular thing is, someone is bound to be offended.  I should say especially the more true it is. “The problem with your  pitch is that the show is racist…”  “Where exactly did he get the bike?”    “He stole it!”  “Right, that’s what I thought..” All of these are kind of a reverse-reverse psychology- mocking the politically correct memes as IF one is still touting the PC line and self-mocking, but really not.

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