Just  saw this- – http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/jul/10/first-racial-hatred-online-conviction  Sheppard gets 4 yrs, 10 months-Whittle 2 years , 4 months. This is the  crime,  that Sheppard and Whittle have and will contninue to do time for simply writing/speaking opinion.  In searching for web hosts who believe in the right to speak freely, who believe the internet is not just another medium of expression, like books or music, but is the method of mass expression to which all of the other methods are connected- the brain stem of free expression- I realize more than ever how we the people of the US take free speech for granted, and don’t realize what we want to  believe is a firm hold on free speech indeed might be a rather tenuous grasp.

Re:  the last posting –  free forum stuff is all right for learning software, but without hosting there seems to be no way to get around the ads and there is always the chance of getting booted for content on these freebie forums, even if one is not gratuitously or overtly  ‘hateful’- Why do I have to even ASK if they ‘allow’ free-speech ? The photo link-  I was pretty clear with what I  suggested. Do they mean they are OK with the kinds of things I have written about on this blog? Or do they mean within the safe borders of  mamby-pamby wussyspeak?

Sure, the companies are private- like a shop where one can refuse service to anyone for any reason, however, it is a different thing to say “hey you, I won’t serve you any more drinks as you are belligerent, spray-painting the walls and threatening people ” than it is for a food seller to say “Hey, too bad if you need to eat, I don’t like the looks of you , and someone else here might not either , someone who can pay more-so go get your food somewhere else or starve !”  Taking away internet freedom of speech is not just denying the hungry of food, it is like shutting down the grocer,  killing the livestock and leaving them to rot in the field. Of course not all will starve, some will continue to prosper in the pretend world of Equality Disneyland- a place where when one is a child, one thinks it is really Mickey or Goofy walking around, just like believing in mall Santas- but when one is grown, one knows it really only costumes and masks :Mickey and Santa are fictional characters.

If I don’t like MTV, or reality shows, or ‘E’  TV, or 99.9% of crap that is on cable, can I tell them that I don’t want any TV if this is the kind of degeneracy that makes and celebrates ‘White trash culture’. Are they going to yank MTV because some people, even a great amount of people don’t like it? Of course not- they would  shut the whole thing off and tell me if I wanted TV again, I would have to pay the set-up fee  again and own or rent a cable box.

It’s not ‘reverse discrimination’-a phrase is used when it applies to Whites, but it is incorrect- it’s just plain ol’ discrimination- one might define it as racial and political discrimination- they are trying to prohibit  us from having our own place, whether the place is used for serious discussion, myspace silliness or that akin to writing on the wall of a bar restroom- it matters not the context- they don’t want us to have it- and this has spawned a black market of sorts, where instead of the default being true free speech- the default is ‘don’t make anyone mad/offended’ and the exception is the webhost who will tell the complainers to get stuffed. Shouldn’t there be something in the contract with a webhost that says  “go ahead and sign up, but  sign up with the understanding you may not like every site that is hosted on our servers- knowing this, you agree to the contract that your contract is independent and binding regardless of knowledge of other sites hosted here either before or after contract..blah blah legalese…” – shouldn’t it be that way rather than the customer threatening the hosting provider?   The hosts who boot people off should be exposed – either they believe in free speech or they don’t. No , we aren’t talking illegal kiddie crap. We are talking unpopular political opinion.

What WN talk about is NOT illegal, yet it is treated as if it already is. When I say wussspeak- some might say that is what I am doing on this blog just because I might not use a particular epithet-or style it the same way they might. That is an incorrect accusation. If one gets at the truth and makes cogent points- it isn’t wussy. The problem isn’t me being the wussy, the problem is mainstream America being so Pavlovianly trained that if they see or hear something that sets off an association in their heads from a 48 hours special- the neural pathways shut down – they can’t absorb anything- they just go into freak out mode  ‘hate hate nazis fire fire  jews swine flu racism fear nooses  ebola  hate nword  judgement swastika virus market  klan burning crash  gas prices holocaust arghhhhhhhh!’ So what is the point in doing that when the effect is that yes, a lot of people can’t handle it, aren’t ready for it. That and the fact that while some people aren’t wussies, they know what is going on, or are beginning to, but don’t have a taste for crudity- or they find it juvenile or embarrassing, and they go away.

Why build something up if it can be easily taken down? I don’t want to do that.  Then there are  practical considerations- does the host offer any kind of set-up? Is there an additional fee for that? Do I pay monthly or yearly?  Can it handle mysql databases?  What is the bandwidth limit, and how many gigabytes of transfer power does one really need? What is considered a ‘good deal’ as far as costs? How does one know a ‘free-speech’ host is legit? Of course they all say they will cooperate with law enforcement- fine-that is to be expected- but I would rather not hand over cash to free-speech hosting fronts. How many times have WN been dropped off a site because a bigger customer/company/site has discovered they are sharing a server with a ‘hate site’ and whined/threatened the host? Because many hosting companies won’t touch anything controversial, so afraid are they that other clients will complain/drop them, a market has been created for hosting providers that won’t censor. Granted- sitting on one’s arse posting messages isn’t exactly the epitome of activism but what if those exchanges were more than faggy flame wars/I’m a bad-ass postring on the net/nyah-nyah/whee-look-at me/ stuff? What if those exchanges were mature, high quality and actually going somewhere?

What if there really were free-speech without the whiners gettings sites shut down?  I suppose the  free speech hosts wouldn’t be able to charge as much-but they wouldn’t need to- they could charge less and get a whole lot more people on board, thus making a lot more money. The default would have to be the hosting companies stating “We don’t believe in free speech.” Of course they would not frame it that way- they would say “we don’t allow X, Y and Z on  our servers” and some people would go for that- but many would not, only freaking out and writing email complaints if they think it might affect their own gig. They – the Powers That Be, don’t want Us collaborating or congregating as they know this usually means we have a collective  belief system-  why is religious belief a protected category but thoughts and conclusions grounded in reality- are not? Painting everyone with a broad brush, yadayadayada- why not just make a law against making generalizations period- as that is what stereotyping really is, isn’t it? 

‘ Hate’ –  that is overused and wasted on the unhateful. The people who deserve most to be hateful get intimidated and interrogated by media slimemold until they feel they must not only not be righteously hateful, but they must forgive, they must issue disclaimers:

 “We’re not  uhh , that made-up bad word racist, we luvvvvv everybody, even the very type of rabid, raping, psycho,sodomizing mofos that killed our kids. It was just..uhh what was it I was supposed to say again? Oh yeah, a random tragedy- wrong place wrong time…Just because they do it to their own more often – umm , what was that again- uhh because they are always usually killing their own umm- Oh wait, that wasn’t it. Because they just are more violent? Oh right  “blacks kill other blacks far more often than Whites”- umm is that even true and if it is…is that supposed to make it OK when they kill a White? Right, I get it it-  shut up and read the cue card-.sigh… Uhh yeahh..where was I-  I’m not against them, per se, just because they are .. .. I would hate and want to kill anyone who did this to my kid-  Hey is this some kind of required disclaimer or something? This is bullshit, I’m not reading this statement as if these are my words- F.U. Slimemold Media! ” 

Most WN aren’t hateful over the way things are, we might be disgusted, annoyed, frustrated, despairing, angry, exasperated, sickened- there are so many other more accurate words to describe what the media dumbs down into  something a little kid would say ” They’re being MEAN! They’re  EXCLUDING Me- they’re HATEFUL!”

Since when is being offended caused by ubiquitous and sinister ‘ Hate’?  There are plenty of offensive things that have nothing to do with hate. There is plenty of real hate and viciousness that have nothing to do with any of the protected groups mentioned, but is so often the cause of  murder and mayhem we hear about every day- much more so than any so-called ‘hate crimes’.   What they call hate  is often not much more than the sound of a little kid shouting a bad word he just learned.  Depending on context, he may or may not know what it means. If he doesn’t know, it’s just funny. If he does know, it still sounds stupid.  Anti’s are just upset about the word itself-they don’t realize how the rest of the world sees that kid.

 That is why in general I am not a fan of using epithets, especially written. I was taught to use strong words sparingly and only if the situation merited it- therefore, until all 5’3″ of me is dragging along a sheet in the deep South, or I am battling gunfire in Oakland- I feel pretty lame typing that word in White suburbia.  If I were to do that, not able to claim any of the history, not being from the south, my people not even having been here for generations, I would feel like a pretender. It’s not exactly like wiggerism, but it would still be posturing-pretending.  Years ago I actually had a conversation with a descendant of a slave-holder, and we had a good laugh over the fact that I was rather uptight about the nword,  while he was comfortable with it. I think the last time I heard that word, or a version of it- it was a white kid addressing another white kid.  I know I can make my points other ways, and I am not  interested in ‘playing to a crowd’. 

I took flak on SF for suggesting the same regarding epithets and avatars, and I’ll stick by it. What some interpreted this as is class/language warfare, which it was not. Some took it as a personally- as if they were being singled out and mocked or put-down- also which was not the case. Those people, the ones who brand themselves as the hardcore- the mainstreaming of online stuff is their opportunity to form real groups and many already have. I joined an organization pretty much right away, but most mainstreamers will not do this, they want to figure out where they stand, they want reassurance that people who think like us are somewhat like themselves- otherwise what exactly are we doing-? What I said- playing to a crowd, preaching to the choir.  Entertainment. 

When we give to our people,  we should give more than just entertaining them, doing the equivalent of giving the kids a happy meal because they are bored and hungry. If you are going to preach to the choir, then preach. And mean it.  Give of yourself , sincerely. There has to be something more than candy coated, formulaic feel-good blather fan club.  If others think they can promote pride of our people(s) via such words , let them do it- I can’t pull that off- just like I don’t have a safety pin through my nose, or use drugs, or have a porn star-ish name- I don’t want to be that little  kid on the playground shouting a word just because I can. 


References:  http://whdb.com/2009/10-best-free-speech-web-hosts-compared-2009/



http://www.forummatrix.org/wizard.php  re : forum software- commercial and open source/free

This wizard takes you through a step-by-step process, and in doing so lets one see at a glance the differences between software. At the end of the wizard, there is a comparison chart. There is also one on Wiki- it appears no one site is all-inclusive in relation to software.




hate (v.) Look up hate at Dictionary.com
O.E. hatian “to hate,” from P.Gmc. *khatojanan (cf. O.S. haton, O.N. hata, Ger. hassen, Goth. hatan “to hate”), from PIE base *kedes- “feel strongly” (cf. Avestan sadra- “grief, sorrow, calamity,” Gk. kedos “care, trouble, sorrow,” Welsh cas “pain, anger”). The noun is O.E. hete “hatred, spite,” from P.Gmc. *khatis-, altered in M.E. to conform with the verb.W-Icky states:  Hate speech is a term for speech intended to offend[citation needed] a person or group of people based on their race, gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, language ability, ideology, social class, occupation, appearance (height, weight, skin color, etc.), mental capacity, and any other distinction that might be considered by some as a liability. The term covers written as well as oral communication and some forms of behaviors in a public setting[citation needed].                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Wiki’s ‘hate speech’ page-a page which has been flagged for “weasel words”- this meaning an article makes claims or statements that are unverifiable, trying to get the reader to accept them as fact or commonly held belief, as if simply reading it=accepting it=makes it so- click heels together three times a la Wizard of Wiki.

One thought on “Free Speech Hosting: Which Way Western Webmaster?

  1. KarenO says:

    Wait a minute, you can’t say this stuff in America, can you?! We’ll just have to make another law to protect the politically correct.
    Great post!

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