defense talking about how they are afraid, acting as if the people posting have no right to be disgusted and angry and have the chutzpah to ask the newspaper site to ask for real names or other identification, while they piss and moan about  the fact there weren’t any posters on their side. Cry me a river.



They shouldnt complain if they support the system that causes cases like this

Knoxville, TN 37917

They shouldn’t complain if they support the system that brings out the slaughter of innocents like Channon and Chris.


Typical turning-it-around tactics employed by slimeballs everywhere- play the victim while attacking the actual victims- Us and whining ad nauseum about how people hate them and how afraid they are.  There has been much discussion about whether this coleman testified without an attorney willingly, invoked 5th amendment-The guy who initiated the immunity request has retired-  ‘Party to a capital murder case skated because of a technicality.’ That’s what the defense is trying for, but it appears it is all smoke and mirrors. They already tried the ‘you-didn’t-really-sign-the-search-warrant’ tactic- this is their latest attempt at pulling a rabbit out of a hat.  collection of latest links regarding coleman

Judge Baumgartner says Assistant District Attorney Leland Price filed legal paperwork originally created by the US Attorneys office.The document is an immunity request form. Price told Judge Baumgartner on May 7 that the US Attorney filled out the form in case Vanessa Coleman invoked her 5th amendment right when she was subpoenaed by the federal government to testify in front of a federal grand jury.The judge says Coleman did not invoke that right and she was not given immunity according to the request form

  That document, which proposed immunity for Coleman in return for testimony before a federal grand jury, was dated Jan. 17, 2007, eight days after the couple was slain. Assistant District Attorney General Leland Price countered, the investigation was only eight days old when Winck filed that immunity request form. “At that time, the plan was to use her as a witness,” Price said. “She wasn’t viewed as a suspect. The investigation was still young.”
Coleman ultimately never followed through with the immunity request, Price said, and voluntarily testified. By then, Winck and a team of federal and state prosecutors handling the legal end of the probe already knew Coleman had been inside the Chipman Street house when Newsom and Christian were raped, tortured and killed.

Search warrant affidavits had already detailed that before Winck inked the immunity request, and testimony has shown that federal and state authorities already had questioned Coleman and let her go free…attorneys cite a Tennessee Supreme Court rule that bars state prosecutors from prosecuting a grand jury witness for the crimes about which he or she testified…whether that rule should apply in Coleman’s case since it was a federal grand jury and federal prosecutors who compelled her testimony. Although Winck’s immunity request form was drafted, it apparently was never actually carried out. Coleman agreed to testify without it.

Immunity arguments continue in Christian – Newsom murders



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