It’s not this Coleman that needs immunity- it’s US.

Diversity = AIDS – Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome.  You catch Diversity first, then you get Immune Deficiency , then you DIE, like Christian/Newsom- or at best get attacked, raped, robbed- You get Present-Traumatic-Stress.

 Immunity from THEM. If there are savages around, it isn’t the fact you  MIGHT get hurt, it’s WHEN.   It’s not like in Mexico where you can CHOOSE not to drink the water to avoid getting sick.  When we speak of ‘privilege’,  the ones who really do have it- money-  can afford ‘immunity’-yes, they can still get attacked or robbed or worse, but it is much less likely to happen.  White neighborhood generally equals immunity.

Add money to that and you get extra immunity in the form of  alarm systems, more police. Exclusive, not Inclusive.  More owners, less renters= neighbors know you,  care more about you. More likely to call cops, more likely to help you than a transient population of  what I call  the  ‘artificial equals’ and acquaintance-friend lemming flakes.

Inclusive= chaos.  

 Exclusive =less ‘diversity’ ; more calm and quietness.

INclusive: Crime likelier to happen and less likely to be noticed when everyone is shooting, blasting music and constantly jumping around and screaming. Section 8 murderer colonies. Destruction of environs. Spray-paint ugliness. Selfishness .Unstable. Flaky.  Madness. Out of control behavior admired, violence as the only power. No concept of friendship or clan, simply people to get drugs from or use for this or that purpose. Lousy care of children, r-selection (high reproduction, little care) .People expecting to be treated like crap and treating each other like crap. No inventiveness, no initiative. Standing around on corners aimlessly. Vacant-eyed little kids. Constant yelling, making weird noises as a form of communication, banging stuff around. People they even know are as likely to hurt , steal from , kill  family- Those who stand by and let kids like  Christian and Newsom get raped, tortured and killed- like vanessa coleman. There’s some Divershitty.

EXclusive: People have an idea who you are; actively welcome or try and know you. You are part of the whole. Not constantly commiting crimes against each other. Not yelling and screaming. Helping each other. Sanity. Civilization. Solidity. Respect. Cultivation of land, environs. Generosity and altruism even in times of want.  Self-control= No need for police state -like Oakland should have-  as 99.9% of people don’t need it. People NOT doing things to make others miserable. Self-sufficiency. High investment in children K-selected- lower-reproduction rate , high amount of  care and resources given to children. 

 Both Thoreau and Skinner wrote about such places  in Walden and Walden II, both of which could only exist in a European/White context.  I disagree strongly with the concept of taking children from their parents-though I do agree with families helping each other collectively, self-suffciency and simple living. 

Some might by default, choose from the only frame of reference they know and cry “That’s Commie! That’s Socialist!” and miss the point that this is an arrangement is based on a configuration of specific  peoples, and their ability to live as such, not an economy IMPOSED upon them, no free-speech, and the crappy things that countries that are not ‘free’ have -But ARE we  free  as long as diversity/murder/rape/torture is IMPOSED upon US?

 It doesn’t matter that Thoreau and Skinner did not mention they meant Whites. That was a given at the time of that writing. They weren’t writing those books for illegal aliens and gangsta thugs.

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