Underlined spelling errors are not mine.  Proofreader fail- of course the media no one would never  intentionally want to ‘covertly’  attribute  illiteracy to a murder victim’s parent.  There were no errors in non-quoted material.


The Newsom family is upset about the motion for immunity for Coleman. “None of them should be immune to anything no, they were all apart of it they are all guilty,” Hugh and Mary Newsom said during an interview on Friday.

Meantime, the judge in the notorious double murder case ruled on Friday that family members of the victims can wear their pictures in court.

“It wouldn’t have mattered they would have to put me in jail they would have had to take it off,” Channon Christian’s mother Deena said. “Our buttons were coming with us regardless,” Gary Christian added.

 “The audacity that defense lawyers would quesetion whether or not I can wear this badge,” Chris Newsom’s father Hugh said holding up a button with his son’s picture in it. “I think this has reached a rediculous stage and they should be ashamed of bringing that subject up.”




Judge’s ruling recognizes right to anonymous commentary



 KNS Editor Jack McElroy: Judge Richard Baumgartner today denied motions to restrict online commentary about the Christian-Newsom murder case.

Given the legal precedents against “prior restraint” of the media, it’s hard to imagine how he could have done otherwise, though the judge clearly has misgivings about the News Sentinel’s attitude toward the comments posted on news stories.

This kind of case could easily spill over to include blogs. Keep a watchful eye.



 … the judge said people should be free to anonymously participate in online forums. He also said a court order would amount to prior restraint on the media, which has been ruled unconstitutional.

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