While Lavit and Greene try to whittle away at the wood of the scaffold, the Christian and Newsom families express frustration at the protracted process – the family -through taxes- is basically paying for the entire defense team for the savages that committed every violation possible upon these kids, then killed them- and of course the defense will keep working away as long as the state pays them.  In China, I have heard if one gets executed there, they send the family a bill for the bullet. 

 Meanwhile, as I was writing  this the D.A. has approached Judge Baumgartner for a private review 

Assistant District Attorney General Leland Price filed a motion Friday asking Knox County Criminal Court Judge Richard Baumgartner to conduct a behind-closed-doors review of something in the case and to keep the whole thing under wraps from the defense.


~~~~ Video : Gary Christian talks about his family’s personal pain

 http://www.knoxnews.com/videos/detail/mary-and-hugh-newsom-talk-media/  video- Friday, April 24, 2009. The Newsoms expressed frustration that their attorney was not allowed to present their case and argue for a speedy trial.

“Granting this request would effectively mean the murders of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom could never be prosecuted,” Price said. “One of the four defendants will have to be tried first. Whoever is first could always claim he or she needed to call another co-defendant as a material witness. There would be no end.”

Prosecution’s response to Vanessa Coleman’s motion to dismiss

  • Grand jury presentment in Christian/Newsom case (WARNING: graphic details of the murders)
  • Eric Boyd’s motion seeking a sentencing breakOpinion granting George Thomas’ request for an earlier trial dateU.S. Attorney’s Office’s response to a motion accusing federal prosecutors of racial bias in the Eric “E” Boyd caseA copy of a motion filed on behalf of Eric Dewayne “E” Boyd asking a federal judge to move his trial out of Knox County
  • Motion to impose restrictions to online comments posted on sites published by print and broadcast media
  • Motion to bar the media from covering hearings involving carjacking suspect Letalvis Cobbins
  • Motion to dismiss the death penalty because studies of capital case jurors prove the process is constitutionally flawed
  • ~~~~

    The state has requested that Judge Richard Baumgartner deny two motions, one filed by Letalvis Cobbins’ attorney and another by Vanessa Coleman’s attorney, aimed at delaying Letalvis Cobbins’ trial or dropping charges against Vanessa Coleman.


    Attorneys Theodore Lavit and Russell Greene argued that Coleman was immune from prosecution by state authorities because she was compelled to testify about the killings before a federal grand jury that was considering the carjacking aspect of the case. Torture slaying suspect Vanessa Coleman was never granted immunity by federal authorities and willingly gave up her right against self-incrimination, a prosecutor argued in a motion filed today in response to Coleman’s bid to have state murder charges filed against her tossed out.

    “After being advised of her rights by Assistant U.S. Attorney Mike Winck, she proceeded to testify voluntarily and without reservation,” Price wrote. “She never invoked her fifth amendment right against self-incrimination or refused to answer any question.

  • Part One
  • Listen to the Jan. 31, 2007, interrogation of Vanessa Coleman

  • Part Two

  • Part Three

  • 10 thoughts on “Christian/Newsom Case: Defense Seeks Sympathy for the Devils; D.A. asks Judge for behind-closed-doors review

    1. Scott Fultz says:

      Thank you for your time, and caring so much about this. I hope people will sit back and scratch their head when it comes to this case, and ask the question? Has the African race, utterly destroyed everything logical concerning civil government! such as Free Speech, have the tipped the scales of Justice so much that a forerunner can be clearly seen in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac events threw out all spheres of Civil government! No wonder the Alchemist used a Nigredo for the event known as chaos!

      1. killerbee says:

        I miss you brother,Yahweh in Heaven knows I do.Many a nights I have looked in the stars in Heaven and think of you.Many a times when I sit by a stream and harmonize Yahwehs name I think of you.Scott you don’t know what you really mean to mean to me,I miss you.Can you ever forgive me for my wrong doings? Billy

    2. S.,

      Darkness which may be felt.
      Exodus, 10. 21

      I quote this passage I stumbled onto, though I cannot honestly call myself a real Christian- CI’s have corrected me when I called myself a heathen, and said I was a pagan, though I don’t dance around Maypoles or the like. They said it affectionately though, just as I would about whether they would ride through town in full Horses, Torches and 300+ thread count sheets. Point is, we are all essentially the same people(s) and we should fight a common Enemy- not each other.

      Yes, I have posted quite a bit on the Christian/Newsom case, if you click on the keywords above the comments you’ll see the rest of them and other articles. Not everything is destroyed- yet. I’ll not soon forget the unbridled rage expressed when the southerners/CI showed up for one of the rallies.

      The fighters and lone wolf types are not the ones engaging in endless circular debates on the net, they are the unknowns who will decide to either act on their own or carefully organize and create their own network- small, trusted and verified-the idea being to appear the average Joe, while cultivating readiness, preparedness- groups that won’t be made up of blog writers or those who try to attract media attention- not that those things are bad, it is necesary for recruitment, even if those recruited or woken up never become known, never post their intros on a WN board, perhaps that is the only way – If an uprising ever happens and things break down, I know that where I am- doesn’t matter if it is mostly White in my immediate area-if it gets that bad, the hoardes of whatever wil come and Iknow I will most likely die, quickly if I am lucky- or that someone will die for me. I’m physically strong for my size and age, one on one I could put up a decent fight but am no match for invaders.

      There are men out there who say they don’t fear death, who long for a heroic death, even a violent one- who will make their last act count-knowing they are outnumbered and outgunned like the Spartans- though this may change as more and more people feel the resentment and real-life effects of what is happening to us.

      I remember advocating wearing black as a sign of mourning for the genocide being perpetrated against us. Diversity= Death, one of the slogans I thought up as a message to carry-because it’s true. We prefer our own for good reason.

      Your people have taken down empires before- Alaric’s sack of Rome or those that followed him- the Romans let things slide, they let strangers in, they grew lazy and arrogant and had corrupt rulers after being in power about 500 years-but my 1/4 Roman heritage doesn’t hold it against you- just like this place- the US has made many of the same mistakes the empire did.

      The next color we will be wearing is red- our own blood or otherwise, and I will thank them for saving me, for saving all of Our children , and theirs every day.

    3. Scott Fultz says:

      What gets me about this case and the rallies in Knoxville Tn. Is the testimonies of the parents, concerning the lives of Shannon and Chris their outlook and behavior. Neither one had a racist bone in their body. They were the Jewels of Knoxville and the University of Tennessee.
      I recall how the streets seemed wanting, for its citizens to appear and to speak out for its own. Yet only the hard core white showed up! Only the Hard core whites, seem to never experience such brutality!
      You know what I saw there in Knoxville Tn. It was the hidden reality, of years of mental conditioning. Preached from the pulpits
      across America or the Classrooms of the State colleges.
      its simply a whisper of the leftist professors and preachers


      1. Scott says: ” What gets me about this case and the rallies in Knoxville Tn. Is the testimonies of the parents, concerning the lives of Shannon and Chris their outlook and behavior. Neither one had a racist bone in their body. ”

        I don’t know about that, Scott. What moved Mr. Christian to wear a confederate flag shirt to court? His shirt did not say Go to Hell, lemaricus and crew- no- that flag is a broader statement. I suppose when someone kills one’s child, one isn’t so worried about appearing ‘PC’. Gary Christian’s grief and anger is palpable and righteous.

        One can always fall back on the ‘I don’t hate all of them, just the ones who raped, tortured and killed my baby’. However, if there is a consistent pattern of violence in general- that is like saying- I don’t hate the tiger at the SF zoo who mauled someone, I I just hate tigers who maul and kill.
        But..logic follows that since pretty much all tigers, acting as tigers do, WILL maul and kill, one has to apply the rule to ALL, that if 99.9% of untranquilized, defanged and de-clawed tigers WILL kill, given the chance, it makes no sense NOT to make a generalization. The made up word ‘racist’ being used to replace logos or logic.

    4. Cao says:

      Being proud of Southern roots or wearing a Confederate Flag on a t-shirt doesn’t mean you’re a racist; that’s a rather ignorant and bigoted statement.

    5. Lord_Sidious says:

      Cao, that isn’t what Mia is saying. She is saying that it isn’t in character for someone who is anti-racist to wear the good ol Confederate Battle Ensign and that he likely wore it to send a message.
      You are barking up the wrong tree to come here and think that she is bigoted against southeners or Confederates.

    6. lynmar says:

      after all they have been thru, and this is all
      we have thought about and talked about in
      knoxville. no, we do not look at them as black
      killers, but, killers who are evil and sick and
      twisted. we were devastated in this stated when
      they only gave life with no parole, you all
      AND HOW THEY REACTED until it happens to you

    7. To ‘lynmar’ who according to the email I get when someone posts a comment- hails from the Wichita area and not Tenn- so who is the ubiquitous ‘we’ this poster speaks of? This illogic of one doesn’t ‘have the right’ to talk about anything unless one has ‘been through it’ is false. I don’t want this to happen again, hence my involvement with following the case. No one likes thinking race has anything to do with anything- because it almost always is something that, like this case, is awful. To say race had nothing to do with this crime is worse than being naive, it is downright choosing to be blind and if I could modify an 80’s psych phrase- ‘in (racial) denial’. What I said was not disparaging towards the parents of the slain, it was true. Those kids died horrible deaths, deaths that were not accidental, deaths that one could say WERE preventable- in the sense that these thugs were unworthy of civil rights, as they clearly are not CIVILized. To watch a father hold back tears as he suffers from the thought he could have saved her, and how no doubt all the parents are tortured repeatedly in their own lives by the thoughts of what their children suffered- sorry commenter- whatever you were trying to get across isn’t working. I have true sympathy for these people-they certainly have the right to their privacy- one thing that still bothers me is the fact they are made to defend themselves over and over either directly or implicitly regarding racial stuff, which is unfair to them- especially with pending cases ahead. Look at what happened here- the trial was moved- the racial make up of the jury was 6 blk, 5 wht, and 1 asian.

      I don’t know the particulars regarding demographics in Tenn, but if it were simply a matter of taking the trial to a less publicized location- why was it so important to take it to Nashville? Don’t tell me blacks on juries don’t favor their own as a way to ‘stick it to the man’ for revenge, even when said ‘revenge’ has already been exacted and continues to be exacted on Us every day that we live in fear, every day that we flee a community, every day that we don’t want our kids going to a particular school, every day that someone gets something due to artificial ‘equality’ enforcement rather than on merit, every time we pay our taxes to fund welfare rapist/drug dealer/thieve/murderer-breeding colonies, or pay the exorbitant cost of prisons, or free section-8 rent, or the uncountable ‘programs’ that never fix anything- The ‘slavery revenge’ is already being paid for- in spades.

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