How is it this is even a Question?  What Question? That implies one has to think about it, that there’s something up for debate. Dual-loyalty? Come ON, the loyalty is to themselves, and that means Izzy. Same old Problem.  Anyone else tries leaking government/security secrets to some other country and see what happens. Must be cool to have a ‘Teflon Yarmulke’ .

Big O lets them go. “improperly disseminating national security information.” Gee, that means telling Izzy things they shouldn’t be, as US citizens. But hey, some people have that Eternal ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card, don’t they? Why do they do this? Why would they screw us over if they love this place so much?

It must really suck to be so universally hated . Brings to mind that old presidential campaign slogan “Everybody likes Ike”.  Fine. But as this page illustrates , from from Whites to Palestinians to Asians and Anarchists- ‘Nobody likes…’  well, you know – and why is that? Are ALL these people wrong? I don’t particularly agree with the ‘zionists are Nazis’ theme, but I hear they just Hate it. They’re not Nazis. They’re Super-Racists when it comes to themselves, but multiculti for everyone else.  

Obama lets ex-AIPAC spies skate

Just days ago, the Obama administration said it was seeking the dismissal of charges that two former Aipac analysts had violated an espionage statute by improperly disseminating national security information.

The case against Steven J. Rosen and Keith Weissman had raised what many in the pro-Israel community in the United States regard as an unfair, even toxic question about whether the loyalty of some American Jews to Israel matches or exceeds their loyalty to the United States.Gary Silow, a Philadelphia-area lawyer and Aipac member at the convention, said he was deeply troubled by the potential for renewed discussion of what he said was the offensive “dual loyalty” issue. In Mr. Silow’s view, “the fact that they came after Aipac was what was really disturbing.”

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