Unlike ‘Tourettes’ Syndrome, haaretz syndrome occurs whenever anyone criticizes anything having to do with jews or izzy. It is characterized by compulsive lying accompanied by vocal and whiny bursts of  “anti-semitism!”  “never again”  “holocaust!” and other such  outpourings.  So far there is no medication, though there are special centers developed as a temporary solution to this meddlesome and annoying Problem.

“We abhor Nazi ideals and find Holocaust denial repulsive and ignorant,” a spokesman said over the weekend. “Just being offensive or objectionable doesn’t get it taken off Facebook. However, we believe people have a right to discuss these ideas, and we want Facebook to be a place where ideas, even controversial ideas, can be discussed.” 

Dallas lawyer Brian Cuban went public with Facebook’s policy late last week, prompting outraged responses from across the internet.


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