Neo-Nazi group holds militia training in West Hungary

The Hungarian National Front (MNA), a self-professed Neo-Nazi organisation, held militia training near Gyor (NW Hungary) earlier in the month, national daily Nepszabadsag reported on Friday. 

The MNA plans to join forces with the Unified Hungary Movement and already has a pact with the Pax Hungarica Movement, whose leader was recently a speaker at a Holocaust-denial event, the paper said.

The far-right movements believe they can gain momentum from the economic crisis and domestic political uncertainty, it added.

Anyone with access to the group’s training camp is forbidden from taking in mobile phones or any kind of visual or audio recording equipment, the paper said.

Mr. Demjanjuk was deported for the second time by the United States on Monday. The first time was 23 years ago, and he was bound for worldwide notoriety, accused of being the unfathomably cruel “Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka,” one of the Holocaust’s most infamous sadists. He was convicted and sentenced to death in Israel, before new evidence won him a reprieve and eventually a trip back to the United States and the return of his stripped citizenship.

But the wheels of justice began to grind again, and the whole process has repeated itself step by step. Monday night, a frailer Mr. Demjanjuk, now 89 and once again stateless, boarded a special medically equipped airplane bound for Germany, where he is accused of being an accessory in the murder of 29,000 Jews while working as a guard at the Sobibor death camp in eastern Poland.

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