I’ve written so much on this blog about this case- Being a parent myself, I can only imagine the hell of anonymous vultures speaking poorly about someone I loved so dearly who perished so horribly.  If I had died so horribly, I would have wanted a father who would be like Mr. Christian.  A father who would not hold back what he felt, who would be angry and who would want to avenge me, rather than candlelight vigils, a father who would face the media again and again unafraid. How can a man not be filled with rage to lose his beautiful daughter? How can he NOT be angry?  It’s NORMAL.  When one’s child has been raped, tortured, forced to drink bleach and killled, one   should be able to check exempt status when it comes to being  ‘politically correct’. Forever. Gary Christian needs reparations and I hope he gets them.  

What most of these posters are doing with their inaccurate speculation is not consciously trying to offend the Christians, but rather comfort themselves, thinking  to themselves “there must be something that could have been controlled, something I can tell my kids to do or not do, something that will make the chance of this happening to my kids not so real and scary.” If they come up with some little mantra , some little litany to repeat, they might feel safer. Blaming the victim is part of that ‘isolated incident’  BS yourself thinking. It is a lot less threatning to think that if only this one or two variables were eliminated, Channon and Chris would be alive.  Not only are the comments about ” Duh , they shouldn’t have been in the ghetto, thye were asking for it” inaccurate  as the fact is they were taken from a non-ghetto area and brought there, but it makes the assumption that if you are around Certain Groups – you deserve to get tortured and killed. Then the same people, who do not work for NASA- make a big point of preceeding that lame premise with the oxymoronic disclaimer “I’m not a racist, but…”  OK, we get it. They would rather Blame the Victim than be Politically Incorrect. Love everyone, we’re all Gawd’s Chillun, but realize YOU are saying if you’re a White kid who gets around ghetto blacks, you’re gonna get killed, everyone knows that. Ghetto= black=death.  White + Ghetto= death.  Well, they are partially  right, those posters. They’re just not right about where the murdered kids started out, which was not the Rainbow We’re All Really The Same Valley of Death.  I know, I’m an Official Hater therefore  It Can’t Be True. Yeah, keep telling youselves that. So, for all those posters who think all they have to do to make themselves feel safe is make up lies or try to find made-up reasons other than free-floating Evil-  know that you’re not safe- those kids did not willingly go to the ghetto. The ghetto came to them. 


Gary Christian Speaks Out

Gary Christian Speaks Out

“This ain’t Daddy and Mama defending their little baby girl. I’ve got facts, I’ve got proof,” Christian said. “When you start criticizing the best of her, you’ve got real, real problem with me.”

Thursday, the Christians say they maintain their support of anonymous online web comments, despite the difficulties.

“We don’t have a problem with people talking, we don’t even have a problem with opinions we disagree with.”

http://www.wbir.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=80257&provider=top many reader comments  at bottom of page



“I will never see a morning that I don’t hurt,” he said.

“They deserve to die,” Gary said.


Deena and Gary Christian

Deena and Gary Christian

The second front takes place in the anonymous community of cyberspace.

Gary and Deena told Volunteer TV News that they’ve been angered and hurt by a number of Internet rumors appearing in the comment sections of various websites.

“We’ve got enough to deal with,” he said about the various rumors and theories floating around the internet that deal with what happened the night the young couple disappeared, “we really don’t need to deal with that.”

Channon’s mother recalled one of the specific statements which claimed the young couple was in the wrong part of town the night they were carjacked.

“Well if they were down there riding around, then they got what was coming to them,” she said, paraphrasing what she recalled from the comment.

“My daughter and Chris were not riding around in a bad place and got carjacked,” Gary said. “They were taken to Chipman Street by force.” 

Police quickly determined during their investigation that the couple was carjacked near Knoxville Center Mall and Washington Ridge Apartment complex. The apartment complex is located a little more than three miles and about 10 minutes by car from Chipman Street. Channon’s parents have also been bothered by rumors that she was in the Chipman Street area looking for drugs. Gary decided to quash it by obtaining Channon’s drug test results from her former healthcare employer as well as her autopsy results. Gary obtained Channon’s drug test results from her former employer, a healthcare company as well as the medical examiner’s toxicology report which was conducted during her autopsy.

“She had taken no prescription or non-prescription drugs,” he said. “No marijuana, no cocaine, no ecstasy, no nothing.”

Letalvius Cobbins will be the first suspect tried for the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. It’s scheduled to begin on July 6th. Vanessa Coleman’s trial starts on August 10th, Lemaricus Davison’s trial starts on September 21st and George Thomas’s starts on November 20th.

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