Any attempt by a court to impose a policy on either the newspaper or its readers is unconstitutional, Hollow said.  “What the court is asking us to do is … set up a board of censorship,” Hollow said.  Baumgartner said he will issue a written ruling later.

A judge overseeing the death-penalty trials of four defendants in the torture-slaying of a young Knoxville couple was asked Friday to tame inflammatory public comments on local media Web sites.
 Attorney Scott Green said action was needed to ensure a fair trial for his client Letalvis Cobbins and a jury pool untainted by inflammatory postings by anonymous writers……asked the judge to either bar media Web sites from allowing online readers to post comments on stories about the case or require news organizations to police the commentary by requiring posters to provide verifiable identifying information.

 Thomas Dillard, attorney for suspect George Thomas, filed a petition asking the judge to either ban media websites from allowing readers to post comments about the case or to require the news organizations to “continuously monitor, in real time” comments. Dillard asks that the websites only allow comments made under poster’s actual names and only those that comments that would be deemed “printable and publishable by the news outlet personnel themselves.”

Waa Waa  Waa.. Hey Defense Attorneys: It must truly suck to defend the indefensible -you  have nothing to use as an excuse, as a cause- because any THING that would do such Evil does not  deserve to live, let alone be subsidized till death occurs many years later.  What exactly does a defense attorney say/do when there is no question the entire gang of them were there at some point , and the result of such?  Try to shut up the media that largely ignored the story until pushed- What could they possibly say to justify the actions of any of the defendants? The fact that the case did get any attention at all can be attributed to rallies, websites, forums, blogs, videos-a great number of people participated in bringing this to light- some center-stage, some behind the scenes- all contributing which eventually gave rise to the mainstream media shaking its head begrudgingly like a sullen child forced to apologize:  “EvilNaziRacistHaters we hate YOU, but umm’re right. This crew really are Dante’s Inferno Rejects. ”  

What cliche excuse would they use?  ” I fell through the cracks.”   “I  was on crack”, ” My momma  smoked crack”  or ” I didn’t know what was going on, I was scared, it’s all Other Defendant’s  fault !” “I didn’t know my daddy”   “I can’t read!”  ” They closed midnight basketball”  “I was disenfranchised!”   “I was like Colin Ferguson!”, the subway ‘black rage’ nutcase killer of yore ,  “I didn’t get into the head start program” ” I was underprivileged” ….. “I wanted to be like Channon and Chris, but I knew I never would be, so if I couldn’t be them,  and have their lives, if  I could never be a kid like Chris,and  have a girl like Channon or be a girl like Channon and have a nice boyfriend like Chris that wasn’t a ghetto thug well- than neither could they! Kind of like  the old ‘If I can’t have you, no one can’, except racial-but like the obsessive stalkers- not only must they kill the objects of their jealousy ,desire , envy and yes-HATE- they must obiliterate them entirely, destroy them, disfigure them- make them suffer- and in the case of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, they certainly did- destroying what they could never have, what they could never hope to be.

                                   To say it is a ‘Hate Crime’ is not only using the made-up lingo of people who apply that term ..well…liberally- but it is rather redundant in that MOST blacks feel some measure of hate – or at least resentment or bitterness towards Whites all the time. Yeah obviously I wish we never had slavery. I’m only second generation on one side,  none of my people were  not   even here, but do I carry around that lame Privilege Backpack guilt?  No. Do I feel I’ve reaped ‘rewards’ of slavery, whatever success or failures we have had a direct or indirect result of slavery? No.  I think slavery was awful and short-sighted, yes. Guilty, no. Do I think we (any Whites) deserve retroactive vengeance? No. We’ve been paying for it in various ways since, all of us. If we hadn’t done such a foolish thing as slavery, most likely I wouldn’t be writing this, and those kids would be alive. In the jungle one can hunt down just about anything and kill it with impunity- to have the genetic coding that allows one to take daily extreme risks and not pause a heartbeat is a good thing. In civilization- not so much. It’s not that hard to get that killing Whitey is not ultimately going to benefit them. Blacks should feel as horrified as we do about this terrible crime. Do we think they do? I don’t know. Most didn’t seem to be that upset over O.J. Most seemed to be happy when he got away with it, thinking it was some great leap for blackness that he/they got one over on Whitey.

                       The black violence question is not only rooted in poverty, or in -codeword – ‘Culture’, but could very well have its roots in a  genetic component, as is argued for lots of other things- from being gay to  doing a long-jump , to having savant-like skills  with numbers or music, to having health issues, to many, many very real things. Of course that is a ‘racist’ statement. It has to be ‘Racist!’ because the connection, if there a genetic prediliction towards anything- is part of DNA, and race IS part of DNA. It is NOT a social construct. When archeologists dig up bones, when forensic scientists can look at a skull and tell from whence that person came- that’s ot a ‘Social Construct’, is it?  NO, that’s Real- as Race is Real.

Back to the Death Penalty- there’s also the  problem of subsidizing their existence ,which we probably have been doing from birth to age 18 with state welfare, then from arrest onward- if this mayhem-enjoying gang does not get the death penalty, then I suppose every bank shooter, 7-11 killer, baby microwaver- they will  also skate because most crimes do not encompass all the horrors these kids endured – rape/sodomy/poison/immolation/suffocation/shooting/death. Don’t put US on trial, WE are not the ones who did this, defense  douchebags. Who the heck do you think you are? The onus is on YOU, not on us. Don’t cry about the internet, the last bastion of regular people who can post what they want and start whining about  about fairness and public trials when these kids’ families will grieve them forever. Who doesn’t wish they need not  live amongst savages such as these ?  You bet we want death for these scumbags  when we look at the videos of the parents with only balloons, teddy bears and scrapbooks- artifacts of their children’s lives to comfort them, when we see them having to go through public suffering- yeah I feel sorry for the PARENTS and family members, friends. The hell they must endure- missing and grieving their children and having to attend and sit in the same room with these vile creatures. These  poor kids just trying to live their lives, out on a date- never expecting the horrors that they would know in their last days, their last hours alive- you bet we want nothing less than death. We KNOW it is not Ed Gein or Ted Bundy we fear our kids will fall prey to- for every one of those that gets a book written about him by some would-be Clarice Starling- there are a hundredfold or more Letalvises…….and now we  see  articles saying the attorneys want us to stop? Will we stop?  Priorities, here- wait for just one damn minute  before sister Helen and the  candle-carrying brigade start crying for these sick &^%ks..

As I said, if we DON’T kill them, then what crimes DO merit the death penalty? In another blog posting, I addressed the ‘not a deterrent’  arguement:  It’s not about that, it’s not even completely about an eye for an eye, since they will float away on a fatal cocktail and their deaths will not approach the kind of cruelty they inflicted on Channon and Chris. What the Death Penalty does do, is make it very clear what will and will not be tolerated in Civilized Society. One of them, Boyd- got 18 years – but we know he will not do all of that- 18 years for two bright, promising, young lives. I wrote about that here along with other posts about this case. We, as a society, cannot abide this kind of heinous crime, nor in an economy where people are losing their homes, jobs- can’t get affordable health care- we simply can’t afford to take care of murderers, give them the obligatory ‘three hots and a cot’, along with endless appeals and court appointed attorneys etc. Of course I know they will drag it out  but they won’t drag it out till they are 80-something years old. This legal system is crazy- speaking of 80-somethings, we spend money going after supposed ‘war criminals’ and extraditing them , while crimes like the Christian/Newsom murder continue on.  Have you heard about the Wichita Massacre?    Same deal, black on White crime, torture, rape, killing. One survived to tell the tale. As with Christian/Newsom, it was a family affair-  again, brothers in mayhem and murder.

Look at the majority of the comments at the end of the article: . What is it the defense is so worried about people  reading that they don’t feel already, anyway? Is simply SEEING others that are justifiably enraged and disgusted too Real? What truths lie there that the defense is so worried about? What are they trying to hide that they fear might become known to prosepctive jurors? They wanted the interview/audios to come out that I linked to when I last wrote about this. Now they are saying they only want what THEY want to put out, and not for people to hear other regular people speak their mind. So, are we going to shut up and play nice- make the  attorneys happy through the remaining trials? I won’t and hope you won’t be afraid to either. Remember it is not only Our sites that need your help as far as posting, it is the news sites and message boards local to the case. I know some reading this gave quite a lot to this case. The parents might not be able to thank you, but because I look at us as all being part of a larger family- I thank you. Though it has been some time, it’s not over. People will be selected , people like those you might know who aren’t even political -will be called in, people who live there who may never have heard of this but for you and other WN.

Unlike the defense, we want them to know the truth- we want them to know how crimes such as these are hushed up by the media and happen more often than thought. If we actually believe in the things we claim to, we have to do the work. Embattled and embittered though we may be, we are obligated to take action  if we want people to believe we are not poseurs/raconteurs/internet bad-asses but can walk the talk and get results. You’re doing it for those kids who lie still in the ground and their families. You’re doing it to maybe save others from a similar fate. You’re doing it because you know you are part of something bigger than yourself and you can’t lie back and passively let it die without a fight.  For the Future – Yours, Mine and Our Children. Come on, there’s work to do. We did it before. We can do it again.

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