I’m going to try this thing. Some other site said it is java-based and fast. I’m kind of skeptical of what the rest of the article touts as a “minimal interface” as far as the usual buttons on browsers or what this “more organic experience” means.  I started using Seamonkey, because it has built in email- much like the old netscape communicator and based on the same source code- however, while receiving mail is fine, sending doesn’t seem to work. I tried the  check box for server must authenticate yada yada but it still keeps harraanguing me for the server/email password to send mail , and not sending it. Yeah, the pop/smtp stuff is set up correctly. Prob has something to do with wireless. I’d like to get the browser/mail thing solved as it was great back when i started on the net and had these two functions, browsing and emailing integrated and easy to get to without having to log in to webail or launch a memory-hog email proggie. 

UPDATE: I just finished installing it. My connection isn’t that great and I can tell this browses faster. Not crazy about the default colors, but that can probably be changed. Like they said,  much for the regular browser stuff you would expect to see is MIA. I’ve yet to find spell-check or the home button. 


“Google takes aim squarely at Microsoft with the release of its new Web browser, Chrome. And Microsoft should be very afraid: Chrome lives up to its hype by rethinking the Web browser in clever and convenient ways that make using the Web a more organic experience than you’d get with either Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 or Mozilla’s Firefox 3.

Chrome automatically detects the Web browser you’re using and prompts you through the process of installation (right down to telling you how to access downloaded files within Firefox, for example). When you first run the application, Chrome imports your bookmarks, passwords, and settings from Firefox or Internet Explorer. It even can grab username and password data, and it automatically populates those fields for you when you use Chrome for the first time to visit a particular site.”

 For more about google chrome, go here



 An Add-on that you will probably like, if you don’t already know about-

http://www.pcworld.com/downloads/file/fid,73040-order,3-page,1/description.html This I use quite a bit and have shared with a number of people since it was first developed I think iin 06- When you type a search into google, it fills in what you are likely to be typing, saving you a lot of time-many times it will provide a drop down list of things related to your search or through its artificial intelligence, probably from some algorhythm of aggregated searches, it ‘knows’  what you are probably looking for. I can’t remember if this is firefox only or IE as well, there’s probably add-ons for both.

oh and here is another firefox tip, if you install the add on ‘nightly tester tools’ it forces all your old add-ons to work that may not have made the leap from  old FF versions.   http://www.oxymoronical.com/web/firefox/nightly/features

  • Extension compatibility fixing
  • Titlebar customisation
  • Build ID retrieval
  • Screenshots
  • Breakpad information
  • Restoring tabs from previous session
  • Leak log analysis

 Install v2.0.2

http://www.aignes.com/deadlink.htm want to see if your bookmarks are still any good, which ones have been redirected, and which ones are just plain gone? Free bookmark checker here-


One thought on “Google Launches Chrome Browser

  1. thebovine says:

    I like Chrome well enough functionally. In fact, it’s probably better than Firefox, which I’m currently using. My only hesitation is that Google’s philosophy seems to be that “privacy is history”. And do I really want them collecting any more information on me than they already have?

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