For all of you who like the “worse is better” model, and  TSHTF , it’s here.  The Unmentionable Usual Groups do their thing, en masse in San Francisco and Oakland. Aren’t we just so glad we give them sanctuary, section-8, welfare, free health care- make it easy for them to take over and not do much but make more of themselves and rape, rob and kill?  Does it warm the cockles of your holier-than-thou liberal heart as you shake your head at how some people can be SOOO Hateful. If Eric Cartman were a member of the Politically Correct Fascist Commission, it might go something like this:

” yer a hater cuz you don’t like people who umm, like HAVE to kill people because they’re oppressed, and  uhh because um, yeah that word, ‘racism’ , yep , that is what makes ’em do it. It’s YOU hatin on THEM for the Stuff THEY DO  that makes them do that stuff . And cuz you have a few  dollars more than them. And even if you don’t , it’s still your fault they wanna kill, even their own people. I don’t care if it doesn’t make any sense! I don’t care if anything you do or don’t do has any effect. You just can’t say stuff that’s true because, uh , it makes people feel all weird, and embarrassed,especially cause it is true. So, if you wanna be a Nice Person, a person who seems like they are all cultured and educated and crap, you’re uh not gonna say stuff that will make people feel bad! Race doesn’t matter!  Race is a social construct!

Notice any patterns with crime and race, intelligence and race, ANYTHING AND RACE? Patterns? You’re a Hater! What patterns? You’re making it up! Oh and if you’re not by some chance making it up, it’s your fault. If you didn’t  XYZ, those people who are exactly like you (even though secretly , we know they aren’t but shut up about that) , wouldn’t be that way. Go ahead and read the following stories! It’s just a plot by the evil racist media to make up stuff and report all the continual actual crime! If they would just shut up about it, then people would play nice, and have picnics, gawddammit! TOLERATE AND PLAY NICE ! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!….Now- I have a Zionism-Global-Affirmative-Inaction-Race-Denial-Multiculti-New World-Order Conference to attend. Manuel, get the car. And the Cheesy Poofs. Comprende? ”

And now for the Crimewave…

Surge of robberies in the Bay Area and beyond

In the East Bay 6:15 the next morning, two men went on a robbery spree that included five street muggings in Oakland and Emeryville. In one of the robberies, at the Wells Fargo bank on Piedmont Avenue,

the assailants allegedly punched an eight-month pregnant woman in the stomach to get her cash.

Criminologists warn that the faltering economy probably will make matters worse.

“The steep economic downturn of 2007 and 2008 portends a crime rise that may dwarf (recent) increases,”

wrote University of Missouri-St. Louis criminologists Richard Rosenfeld and Brian Oliver, in a paper presented at a national criminal justice conference in July. “Local communities should plan for new crime increases in the years ahead.”

Excerpts taken from article here:

Terri, one of the women accosted by the purse snatchers in the Marina on July 30, said the most frightening thing was that this happened in broad daylight in one of the safest neighborhoods in San Francisco. Yet no one came to her aid as she screamed and struggled with her attacker.

“As a single woman living in the city,

I always thought if I screamed loud enough somebody would come and help me,” said Terri,

who asked that her last name not be used because she fears retribution from the two suspects who are facing robbery charges.

“But the reality is nobody is going to come. It made me see the city in a whole different light.”


  • Interactive map of S.F. robberies (district stats and worst spots)
  • Interactive map of Oakland robberies (district stats and worst spots)
  • Interactive map of recent restaurant robberies
  • Searchable database of specific robberies in S.F. (1st half of 2008)
  • Searchable database of specific robberies in Oakland (1st half of 2008)
  • Searchable database of robbery totals by city/jurisdiction (2004 to 2007)
  • FBI Uniform Crime Reports 2006-2007

    Store owner beaten and stabbed in S.F. heist

    “The suspects beat and stabbed the store’s owner, robbed the store of cash and kidnapped an employee.He described the suspects as black males wearing dark clothing…..

    Park was in critical condition at San Francisco General Hospital Saturday. The name and condition of the employee who was kidnapped were not immediately available.

    Park is known by neighbors as a hardworking businessman who puts in long hours at his mom-and-pop store.

    The store’s van, which was used in the getaway, is still missing. It is a tan-colored 2002 Toyota Siena, with California license plate No. 4VHN307. Police ask anyone who spots the van to call 911.


    SF Warns Restaurants To Be On Alert For Takeover Robbers

    Police said the suspects are black men between the ages of 18 and 20, standing between 5 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 11 inches and weighing between 165 and 180 pounds. One suspect wore a white T-shirt and dark baggy pants, while the other wore a white T-shirt, dark-colored shorts and a black ski mask


    related: Oakland

    Fatal Labor Day shooting in Oakland (count at 95 now)

    The shootings occurred at around 6:40 p.m. in the 1700 block of Seminary Avenue near 14th Street in West Oakland. Police and the Alameda County coroner have yet to release any information on the victims or the circumstances surrounding the incident except that one victim died at the scene and two were seriously injured.

    The killing brings the number of homicides in Oakland this year to 95.

    2 thoughts on “The Tide is High: Tales of the SF/Oakland Crimewave

    1. Orion14 says:

      Gawd, I’m so glad I don’t live in the bay area anymore. In St. Louis, the niggras are killing themselves over hamburgers but the white suburbs are nice :)

    2. Orion14 says:

      We got you beat here in St. louis. Ni**as be hatin’ mo down on da mississippi.

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