by Type A+

They cant touch you now,
Cant touch you now, cant touch you now…

Because the Night belongs to …Hal?

  Love that song.  Patti did it best.

“So the only thing a lot of those people have to worry about is going to sleep at night. It is at night when I might attack. From now on, I rule the night. Have a nice life – what’s left of it.”

 He’s not a Fed, he’s Undead!

  Ken Russell’s ‘Gothic’

Hal looks like a normal guy, the kind you’d see at Costco picking up Duraflame logs and red licorice, even if he sounds like Tony Soprano- but he’s  been kinda pissed off about stuff lately according to his site. Maybe we better stock up on garlic and crucifixes. Not that I’m trying to pick on WN’s  ‘Jersey Devil’ but ….could Hal Turner be a Creature of the Night ?

Only The Shadow Knows.

I’d say “chin up”, but that leaves one’s neck exposed. Guess ‘life sucks, then you die’ isn’t really appropriate either.

Oh and Hal,  I know you were probably just ‘born yesterday’  immortality-wise- but don’t ever say “might attack”.  What would Lestat do?

Video from classic 80’s movie ‘The Lost Boys’


You know I’m just trying to have fun, right? Well, dawn approaches-

In Gothic Solidarity,


3 thoughts on “HAL Hath No Fury…

  1. Thanks so much. I spent a few hours on your links today and enjoyed them greatly. I look forward to coming back often.


  2. Charles Martel says:

    Hal Turner is a nutjob liar. He’s not like Yankee Jim or Linder. Or any of the rest. He’s a fraud like Bill White. Why would you promote him?????!

  3. Charles. The Hal thing is not about promoting OR tearing someone up. It was just a spoof, because of what I read on his page that I think he took down. It WAS funny. Hal’s a character. Like Joe “do I amuse you?” Pesci. It’s not that serious. Sometimes I actually want to believe Hal is this scary guy. I’m pretty sure though, that real scary guys don’t talk about it.

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