Hey Big Brother, hands off our kids,

our families,our religion, our politics, schools, property and our FOOD! (among other things!)

Where’s the FREEDOM again?

First they came for the home schoolers, and I wasn’t a home schooler, but I blogged about it anyway, then they came for the flds, and I blogged about that and did a radio show, and emailed officials and signed petitions, now they are coming for dairy farmers, and I don’t own a cow and buy milk at the store….

See, people out there, how the Ubiquitous ‘THEY’ , whom I call Big Brother -are trying to chip away at what we should decide is OK and not OK- how our children get educated, what family situation we live in-possibly even religion, and now they come after, of all things, milk? Here we have California, Maryland , PA and Canada , and there are probably more cases of Big Brother ‘cracking down’ on Self Sufficiency or Alternative Living. Have a way of life that is ‘off the grid’, and they will come after you, whether it is home school, religion/family structure/number of children, political beliefs * and now milk.

So, no one is coming after the people who feed their kids from 7-11 and let them watch MTV and play with the crack rocks on their mama’s coffee table. Nah, that stuff is OK, government is cool with that- in fact lots of times, government pays THEM to live in such a way. But home schoolers, Mormons and Dairy Farmers? Off with their heads!

Red Queen to Alice : “thou shalt not home school or I will report you to CPS, thou shalt not be a fundamentalist Mormon or we’ll take your kids, though shalt not have a cow and feed your children from it, blah blah blah, Big Government knows best, Alice. Now, shouldn’t you be watching Oprah right now? Or buying something from China on your credit card?  Run along or I will report you for asking questions!  ”


The dairies say the state’s new bacteria limit devalues their products and could force them out of business. Many consumers– there are about 40,000 statewide– like the “helpful” bacteria in raw milk, saying it aids digestion and keeps sickness away.

“Basically, if we implement what the state has passed, you won’t see raw milk in California anymore,” Florez said.

“sorry Elsie, they have imposed so many regulations on dairy farmers, mama said I have to go sell you”


Audio file :



(sound familiar much?) Swat Team-like Raids?

He was one of the Mennonite farmers who produced raw milk and other products and sold them directly to friends. Then came a raid by state officials.

WND reported earlier when Nolt, a Mt. Holly Springs farmer, was fined $4,000 by the state for dealing in raw milk in violation of the state’s bureaucracy that demands he hold a permit to sell his natural products.

WND also reported earlier on the SWAT team-like raid on Nolt’s farm, the government’s confiscation of tens of thousands of dollars worth of his products as well as pieces of machinery he used for his milk handling and sales.

She said the first raid on Nolt’s farm was Aug. 10, 2007, when the state Department of Agriculture seized more than $25,000 worth of product, packaging equipment and supplies.

“In the second raid, (April 25), the agents descended on the quiet farm, ‘like Vikings,’ according to Mark, in six police cars and at least five unmarked cars, presumably belonging to PDA officials. The agents were personally led by Bill Chirdon, director of PDA’s Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services.


Canada: TORONTO — A farmer’s fight to produce raw milk will continue today in a Newmarket court.

Michael Schmidt will argue that the evidence against him is inadmissible because it was based on a faulty search warrant.

The raw milk war began in November, 2006 when health officials raided Schmidt’s Grey-Bruce County farm.



If you aren’t already incensed and disgusted enough…Canada: Government takes kids because of political beliefs.


The woman is a loving mother who is dedicated to getting her children back, Paul Fromm, executive director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, said Monday.

A seven-year-old girl and two-year-old boy were seized by Manitoba Child and Family Services –

“They seem like well-adjusted, normal people,” Fromm said.

“I think if children are being sexually molested or starved (by their parents), that’s wrong and the state has a right to look at that. But because the parents have unusual or non-mainstream beliefs, shouldn’t put them at risk.”

The mother of the children is named in the CFS application as unfit to parent, based on her relationship with her husband.

“In my view, the state should be held to the absolute strictest proof before they take the child from the parents,” said Fromm.

“Their views might be a little different or they’re off the mainstream, but that’s horrific . . . absent physical abuse of the children, the parents have the right to have their beliefs and raise their children according to those beliefs.”

4 thoughts on “Big Brother Cows Farmers Over Raw Milk

  1. frank says:

    Bad people out there man!

  2. Rob Chapman says:

    All government force used against its citizens is violence.

    For the government to escalate to this level of violence against people who simply want to sell milk from their cows to a willing buyer is crossing the line of fascism. The US Government is becoming an unwieldy, draconian arm of the politician’s who think they know what’s better for us than we do.

    Meanwhile, crime, poverty and despair hang over the inter-cities like a black blanket of doom. Non-White gangs are terrorizing our schools. Our nation is under full-scale invasion from the peasants of Mexico. There are plenty of things that need the attention of those self-righteous, arrogant bastards in government.

    But this is what they choose to focus on: Milk?


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