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Wanted to share with you a site I found the other day . Of course it isn’t  as good as actually holding a book in your hand, but perhaps one can peruse the PDF version before purchase, or print the pictures and/or story for home school , or even simple coloring/painting or a rainy day? I know we have a lot of creative people.

To download these: I did not have luck downloading these the traditional way , right click and save, I had to right-click, open in new tab or  new window To save to your computer  to have access to it without having to go to  the site and download afresh, go to the tool bar in whatever PDF reader you have, I think FF has it’s own as it opened in the browser, and click on the little icon that looks like a floppy disk-to the right of the little typewriter icon, that will save it to your computer. If you hover the mouse over the different options, it should say ‘save.  Enjoy.

Hans Christian Andersen



The Secret Garden -Burnett




Click to access 2003juv17556.pdf

Picture from ‘My first little German Book’. Illustrations are very nice, traditional.


Both above images from ‘The Children’s Object Book’

Click to access 2003juv48867.pdf

Illustration from The Pied Piper of Hamlin.

There might be a thing or two for more mature readers there as well-


The Raven,  Edgar Allan Poe 1884, illustrations by Gustave Dore-

Some of Dore’s other work can also be seen in this video, set to the music of  Vangelis/Jon Anderson



Uncle Tom’s Cabin



Get more complete rare (and complete, not excerpts) online books at


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